New Year New Dress – Featuring AX Paris.

Hi all!

Today I want to show you the beautiful dress that I wore for New Years eve. It came from AX Paris for Simply Be and I just loved wearing it. I bought the dress during the black friday sales for the exact purpose of wearing it for New Years Eve even though I didn’t have proper plans then. In the end I ended up going to a friend of Adam’s for a few hours then me, Adam and Eleanor went over to my mums house together as she was having a family party and it meant we didn’t need to find a babysitter and could all be together. As with every family party, we didn’t see Eleanor for most of the night as she was with various family members and then she went down to bed around 10 and slept until morning. She’s done this practically every night now since before Christmas – such a good baby! This left me and Adam to party with my family. Adam tapped out early but me and my best friend Chloe were going until 7am!


The dress is incredibly similar to the dress that I wore last new year (also AX Paris). I Loved the cut of the last dress on the neckline as it was flattering on a larger bust and so I was glad to see another dress in a similar style. The dress might be a similar style but it’s quite out there for me in regards to colour/style as I don’t wear much lace and the navy/nude layering was new to me but I quite liked trying something a bit different. The dress is quite fitted and short and so I was a little nervous about wearing it so close to just having a baby but I’ve been working hard in the swimming pool and so the dress fit me well. I sized up as on the website there was reviews saying that the arms were small. I didn’t find the arms to be particularly small but then again I’d sized up. I generally size up when I wear AX Paris as I generally find them a small fitting – particularly around the bust and arms. I wore a pair of flat shoes with this as I knew I’d have Eleanor and didn’t want to be wobbling around all over. The shoes are actually navy loafers I’ve had for forever from Dorothy Perkins which always seem to “come in handy” when I least expect it.


I went for classic makeup, with a girly pink lip. I tend to stick to reds but this dress called for light coral cheeks, smooth skin and a simple slick of eyeliner.


This photo was taken at 7am – my makeup stayed on well for over 14 hours (apart from the lipstick) and my new hair stayed MOSTLY in place which was a miracle considering how much dancing about we were doing. There was even a time warp. My dress stayed beautiful and comfortable all night long – so a successful choice! I always love AX Paris for Simply Be dresses as they’re amazing quality, affordable and fit my body very well.

946458_1535416583439471_7605520170292755075_n 1457527_1535465750101221_857479216317482731_n

Most importantly, I got to spent new years with my best friends and my family. Here’s some snaps of me and Chloe and me and Adam. I didn’t get a picture of me and my mum but it was the first time I’d spent new years with her in a long time and I absolutely loved it. I definitely felt tired for a few days after but it was so worth it for having such a fantastic night. Last year I made the resolution to get my body in a better state and to have a baby which I achieved (pretty quickly too), and this year I made the resolution to get fitter so I can run around after Eleanor and so I will be able to take her out to do all the activities she wants to when she’s older and I’m well on my way with that. I’ve been hitting the swimming and keeping up with Aqua Zumba which I started last year which I really enjoy.

So who knows what my resolution will be next year. I keep going on with determination and feel like I can achieve so much. Previously I didn’t feel like I could achieve anything and hid behind my own excuses – but Eleanor gives me the strength and incentive to try.

Hannah x


Love Thy Bust! Featuring Simply Be.

Hi all!

I’ve always been a big fan of breasts. Regardless of their shape, size, colour – I’ve always thought that breasts are pretty great and had a major love for my own pair. It’s no secret that I’m on the larger side when it comes to breasts, and I think that because of this, I definitely appreciate well fitting underwear much more than the average sized person. Being larger in the bust is a pain (quite literally) and it can be an absolute nightmare finding underwear that not only fits, but is still attractive and sexy.

I’m 24 years old – there’s only so many cotton, white, soft cupped granny style bra’s that I can handle!

Thankfully, there’s companies popping up who are starting to really branch out and cater for us who have big busts and big backs! Some of my favourite brands are –


Curvy Kate

Shapely Figures

& Panache

 Simply Be stock all of these brands and tons more for all shapes and sizes and also offer a bra fitting service in store which is really handy.  They also have online advice about bra fitting here if you can’t make it to a store.

Simply be are also currently running a campaign called “Love Thy Bust” which has more fantastic information about bra fitting, including two videos from fellow bloggers Georgina & Leyah who talk more about the perfect fit, common problems and also different bra styles. The whole campaign is centred around having pride in your breasts – no matter what.

I’ve recently discovered a new found sense of pride in my bust. As a new mum, I’ve been amazed by how my body has changed to accommodate my baby and the most remarkable thing is how my breasts which I’ve always seen as something to be “sexy” and admired how they fill out a dress, have changed in my eyes. My breasts are doing what they were created to do – to feed and nourish my child. I find it mind blowing that I can give my baby everything she needs just from something my body creates – breasts really are an incredible thing and should definitely be given some love!


I’ve been giving my bust some love lately by making sure they are well moisturised. Not only does this make them super soft and smell lovely (and stimulates milk production) but it also is a way to check for lumps. As somebody who had a cancer scare at a young age, I always check for lumps and try to promote others to. Coppafeel have some great information on  how to check yourself including this handy poster –


I know personally that I want to be around to watch my little bear grow up, so checking myself is definitely more important than ever. It takes a few minutes and it can save your life.

AAAANYWAY, back to a positive note – Simply Be kindly offered me some underwear to review which I will show you in separate blog posts when my body is more healed. I decided to order –


The Ava multiway wired bra, with matching pants.


And the Ruby full cup wired bra, again with matching pants.

I look forwards to them arriving and taking some snaps in them. Another way to love your bust is to dress it beautifully, and I definitely will be with these sets!

So, I hope that this post and the linked posts have been helpful. Please look after your bust and remember to check yourself – or if needs be…get a friend to help!

Hannah x

My baby shower! Featuring Simply Be Lace Detail Swing Dress

Hi all!

A few weeks back, I had my baby shower/gender reveal party for my baba and it was a wonderful day. It was held a lot earlier than a typical shower, however my best friend/babies godmum was heading off to go travelling around Europe for a couple of months and so I really didn’t want to not have her there! A huge thank you has to be said to my mum for organizing such a lovely day and for getting everybody together.

It took me ages to decide what to wear, and I actually went back onto my blog for inspiration and found a previous post where I had visited Simply Be to review some clothes and spied a dress which I knew would be perfect.


I put a tweet out attaching the above picture and asking for peoples opinions of the dress for a shower, and Simply Be kindly contacted me and gifted me the dress for my shower which was so kind of them!

I decided to ditch the coat this time and glam up the makeup a little bit more and really loved how the dress looked. I sized up to a 26 to accommodate my bump and felt a million dollars!



I added a black wig which looks like my usual hair (before I chopped it off for charity!), my usual flamingo handbag, little white shiny flats and a simple flower crown and I was ready to go!

The shower was held in a local pub important to my family – we have pretty much every event there so of course my shower would be there!


My balloon!



My very talented cousin Kelly made the cakes!


The main cake had a coloured buttercream to surprise everybody and reveal the gender!


And she’s a girl! We also revealed her name – Eleanor Bridie Lister.


My mum threw a few games in such as pin the dummy on the baby, guess the weight and people decorated little onesies! Here’s my best friend Chloe hard at work!



Some of the decorated onesies!

   IMG_8445 IMG_8446

IMG_8448 IMG_8449

IMG_8452 IMG_8453

IMG_8454 IMG_8455

Eleanor was well and truly spoiled! Thank you so much to those who bought us gifts and those who came from far and wide to be there – I’m looking at you Miki & Chloe!!


Also super thanks for lip stain and MUA liquid eyeliner for staying in place even though I cried a LOT.


My final thanks goes to these two beautiful ladies for doing me the honour of agreeing to be Eleanor’s Godmothers alongside Adam’s sister Sara. We’re very lucky that Eleanor will have such incredible, strong and wonderful women to look up to and to guide her through her life.


I’m up for the award of Best New Blog at the British Plus Size Awards and would love it if you could click here and vote for Fabulously Fat Fashion! It means the world to be nominated and to win would just be excellent!


Hannah x

Simply be yourself this summer. Featuring Simply be & #Simplybekini

Hi all!

I was lucky enough to join on to an incredible campaign lately from the ever wonderful – Simply Be. After all the kick off with a certain company trying to body shame us about out “beach” bodies Simply Be hit back with a wonderful message – ALL BODIES ARE BEACH BODIES.


I was kindly asked if I wanted to join in on this fantastic movement and was asked to pick a bikini of my choice. It took me a long time to decide from the tons they have in stock, but I finally decided on this retro style gingham print underwired bikini top with matching high waisted bikini bottoms. I chose this because as I am pregnant, I thought the cups would give me a lot of support and the pants would come up high enough to accommodate my growing bump. I sized up in the top as much as possible as I’m usually a 42GG cup and so I went for the 46-F which fit wonderful in the cup and still has a little space on the back for any growing. Again in the pants I sized up to a 26 for pregnancy comfort and I found these lovely and comfortable with space for baby to expand.


I absolutely love this bikini for so many reasons. Despite being pregnant with really swollen boobs (TMI sorry!) i feel completely comfortable and actually supported. I almost wish I could wear this as my everyday bra as it is THAT comfortable. Even Lois approves of it!


(Excuse the mess, I’m currently moving!)

I love the retro look to the bikini which is very much my style!


But mostly I love how good quality and how well made it is. I feel very much “in” and so comfortable in this suit which is a first for me. Usually I have some boob hang-out/extreme cleavage which makes me feel a bit self concious, The suit is very well made and I really can’t fault it and have no complaints. I’d love this style suit in tons of prints as like I said, it’s the first one I’ve found TRULY works for my body.

So here’s my beautiful #simplybekini beach body. I can’t wait to test this out at the beach and get some sun on my little white tummy when the summertime comes!

What will you be wearing this summer? Do you have an old favorite that you stick to will you be taking the plunge with a new suit this summer?

Let me know below!

Hannah xx

You shouldn’t wear – #WeAreTheThey

Hi all!

Along with all the amazing work Debz has done with the creation and promotion of #WeAreTheThey, Debz has now set us a challenge to show that we should not have to “live by fashion rules” when you are plus size. Sometimes rules are made to be broken – and god knows will my wild, bright, clashing style I tend to break a few!

Everybody seems to believe that plus-sized people want to hide away and only wear super flattering clothes – and god forbid you show a little bit of VBO! With that in mind, I chose…You shouldn’t wear tight clothes!


I decided on this outfit I wore a few weeks back for Easter but didn’t post! The skirt is from Primark, and is white (another rule broken) with a watercolor style pattern and a mesh panel. The jumper is an oldie but firm favorite in a crop style from Simply Be which I’ve had so much wear out of but just keeps washing well and looking as perfect as when I first got it.


I teamed this outfit with mermaid hair clips and my peacock summer wig from the wonderful Geisha Wigs! I have altered mine by straightening and adding a Betty fringe as she was a little too long in the fringe for me and I’m glad I did because I love the finished look.


I wore this to family dinner and felt happy and comfortable. Here’s a rare picture of my wonderful partner Adam who sticks by me no matter what. He calls me beautiful and supports me no regardless what size I am, what I wear and how I choose to look. He looks after me makes sure that me and our unborn baby are well fed and happy. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.


I felt amazing in this outfit. I showed off my VBO and you know what, nothing happened. The world didn’t stop turning, planes didn’t fall from the sky and plagues of locusts didn’t appear. All that happened is that I had a smile on my face and felt good about myself. Oh and I certainly didn’t walk up to people in the street and try to recruit them to be “fat” or obese like myself. Why is it so hard for people to accept that plus size people just want to wear nice clothes and go about their day like everybody else without being picked at, humiliated and cruelly slated on national TV or being blamed for being a burden on the NHS. It’s time that we all stand together as human beings and accept each other for the different shapes and sizes that we come in. We need to stand beside our “straight” sized sisters and acknowledge and promote that beauty comes in all sizes and that we are all deserving of respect, love and most importantly – beautiful clothing!

Check out some other bloggers who are taking part in this challenge –

And make sure to get on instagram/twitter and check out the excellent #WeAreTheThey hashtag!!!!!

Hannah x