How I Beat My Face ! Featuring All Dolled Up!


Hi all!

Being a mum it’s very rare that I get dolled up and wear makeup because I’m always too busy or it seems pointless. I’m also pretty comfortable with how I look without it and so don’t see why I should bother unless I’m going out somewhere special. Me and Adam won a competition on Valentines day and were named one of TFM’s most romantic couples. I have a blog post to follow about the day and what I won so watch out for that post!

I’ve recently been gifted some items from All Dolled Up and wanted to try them out and decided that this would be the perfect time. Items from All Dolled Up I will *. I tend to mostly use cheapy makeups as I’m not fussed about brands  – I just find what works well on my skin and regardless of the brand I will use it.


I started with a freshly scrubbed face.


Then I used the flawless finish primer* (I always use primer!) and a green colour corrector for my skin as it is very red across my nose/chin/face. I then used a flat makeup brush* to apply Leichner Camera Clear Tinted Foundation in shade Porcelain*. I was very dubious about this foundation at first as it’s very cheap and smelled like the inside of an old makeup bag – but only I applied a thin layer I was really impressed as I got a great coverage from the foundation and it covered all my redness without feeling too cakey. I used my usual MUA concealer for under my eyes and then tried a powder from All Dolled Up which felt lovely on but I chose the wrong colour as it was super orange on me. Next I did my brows with a slanted brush and Urban Decay brow box. I much prefer a powder and a slanted brush to a pencil as I find it easier to achieve a natural brow. I highlighted my brow with the white out of my MUA eyeshadow box  and used a grey on my lid. Next I use MUA gel liner along my lid in a cat eye style. I like this vintage style look which is super easy to achieve and it keeps the eyes looking quite fresh and open. On my cheeks I used a tint* which is supposed to be similar to “benetint” which I was dubious about as last time I tried a tint I had terrible results. This one was tons better and I really loved the look I got from it. In fact, this was my favourite product that I picked up because of how good the results were. My final products were a lip tint from eBay for 99p and a Rose Petal Salve just for some moisture.


The finished look.



With glasses!


All dressed up for valentines day!

I’ll definitely be phasing these items into my makeup routine as I have found the quality to be great and they worked for me all day (even lasting me sitting in a tattoo shop for hours whilst getting tattooed). I’ll be interested to see what new products they bring out for spring  – you can find out by giving them a follow on facebook like I have!

Thanks for reading.

Hannah x


Eleanor Free Edinburgh Part 1 – Featuring Lindy Bop & So Fabulous.

Hi all!

For Christmas this year, my mum decided to send me and Adam away for a mini break – WITHOUT baby. We thought it over and decided that we wanted to head back to Edinburgh between Christmas and New Year whilst Adam was still off. We found a great deal online on superbreak and my mum got it booked up. We decided on The Crowne Plaza hotel for two nights which included breakfast and dinner on one night and was ideally located to easily access the main strip of shops and Christmas Markets. The hotel also boasted great leisure facilities with its own private heated pool in the basement, gym equipment and steam room. This was going to be our first trip away since having Eleanor and seeing as we weren’t taking her, I was feeling very apprehensive and nervous even though I knew she would be in perfectly safe hands with my mum and then brother Shaun and his lovely new fiancee Anna. I packed my case full of lovely new clothes I’d received for Christmas, dropped off the bubba and we took the beautiful coastal road up to Edinburgh whilst singing loads of car karaoke.


To travel in I wore my Lindy Bop Daria dress. This dress is quite stretchy and comfy and so was lovely to wear in the car. I popped on a cardigan that I had customised myself with patches and I was ready to go.


The hotel was on an old cobbled road full of grand old buildings.


It was an almost blink and you’ll miss it place with small signage..

When we arrived we decided to go for a swim as we couldn’t get booked in to dinner till quite late. This didn’t bother us as we got to have a nice long swim/mess around in the pool and then some time just hanging out in the room which was lovely (well the second one we went in was!)


Seeing as I had plenty of time to get ready, I thought I’d try out my new lashes from All Dolled Up. I have tiny eyes and struggle to find lashes that fit well but these fit my eyes perfect and weren’t overly long.


I also tried a new shade of lipstick. I’ve never really been into a nude lip but I tried a new one out which I got from ebay for about 99p and both me and Adam loved the shade on me.


I wore my new dress from So Fabulous for dinner. I had spied this at The Curve fashion festival and they kindly gifted me one once it came online (here). I wasn’t sure of it when I first tried it on as I’d just had a baby and my stomach was very saggy but I tried it again after 2 months and really liked it on. This dress is unlike anything I would usually wear as I’m not usually into VBO but I didn’t mind it in this dress. The dress is a lovely length below the knee and it has a small slit either side which makes it easier to walk in.


The only downside to this dress is that it absolutely sheds glitter. I found glitter everywhere all week after wearing this dress once. I even found it on my child.


Regardless – it’s a beautiful dress and I felt pretty special wearing it. Here we are in the lift ready for our dinner in the hotels restaurant.


The menu was pretty limited and there wasn’t much I fancied to eat. I figured as I was in Scotland that I would go for Haggis, Neeps & Tatties with whiskey sauce. It was cooked beautifully and I really enjoyed it.


Adam went for the pork terrine with plum chutney and really enjoyed it.


For main we both got the steak with peppercorn sauce. This was also beautifully cooked….when they finally got my order right!

We rolled back up to the room to have a drink and a relax there. Our dinner was at nine so by the time it was finished it was well past ten – very late for two new parents.

Our first night was lovely yet strange to be on our own. We had our drinks and got a good rest ready to head into Edinburgh centre the next day!

I’ll be writing about the next day in another part as I don’t want my posts to be super long, so keep your eye our for part 2 and more outfits!

Hannah x

A POP of colour that’s simply de-luxe.

So I wasn’t sure if I was going to write this review or not, because I want to keep my blog about fashion and not branch off into a ton of things, then I realised – fashion is about the decoration of ones self, which includes the body AND face.

So without further ado, I present to you the subject of my blog post. Meet MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer’s!

lip laquers


Available in 5 highly pigmented and super sumptuous shades, these lip lacquers are the current beauty “must have”. From left to right, we have Criminal, Funk, Atomic, Reckless and Kooky. The packaging of these is gorgeous and gives it a luxury feel. Considering these are £3 each, they’re actually packaged to look a lot more expensive. The frosted tubes is a lovely touch and the gold lettering sets off the whole luxury feel.

Now, I must apologise in advance for the pictures that go with the reviews. I have arthritis so I’m not the BEST at putting on lipstick – and it was done in a poorly lit room! All photos are taken with flash on too which I think brightens the colours.



The first colour I’m going to start with, is the one which surprised me the most. As much as I love pink, I never ever wear pink lipstick – however I LOVED this. I could definitely wear this on a night out, or with the right outfit – through the day!



When trying this next one on, I was unsure as it is a lot more orange than it looks online. However, I really liked it! Adam has bought me some orange shoes and a dress with orange embellishments for Christmas and this colour will be perfect. I applied a thin amount here to show that you can get more out of your colours by putting on thin layers and layering to get different shades. I got this lovely dusky coral, however when layered it became a bright vibrant neon! I adore this shade and will be wearing it with my lovely new dress in….exactly a month! (Watch out for a follow up post :))




The next shade, and probably the most wearable is Funk. If you use a tiny amount, it can be the loveliest dusky pink, or again you can layer it up for a brighter look. I put a thick layer on here, however it can be lighter with less product. This is more of a day to day colour and I look forwards to experimenting with it!




Ahh Kooky, the dark horse of the collection. This one is by far the most pigmented..and the one that takes the most confidence to wear! This is a one slick wonder, and gives a non patchy perfect application every time. The colour is a deep, violet purple rather than a plummy purple which is unlike anything I’ve previously chosen, however I adore this. The “grunge” look is very in right now and teamed with some liquid eye-liner and lashes, this could be the perfect match to my faux leather skater skirt and boots.




And finally, there’s reckless. This is by far the most predictable for me to wear, however it is unlike any other red in my collection….and I DO have a collection! This is more of a blue based deep red rather than the other pinky reds I own, so it gives a really sultry, vampy feel to your lips. This is vintage glamour all over and teamed with winged eye-liner, a good brow and a smoky eye, this will get me through the party season!

Each lip lacquer I tried had the same pro’s and cons. The Pro’s are the pigmented colours, the matte effect on the lips, the long wear time and the “wow” factor. The cons were the slow drying time (I learnt if you cake it on it will never properly try!!) and the fact it takes some real scrubbing to get this off your lips! Well…I did say it had long wear time! I think for £3, these two issues can be overlooked – just make sure you have a baby wipe handy to fix any mistakes before it truly dries because once it does – it’s not going anywhere! I love MUA as a company, and have been watching them grow and develop over the last couple of years and it’s great to see a company who listens to what their customers want! More of these would be amazing, maybe in some more “daytime” colours and even pastels and maybe some kind of removing pads/balm would be amazing!

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase (which came in record time) and have to faults with the products/company! So, if you fancy something bold this party season, grab yourself a bargain and invest in a Velvet Lip Lacquer!!

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Vegan Faces for The Vegan Cat Lady!!

Hello! Yesterday I came home to a missed package slip for “The Vegan Cat Lady”. Vegan Cat Lady is the name which I’ll be using when I work at festivals later in the year. I’m a massive fan of crafts, and I make dresses, aprons, bags and for the festivals I’ll be making cakes, treats and fabric advent calendars.


I finished Uni yesterday, and had to struggle back home with tons of stuff so seeing this when I got in really cheered me up!



My lovely friend Metala who owns Vegan Faces sent me this gorgeous cake mould for use at the festivals. Each slice ends up looking like a big heart, and as her other half works for the company who makes them, she sent me a freebie!



I was so excited to receive it, however what I wasn’t expecting, was a really kind gift of items from her gorgeous makeup/facepaint brand – Vegan faces.


Metala left me a cute little message inside a box of goodies. To say I was excited is an understatement. I’ve been eyeing up Vegan Faces Makeup for quite a while now, but as I’ve got a ton of makeup already, I was trying to use some before I bought more. The thing I had been looking at the most, was the Avocado lipsticks – in particular “berry”.



So you can imagine the litte squeal I let out when I opened the package and found this little beauty! The exact lipstick I had been lusting over, in my perfect shade!


This colour was made for me and the lipstick is so easy to use. It has a twist up bottom, and glides on smoothly. Unlike other lipstick i’ve tried, this doesn’t dry my lips out at all – in fact it’s quite moisturising! I was extremely pleased with this item, and will definitely be purchasing it in other shades!


The next item in my box was this eyeliner. It’s rare to find a vegan eyeliner so I was really interested to try this! I was definitely not disappointed.


Again it was really simple and easy to use, and the colour was a nice true black, rather than a grey-ish black. Another great point is that unlike other vegan eyeliners I’ve tried, it’s very firm which means it doesn’t go absolutely allover! I’ve been using mostly gel eyeliner lately as I have not found a suitable vegan eyeliner, however I really think this one will be well used.



These two cute pots were also in my box of goodies. These are natural mineral eyeshadows in shades Tropical and Grapefruit. I don’t really use many coloured eye shadows, and I’m not really a mineral user – but I gave them a go!




Firstly, I tried tropical as this was the one I liked best out of the two. The pots are actually really easy to use and a tiny bit goes a really long way!


I’m a massive fan of this colour as it really goes with my eyes.


Grapefruit however wasn’t my thing! My skin is too pinky toned to wear pink makeup, and this eyeshadow really wasn’t to my taste at all!





However, it is a really great product and if you’re a pink makeup fan – this is perfect for you!



The final item in my box was the classic vegan faces facepaints.


These were featured on the young apprentice during an episode when they chose products to sell at a festival! Unfortunately they weren’t chosen for the festival – obviously selling animal onesies and portable toilets was more popular!


Another unfortunate fact is that Mr Fabulous Fat Fashion refused to let me do his face, so instead I did swatches of these colours. I was really impressed with the quality of the products – in particular the black which is very dark and it is uncommon to find a decent black.

Over-all I was very impressed with my little gift, and blown away by Metala’s generosity. I’d like to add that Metala doesn’t know I’m blogging about her products and has definitely not influenced me in any way!

You should most definitely go check out Vegan Faces!!

They’re a really great, affordable and most importantly CRUELTY FREE!!!!!! brand.

Can’t wait to bake a cake in that mould haha!


Thanks for reading 🙂