Plus size & Pregnant – Minimal spending on maternity wear.

Hi all!

I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant now (I know, It seems like I’ve been pregnant for absolutely forever now, and I’m still only just over halfway there! With being plus size, I’ve faced a ton of difficulties in my pregnancy such as patronizing midwives, pushy doctors and dietitian’s…who aren’t very slim themselves. I’ve changed my eating habits quite dramatically for this baby, cutting out sugary drinks and bars of chocolate and limiting the amount of juice and crisps I consume. I’ve also been making the effort to actually eat breakfast which is a meal I’ve generally skipped for a number of years. With all these new changes I’ve barely gained any weight and had only really gained a smallish bump which had made clothes buying/wearing tons easier.

This is all changing now as the baby starts to grow more rapidly and I find myself looking for cool clothes for the summer. Here’s my list of my summer saviors which have been essential for me keeping cool and calm in this heat.

1 – Longline Cami’s


I bought these cami tops from ebay for around £6/7 and they have been a great purchase as Ive gotten loads of wear out of them with various skirts/jeans/leggings combinations. The top dips in and out which still shows I have a a figure but still skims gently over my bump. There’s plenty of room for my bump to grow and these will be still great and comfy to wear once the baby has arrived.

2 – Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are so easy/cheap to pick up these days, with most supermarkets even having a good range which often go’s up to a size 22/24!


I’ve been practically living in this one from Polly Grace which is the Clara dress. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear and hides a multitude of sins. It’s currently on sale, and if you use the code hannah20 you can get another 20% off anything on the site – including pieces in the sale!

3 – Swing dresses.

Swing dresses have been another excellent/cheap purchase. I’ve picked up a few from ASOS (which is constantly having good sales) in a size up to accommodate for maternity to be comfortable, I’ve managed to get some from other bloggers having sales and I already had a few. The shape is excellent because it still stays fitted at the top, but the swing style allows for the tummy to grow without feeling tight and restricted.

4 – Sandals.

I’ve never been a heel wearer anyway,  always choosing to wear dolly shoes instead of more “proper” shoes. I definitely couldn’t imagine tottering around in this heat in heels and so sandals are the way to go! I got some Birkenstock style sandals from Primark for a few pounds (rather than £40-£50) and they are glorious on my feet. They are nice and wide with ridges that cup your feet gently. The suede bottoms also help as you don’t start slipping around on your own sandals which is great.

I’ve managed to get quite a lot of bits to see me through my pregnancy and kept myself on a budget. Ebay, depop and blog sales have been my best friends – not everything has to be new considering it’s only going to be worn for a few months! This way I’ve had more money to spend on the baby.

Hannah x


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You shouldn’t wear – #WeAreTheThey

Hi all!

Along with all the amazing work Debz has done with the creation and promotion of #WeAreTheThey, Debz has now set us a challenge to show that we should not have to “live by fashion rules” when you are plus size. Sometimes rules are made to be broken – and god knows will my wild, bright, clashing style I tend to break a few!

Everybody seems to believe that plus-sized people want to hide away and only wear super flattering clothes – and god forbid you show a little bit of VBO! With that in mind, I chose…You shouldn’t wear tight clothes!


I decided on this outfit I wore a few weeks back for Easter but didn’t post! The skirt is from Primark, and is white (another rule broken) with a watercolor style pattern and a mesh panel. The jumper is an oldie but firm favorite in a crop style from Simply Be which I’ve had so much wear out of but just keeps washing well and looking as perfect as when I first got it.


I teamed this outfit with mermaid hair clips and my peacock summer wig from the wonderful Geisha Wigs! I have altered mine by straightening and adding a Betty fringe as she was a little too long in the fringe for me and I’m glad I did because I love the finished look.


I wore this to family dinner and felt happy and comfortable. Here’s a rare picture of my wonderful partner Adam who sticks by me no matter what. He calls me beautiful and supports me no regardless what size I am, what I wear and how I choose to look. He looks after me makes sure that me and our unborn baby are well fed and happy. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.


I felt amazing in this outfit. I showed off my VBO and you know what, nothing happened. The world didn’t stop turning, planes didn’t fall from the sky and plagues of locusts didn’t appear. All that happened is that I had a smile on my face and felt good about myself. Oh and I certainly didn’t walk up to people in the street and try to recruit them to be “fat” or obese like myself. Why is it so hard for people to accept that plus size people just want to wear nice clothes and go about their day like everybody else without being picked at, humiliated and cruelly slated on national TV or being blamed for being a burden on the NHS. It’s time that we all stand together as human beings and accept each other for the different shapes and sizes that we come in. We need to stand beside our “straight” sized sisters and acknowledge and promote that beauty comes in all sizes and that we are all deserving of respect, love and most importantly – beautiful clothing!

Check out some other bloggers who are taking part in this challenge –

And make sure to get on instagram/twitter and check out the excellent #WeAreTheThey hashtag!!!!!

Hannah x

Wearing Summer In Winter & A Look At Work Attire.







Hi all!

With starting a new job recently, I’ve been getting back into wearing work-wear and dressing for an office environment. I’m not going to lie – my version of “smart” and “business” attire is generally a lot different to other peoples as I like to have fun with my clothes and keep them bright and quirky. With this is mind, I wanted to take a summer midi skirt and dress it up for work in the winter.


I teamed this skirt with an origami collar blouse from ASOS curve which in my opinion, looked really great with the midi skirt. The skirt is highwaisted which works well with the blouse as it’s slightly over-sized on my waist/stomach and so the skirt pulls it in. I felt super confident in this outfit because it’s fun as well as smart. I also threw on a fuzzy black cardigan however I never got a snap of it.


I kept my wig light. This is Treacle Toffee from Geisha Wigs which I straightened and backcombed a little. I think the colour of this wig goes well with the cream blouse and the orange of the skirt.

Some other looks I’ve been rocking at work lately –

IMG_6060 - Copy

Dress – Scarlett & Jo

IMG_6072 - Copy

Dress – Lady V London

IMG_6080 - Copy

Jumper – Primark

Dress – ASOS Curve.

 IMG_6486 - Copy

Bardot top – ASOS Curve

Trousers – New Look for ASOS Curve.

IMG_6425 - Copy

Dress – Bon Marche via Sarah

Cardigan – Collectif

IMG_6294 - Copy

Dress – Lady V London

Cardigan – Collectif

IMG_6267 - Copy

Peplum Top – ASOS Curve

Cardigan – Primark

IMG_6250 - Copy

Trousers – ASOS Curve


Dress – Lady V London


Dress – ASOS Curve

Coat – Primark

Cardigan – Primark

Scarf – Vintage


Dress – Matalan


Oversized Jumper – Simply Be

As you can see, I’ve been having lots of fun with my different work-wear items, and of course my different wigs!

Do you like to dress a bit quirky below, or are you stuck in a uniform wishing to wear your own clothes?

Let me know below!

Hannah x

Put on your dancing shoes – Featuring Topshop Joyful Glitter T-Bar Heels.

Hi all!

Have you ever found and item and just squealed a little bit inside with excitement?

Well that’s how I felt when I found this pair of shoes. Being disabled and having problems with my feet resulting in me very very rarely finding a pair of heels I can actually bare, I’ve pretty much written off having cute shoes for nights out and had accepted that boring flat dolly shoes would have to do. I had managed to find a great pair of black t-bar wide fit low heels from Primark for nights out which I love – but in honesty I was looking for something a little bit more special. Thankfully my wish was granted – and by Topshop of all places!


 I popped in for sensible work shoes – I find their shoes last really well and are comfy – and spied this pair of glitter covered heels. I bee-lined over to them and found out that not only were they my size – but they were in the sale for £20! Not expecting them to be remotely comfy, I tried them on and was surprised when they fit me like a glove – result. I promptly purchased them and decided I was going to wear them on my next night out with my best friend Chloe.


I of course needed a new bag and necklace to match my lovely new shiny shoes. The bag and shoes are both Primark bargains. I paid around £13 for the both – what a steal!


I wore my new bits with my beautiful AX Paris Lace Prom Dress which I received for Christmas. I feel amazing in this dress and the accessories just finished the look off perfectly.




With my best friend in the world.


Showing off my lovely necklace.


Outfit shot!


My shoes lasted all night and so the next day I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy and without the usual aches and pains after wearing heels. Unfortunately for Chloe – she wasn’t feeling so fresh the next day and spent a long time in my fuzzy rabbit nightie, in-front of the fire watching Netflix with my cat.

I’ve looked through Topshop shoes since my purchase and I’ve found that more and more low/mid height heels are popping up which is great for me. I look forwards to expanding my shoe collection this year.

What may be one small heel for wo-man, is one giant leap for Hannah-kind!

Bring on the shoes.

Hannah x

If I was your boyfriend… Featuring Primark Boyfriend Coat!

Hi all!

Sometimes things just fall into place and make life that little bit easier – I love it when this happens! For the last two years when finding a winter coat I’ve agonised, looked at every single site and never really liked one enough or had to pay through the nose for it. Last year I got a great biker jacket from Simply Be, which took me AGES to find and then I thought about it as it was very expensive – and the year before I did without and wore layers under my old scruffy parka because there were none I liked.

HOWEVER, this all changed this year. I popped into Primark with a friend just to have a look and ended up finding the coat of my dreams!


It’s an oversized boyfriend/crombie style coat with disguised buttons and large lapels.

tumblr_neuiymBJNa1qh7lbvo2_1280 (1)

The colour is between a white and a grey which means it can go with so many different outfits/scarves.


The shape is much wider at the top and tapers down. Not so good for a pear shape but it fits my large bust and petite height perfectly.


This coat also comes in yellow, pink, baby blue and tartan so if they grey/white isn’t for you – there’s options!


This coat is so cosy and effortless to wear. I’m a size 22/24 but the size 20 fit me with room to spare. I like to have the extra room for layering in the super cold weather!


The best part of this coat? The price. It only cost me £25! I had been looking at ones for double that and more but this one is perfect and meant I had some money left over to buy a lovely popcorn jumper (which I’ll show you later) and some bits for Christmas! I can’t wait to layer this coat with trousers, boots, cute jumpers, big hats and scarves in a whole variety of colours!

Are you into the boyfriend coat look? Have you got a new winter coat this year, or making do?

Let me know below!

Hannah x