Making a statement! Featuring Punky Pins!

Hi all!

I love to make a statement, whether it’s with my clothes, my hair or my persona. I love anything that is bold, and out-there and eye catching in a way that commands that you look at it. I spent many years hiding in the shadows of my own insecurities, and now I live for myself and BAM – I’m pretty out there.

I had been speaking to a local company Punky Pins about stocking some pieces in my up and coming vintage shop when they kindly offered me some pieces to review for my blog. I of course accepted and spent a good hour deciding what pieces I liked from their huge offering of pieces. They really do have something to suit absolutely every bodies tastes – and even do custom pieces!

These are the three pieces I was sent!


I was very impressed with the way that the pieces were packed. Each came in an individual branded box with padding which looked super professional.


The first piece I was sent was this strawberry plant collar necklace.


This piece is so kitsch and cute I adore it. The chain is slightly too short on me as I have a fat neck, however this is something I can fix myself as I’m very crafty. I think this would look lovely with a collared blouse!


The next piece I was sent was this Multi Flower Necklace.


Made up of layers of colourful acrylic with pops of glitter, this necklace is so bright and fun. This would bring a pop of colour to any outfit and it sits very comfortably around my neck.


My last piece is this Lucky Cat Ring!


I’m a huge fan of cats and this one is adorable. This acrylic kitty is mounted on a thick adjustable ring back – perfect for chubby fingers!

I love my pieces from Punky Pins and will definitely be buying some pieces from them for Christmas presents…as well as for myself!

Have you got any pieces from Punky Pins? Do you love statement jewellery?

Let me know below!

Hannah x


Giving a hoot about independent designers. Featuring Hootie McBoutique

Hi all!

As you may know I am a huge fan of Geisha Wigs for a few reasons. One of the reasons is because the wigs are of incredible quality and there’s tons of choice, but mostly I love Geisha Wigs because it’s not just a company – Maria from Geisha Wigs along with other wig enthusiasts have brought us together into a community. This is amazing because we have a safe space to talk about how we’re feeling, deep issues, things concerning us and we’re like each others agony aunts. We also get to share our blogs and our small businesses. This is how I came to find Hootie McBoutique!

Hootie McBoutique is a small business set up by the lovely Danielle. All her pieces are hand drawn, laser cut and often finished with hand painting. I raved about her pieces of Facebook/Instagram as soon as I saw them because of how beautifully crafted they are. I love to promote small businesses and also prefer to buy from them as I make things myself and appreciate how much love and dedication goes into making each piece.

I posted about Hootie McBoutique on Instagram a few times and as a thank you I was kindly sent a little package in the mail which I didn’t expect at all!


I was sent this little guy which I loved from the second I saw it!


Made from acrylic with a long fat girl friendly chain – this necklace is perfect for me and super comfortable. This ghost  was a halloween piece and so will only be available to the end of November! I’ll definitely be wearing mine all year long.


I was also sent this beautiful wooden moth necklace with stunning etched detailing.


Again this necklace is the perfect size on me and super comfortable. I love this one so much because of all that detailing.

Hootie has just previewed her new festive collection which is totally stunning, but to see that you’ll have to pop onto her instagram for that! She has also promised a share to win for hitting 1000 followers so keep your eyes peeled on her Instagram for your chance to win one of her special pieces!

What do you think of Hootie McBoutique? Do you have any of her pieces?

Let me know below!

Hannah x

A little piece of art – Featuring Chloe Lewis Jewellery






Hi all!

As I went to art college and then art university, I absolutely love making things and fiddling about with crafts! My best friend is currently at university in Dundee studying a jewellery course and this summer I was lucky enough to do a workshop with her and make my very own pieces!

Chloe has her own jewellery company which she operates on the side whilst going to University and I adore the pieces she makes. They’re dainty, feminine and just stunning. I was so excited to roll my sleeves up and have a go at making some of these stunning pieces myself! I never find rings to fit my fat fingers so I was super excited to finally own some.



One thing I wasn’t excited about was using a blowtorch! These rings are made by hand by heating silver and shaping it to size. It took me a few go’s to get confident with the blowtorch…and I still happily handed it back. I made three rings in total.


The first two rings I got to play with these awesome letter stamps which I had to really hammer into the metal!

tumblr_nbbcenykac1qh7lbvo3_1280 (1)

My first ring is a plain band with “Fat Bitch” stamped into it.


My second ring we created these cute little ears which were soldered onto the band which I had stamped “Lois” into – my cats name! tumblr_nbbcenykac1qh7lbvo7_1280

The inside has “Lister” stamped in!


The final ring I made is my favourite. Its made from a delicate beaded silver band, with a soldered on post and a real pearl. This one was super fiddly but so worth it!


My three rings I made!


The rings I made alongside one I received as a gift!

I love my rings so much! I’ve always wanted pretty rings but I never find them in plus size. Chloe’s are all made to order and can be made in any size needed which is awesome.

Thanks for letting me play with your jewellery making kit Chloe – but I’m leaving the blowtorch to you!

Hannah x

Party Hard! Featuring Glitz And Bobs and a 100th post GIVEAWAY

Hi all!

I love Instagram for so many reasons. I love finding people alike me to follow, I love helping people who reach out to me but most of all, I love finding little independent companies who are making amazing products.

Enter – Glitz & Bobs!

I’ve followed Glitz & Bobs for a long time now, and I’ve always loved the bits she pops online – so when she asked for bloggers to work with I jumped at the chance. We had a sort of mutual love-in which is what I love about Instagram! I mentioned what I like and a few days later a cute little package came to my door. The box was small so letterbox proof and inside there was sparkly bits – yay!

This is what I was sent!


Mermaid Word Necklace in Matt Pink


I love that I was sent a mermaid necklace! I always refer to myself as a fat mermaid so this piece is perfect. The chain length is perfect on my chubby neck and the lettering is nice and dainty so it’s easy to wear. I always see mermaid themed necklaces in blues/greens and so I love that this is in pink!


I was also sent this awesome Daria Cameo ring! I can’t find this online but here’s an awesome Miley one – and there’s tons more to choose from here.


I absolutely LOVE Daria so I was so pleased when I saw this ring in the box! I tend to stay away from rings due to fat fingers but this one is adjustable and is chunky so the ends don’t dig into your finger making it extremely comfortable.


Cute little business card with my goodies!

I can’t recommend Glitz & Bobs enough for cute kitsch jewellery! If you like to make a statement with what you wear – then look no further and check out their etsy store!

OR! You could win something by taking part in our giveaway.

Due to this being my 100th post, I have teamed up with Glitz & Bobs to give away a fabulous goodiebag. You can join below, or look out on Instagram/fatcatsandtats for ways to win there too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for reading!

Hannah x

Making a statement – Featuring Drown Soda

Hi all.

I love to make a statement, with my clothes, hair, lipstick and personality. For a while I have wanted to take this to the next level by getting a literal “statement” necklace, however the acrylic offerings on the market just didn’t do it for me. It seems like absolutely everybody has the same “fat bitch” necklace, and that’s just not me. So when the beautiful Paula from Pieces Of The Past put me towards Drown Soda I was overjoyed. You see, back a few years ago I was a huge fan of the Clutterfly necklaces which were really popular and even owned one which said “Daddys Girl”. Unfortunately, the necklace outlasted my relationship with my dad! I thought Clutterfly was gone for good, so I was glad to see it revived as I was such a big fan!

Obviously there’s another option on the market, however they have poor customer services so I’m not interested in funding rude people.


I emailed Nat from Drown Soda my ideas and she kindly gave me a hefty discount to purchase some bits to review. I ordered a few pieces from the site and excitedly sat back and waited for my package to come! I didn’t have to wait long though as I ordered on the Thursday and the items arrived beautifully packed on the Tuesday. For pieces that are handmade and bespoke, that’s amazing.


My beautiful collection! All wrapped lovely.






Custom “Chub Life” double heart hair clip! This was in my “goodie bag” You can find similar here


The hair clip is mounted using a really big alligator clip which doesn’t snag my hair and which sits really comfortably. I didn’t know how this would sit as it’s heavy, but it works really well, and the glitters are absolutely gorgeous.



I of course ordered a “Fat & Fabulous necklace”! This is a custom LARGE double heart necklace.


I adore this necklace. It’s super comfortable and the chain is a great length. The lettering is beautiful and so so well done. I’m really pleased with this.


I emailed Nat and asked if THIS necklace could be made into a customized brooch, which she said wouldn’t be a problem. I really can’t rate the customer service enough, nothing is too much trouble and Nat is happy to make each piece perfect for you.


The brooch pins on with ease and sits lovely and flat. I adore the purple glitter which looks so much prettier in person.


Nat sent me these pink glitter “Pin Up” earrings as part of my goodies bag, not knowing I used to have stretched ears. They strangely work well regardless of my big saggy holes (sexy right?) and I was surprised!


 I then thought of how else I could wear them, and thought they looked really cute as both a brooch, and looked amazing as collar tips! I stupidly didn’t take a photo of this, but I will! Maybe Nat should branch out into collar tips and chains, cause they looked darling!


Well of course I needed to order a “Crazy Cat Lady” necklace. I chose a LARGE custom cat necklace, and asked for black glitter!


I could rave about this necklace all day. I wore it yesterday and was inundated with people asking me where it was from and telling me how much they loved it. You cant see here but the glitter isn’t plain black, it actually shines all different colours which is lovely. Only downside is – glitter tits.


Continuing the cat theme! Nat popped this “Lois” (My cat’s name!) brooch in my goodies bag. I can’t find custom brooch options on the site, but there’s a ring version, and as I’ve previously said, Nat will make anything for you.


Pinned on! It has the same glitter as my necklace and the colours are beautiful.




Finishing the cat theme, is this absolutely amazing double heart necklace. I couldn’t even link you to something similar as this is extremely personal and not even an option on the site! This was in my Goodies bag and I love it! The cat/Lois side is the same before, but is then connected to a glittered red heart which has a beard, to reflect my bearded fiancee Adam! I love this and was blown away with how sweet it was for her to make this!




The chain length is lovely and the necklace is comfortable to wear! BEARD!!!!


Nat actually brought back the old style Clutterfly cake hearts for this special commission! This is my amazing “Fatty” ring which I ordered!


I’m not usually a ring wearer apart from my engagement ring which this hides! It’s quite heavy and bulky, so will take some getting used to. I absolutely LOVE it though.




My last custom order is this “Chub life” SMALL double glitter heart necklace. I went for a classic pink glitter, because I adore pink!


This is a lovely size and sits comfortable on the generous chain. Other glitter necklaces have irritated me, but this one is really comfortable and hasn’t made me itch!   


I ordered ONE none custom item, which was these seashell hairclips! I don’t have a decent photo of me wearing them, but I have worn them and they’re comfortable. They’re difficult to open the clasp on as they’re quite small and the shells are bulky. Maybe they could do with having thinner shells, or longer clips.


Lois joined in on the fun too!

Overall, I’m over the moon with the bits. What makes me so positive about this company is the sheer level of kind, professional customer service Nat gives – she’s brilliant! I’ve been rocking Drown Soda all week and had so many positive comments about the items, and found them to be so wearable and found them to really give an outfit a boost!


Another amazing thing about Drown Soda is they support and promote us plus sized beauties! They’re actually looking for a plus size model, so go apply – I know I’m going to!!

FINALLY, Nat has kindly offered a discount code for my readers! Enter FABFATFASH at checkout to receive an amazing 15% off AND if you order before January 31st and spend over £25, Nat will send you a Drown Soda  goodies bag worth £20!!! So grab yourself a bargain and check them out.

You can find Drown Soda on instragram – @drownsodajewellery and on Facebook.

And as ever, you can find me on Facebook!