If the jacket fits – Featuring New Look Inspire.

Hi all!

Some of you may of heard the news that New Look Inspire are pushing their new collections to be more fashion forward. This has definitely needed to happen for a long time as it has always seemed to be that New Look Inspire was a bit overlooked and behind with the fashion trends. I do browse on their website but nothing much ever jumps out at me, apart from when I shop via ASOS. I’m not sure if they just keep their best stuff for ASOS but I’ve had a few bits via ASOS which have been great. My favourite piece that I’ve ever bought from them though is this faux leather faux fur jacket.


I love this jacket so much.


Full outfit. I paired it with a New Look suedette cami and floral full skirt from Boohoo.

I love the jacket because it’s relaxed fit and so works on my short torso. The sleeves are a great length on me and have some detailing on them. The fur isn’t an overly fluffy slab of fur – it has great texture and can also be removed if you want just the leather jacket which I think is a nice touch. It’s always good to have options!

This jacket is so versatile and looks great thrown on with a little dress or with jeans and a cute tee. I’ve had so much wear out of it already and think it will definitely be  a real staple in my wardrobe – even more so now the weather is getting nicer and its time to put the big coats away!

It’s always worth giving a brand another try and seeing what they’re bringing to the table this season. I’m quite taken with a pinafore dress I’ve just seen on their website and think I may be purchasing it very soon!


My baby shower! Featuring Simply Be Lace Detail Swing Dress

Hi all!

A few weeks back, I had my baby shower/gender reveal party for my baba and it was a wonderful day. It was held a lot earlier than a typical shower, however my best friend/babies godmum was heading off to go travelling around Europe for a couple of months and so I really didn’t want to not have her there! A huge thank you has to be said to my mum for organizing such a lovely day and for getting everybody together.

It took me ages to decide what to wear, and I actually went back onto my blog for inspiration and found a previous post where I had visited Simply Be to review some clothes and spied a dress which I knew would be perfect.


I put a tweet out attaching the above picture and asking for peoples opinions of the dress for a shower, and Simply Be kindly contacted me and gifted me the dress for my shower which was so kind of them!

I decided to ditch the coat this time and glam up the makeup a little bit more and really loved how the dress looked. I sized up to a 26 to accommodate my bump and felt a million dollars!



I added a black wig which looks like my usual hair (before I chopped it off for charity!), my usual flamingo handbag, little white shiny flats and a simple flower crown and I was ready to go!

The shower was held in a local pub important to my family – we have pretty much every event there so of course my shower would be there!


My balloon!



My very talented cousin Kelly made the cakes!


The main cake had a coloured buttercream to surprise everybody and reveal the gender!


And she’s a girl! We also revealed her name – Eleanor Bridie Lister.


My mum threw a few games in such as pin the dummy on the baby, guess the weight and people decorated little onesies! Here’s my best friend Chloe hard at work!



Some of the decorated onesies!

   IMG_8445 IMG_8446

IMG_8448 IMG_8449

IMG_8452 IMG_8453

IMG_8454 IMG_8455

Eleanor was well and truly spoiled! Thank you so much to those who bought us gifts and those who came from far and wide to be there – I’m looking at you Miki & Chloe!!


Also super thanks for lip stain and MUA liquid eyeliner for staying in place even though I cried a LOT.


My final thanks goes to these two beautiful ladies for doing me the honour of agreeing to be Eleanor’s Godmothers alongside Adam’s sister Sara. We’re very lucky that Eleanor will have such incredible, strong and wonderful women to look up to and to guide her through her life.


I’m up for the award of Best New Blog at the British Plus Size Awards and would love it if you could click here and vote for Fabulously Fat Fashion! It means the world to be nominated and to win would just be excellent!


Hannah x

Plus size & Pregnant – Minimal spending on maternity wear.

Hi all!

I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant now (I know, It seems like I’ve been pregnant for absolutely forever now, and I’m still only just over halfway there! With being plus size, I’ve faced a ton of difficulties in my pregnancy such as patronizing midwives, pushy doctors and dietitian’s…who aren’t very slim themselves. I’ve changed my eating habits quite dramatically for this baby, cutting out sugary drinks and bars of chocolate and limiting the amount of juice and crisps I consume. I’ve also been making the effort to actually eat breakfast which is a meal I’ve generally skipped for a number of years. With all these new changes I’ve barely gained any weight and had only really gained a smallish bump which had made clothes buying/wearing tons easier.

This is all changing now as the baby starts to grow more rapidly and I find myself looking for cool clothes for the summer. Here’s my list of my summer saviors which have been essential for me keeping cool and calm in this heat.

1 – Longline Cami’s


I bought these cami tops from ebay for around £6/7 and they have been a great purchase as Ive gotten loads of wear out of them with various skirts/jeans/leggings combinations. The top dips in and out which still shows I have a a figure but still skims gently over my bump. There’s plenty of room for my bump to grow and these will be still great and comfy to wear once the baby has arrived.

2 – Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are so easy/cheap to pick up these days, with most supermarkets even having a good range which often go’s up to a size 22/24!


I’ve been practically living in this one from Polly Grace which is the Clara dress. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear and hides a multitude of sins. It’s currently on sale, and if you use the code hannah20 you can get another 20% off anything on the site – including pieces in the sale!

3 – Swing dresses.

Swing dresses have been another excellent/cheap purchase. I’ve picked up a few from ASOS (which is constantly having good sales) in a size up to accommodate for maternity to be comfortable, I’ve managed to get some from other bloggers having sales and I already had a few. The shape is excellent because it still stays fitted at the top, but the swing style allows for the tummy to grow without feeling tight and restricted.

4 – Sandals.

I’ve never been a heel wearer anyway,  always choosing to wear dolly shoes instead of more “proper” shoes. I definitely couldn’t imagine tottering around in this heat in heels and so sandals are the way to go! I got some Birkenstock style sandals from Primark for a few pounds (rather than £40-£50) and they are glorious on my feet. They are nice and wide with ridges that cup your feet gently. The suede bottoms also help as you don’t start slipping around on your own sandals which is great.

I’ve managed to get quite a lot of bits to see me through my pregnancy and kept myself on a budget. Ebay, depop and blog sales have been my best friends – not everything has to be new considering it’s only going to be worn for a few months! This way I’ve had more money to spend on the baby.

Hannah x


I have been nominated for the award of “Best New Blog” at the British Plus Size Awards. You can vote for me here by selecting “Fabulously Fat Fashion” and then vote!   Thank you!


The British Plus Size Awards & Why I’m happy just to be nominated.

Hi all,

This has been a difficult post for me to write, and one I have written in my head over and over and not quite been able to piece together the words quite in the right way. I’ve given up now with trying to be coy about my words and I’e going to dive straight in.


I have been nominated for “Best New Blog” at the British Plus Size Awards which is a MASSIVE honor to me and honestly quite overwhelming. I’ve not had a particularly nice life due to being plus size and so now to have my size flipped into something so positive and then being recognized even further with people actually taking their time out to go nominate me and put me up for an award – it feels amazing.

However, what doesn’t feel amazing is having to defend myself, or read blog posts and comments about how I don’t deserve to be nominated because I’ve been blogging longer than some others and have more followers. I don’t think that a length of time if a fair representation though, as for a long long time my blog was unknown and it wasn’t until I finished my job last August that I really got the ball rolling with it and kept consistent. Attending Plus North was my first real interaction with companies and brands and I got a few opportunities off the back of that, but most of them came from me constantly emailing and tweeting asking to be put onto blogger lists. My biggest break came from being one of the bloggers featured in “Plus Size Wars” where I was even named as a “New Blogger” by Channel 4 and was separate from the other most established bloggers.

Being a Northern blogger I’ve always been more segregated from other bloggers as I’ve not had as many opportunities to get my blog out there at events. It seems so many launches and press days and blogger events all happen in London which sucks when you’re 250 miles away! I know bloggers who have been to 2 events in a day because they have the privilege of living in London. I try to travel as much as possible, but with both a painful physical and mental conditions I find it hard to get to London. Plus – it’s expensive, and quite often too last minute to arrange.

I’m sorry for sounding very victim-like and woe is me, however I really wanted to get things off my chest about how I feel. I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and not feeling so glam as of late and so the thought of wearing a beautiful dress and running off for an evening surrounded by other wonderful rad fatties is getting me through a few poorly days I’ve been having. It almost seems like a light at the end of the tunnel and something to look forwards to for me! The awards are actually 19 days after my due date so it will be interesting to get away from baby for an evening and be somebody else apart from somebody’s mummy.

It’s not all doom and gloom. I feel genuinely ecstatic over just being recognized by other people who so kindly wanted to put me forwards for the award in the first place. Thank you so much for thinking of me and for enjoying what I write/put out into the world. All the kind words I get on a daily basis, the emails and comments of support and admiration genuinely keep me going and I’m so lucky to have such friends/followers. Blogs would be nothing without people reading them and promoting them and giving feedback so thank you again for being a part of my continuing journey – as much as It’s twisting and turning. I started two years ago this month, a girl with not much self confidence and a need to pull herself out of wearing the same boring and uninspiring clothes every day to somebody who has grown into a strong, independent woman who is ready to bring another life into the world and teach that person that their body is perfect and beautiful in every way.

I’ve been told to withdraw from the awards as some people who aren’t even nominated or in my category think that it’s unfair that I’m nominated, however after discussing it with other people in my category who are happy for me to continue on, I’m going to stay put and go ahead and enjoy the exciting lead up and the search for a beautiful dress!


If you do back my blog and would like to vote for me, you can do so by following this link and scrolling down to “Best New Blog” clicking Fabulously Fat Fashion and then vote! Or, feel free to vote for another! There’s some really excellent emerging bloggers nominated and anybody would be a deserving winner.

Thanks for your endless support.

Hannah x

Styling my beautiful Mum – With thanks to Simply Be.

Hi all!

Recently I was asked if I would like to go along to a Simply Be store and try on a load of clothes and check out the store. With Simply Be being one of my favorite brands, I immediately accepted! I then decided to couple this trip up with a day out with my mum for Mothers Day as we hadn’t been able to see each other on the actual day. I spoke to my mum and asked her if I could try something different for the blog and actually dress her – which she accepted.

My mum is a stunningly beautiful woman, however she does suffer from self esteem issues at times and dislikes parts of her bodies and so shopping for something for her to wear can be quite stressful as after a few items she just wants to go home. If my mum isn’t in the mindset – she will hate everything she puts on.

I’m going to do a whole post about the shop and my experience so this is focused around what I chose for my mum. She told me she wanted something to wear for a night out at the weekend and for an up and coming holiday that she’s going on.

This is what I chose!


First of all, we both tried on this beautiful zig zag maxi dress, mum in a 14, myself in a 26. We wanted to show that style is sizeless and people of all sizes can wear the same clothes! My mum really liked this dress, but decided it was more summer/holiday than going out.

IMG_6892 IMG_6894

The second dress that my mum tried was the Joe Brown Brazilia Dress. This dress was a complete hit from the first moment my mum slipped it on. She beamed and spun round and flicked the skirt like a little girl – she looked truly happy as you can see from the pictures.


The third dress however was NOT a hit. I’ll talk about mine on my post, but my mum tried on the Kelly Brook Lace Peplum dress. This dress was tiny fitting and we couldn’t understand the front slit as it almost shows ones pants! DEFINITELY not worth the money.


The next dress was this utterly stunning Lace Contrast Midi Dress from AX Paris. My mum is super petite up top with wider hips and this dress just completely balances her out and shows off her tiny waist. She’s wearing a “wear your own bra” shapewear piece from Maidenform in the second image which helped her confidence in the dress.


This is the next dress my mum tried – the Boho Print Jersey Swing Dress. This was very generous in size and my mum needed atleast one or maybe two sizes down!

 IMG_6912  IMG_6931

The final outfit my mum tried was this eye catching Pleated Handkerchief skirt. We decided to try it with both a basic orange camisole top….


..and a black camisole top


..with a statement necklace!

We decided that the orange popped more but my mum wasn’t 100% on the skirt. Mum actually ended up getting the orange camisole and later on found a lovely cocoon shape kimono to match.

It’s no surprise my mum went with the Joe Browns dress. She decided to get a size down as these dresses are very generous and I have to say she looked stunning. As much as she looked amazing in the dress – the real winner of the day were the Sole Diva Strappy  Wedge heels that I ended up purchasing for her as a late mothers day gift. You can see them on her in almost every shot – she only popped them on to try clothes on with and ended up falling in love with them. My mum suffers from a few problems with her legs and ankles which put her in chronic pain and she finds it extremely hard to find comfortable shoes to wear – even harder is finding comfortable heels to wear. She has been stuck wearing boot heels on nights out which meant she couldn’t really wear dresses and meant she felt self conscious about her footwear. Not now!

I knew from the moment she slipped them on and beamed that she had to have them. She wore them for over 2 hours in the changing room/shop without pain and has since worn them on a night out and they successfully kept her pain free all night! She decided to get the wider fitting in the shoe and they were in her words “like walking on a cloud”. I am so happy that I could help my mum find something to beat one of her obstacles and I know Simply Be will definitely be her first port of call for any future heeled footwear.

Overall my mum had a wonderful day and couldn’t get over how wonderful the staff and clothes are at Simply Be. My mum had thought Simply Be started at only plus sizes and so always avoided them – she was actually shocked to hear they start from a size 10 in some ranges and a size 12 in the main Simply Be range. I know armed with this information (and the account she signed up for) that Simply Be is going to be one of my mums new regular places to shop – and I can’t wait to finally go back to a store which can actually cater for both of us!

Hannah & Helen x x x