Party Hard! Featuring Glitz And Bobs and a 100th post GIVEAWAY

Hi all!

I love Instagram for so many reasons. I love finding people alike me to follow, I love helping people who reach out to me but most of all, I love finding little independent companies who are making amazing products.

Enter – Glitz & Bobs!

I’ve followed Glitz & Bobs for a long time now, and I’ve always loved the bits she pops online – so when she asked for bloggers to work with I jumped at the chance. We had a sort of mutual love-in which is what I love about Instagram! I mentioned what I like and a few days later a cute little package came to my door. The box was small so letterbox proof and inside there was sparkly bits – yay!

This is what I was sent!


Mermaid Word Necklace in Matt Pink


I love that I was sent a mermaid necklace! I always refer to myself as a fat mermaid so this piece is perfect. The chain length is perfect on my chubby neck and the lettering is nice and dainty so it’s easy to wear. I always see mermaid themed necklaces in blues/greens and so I love that this is in pink!


I was also sent this awesome Daria Cameo ring! I can’t find this online but here’s an awesome Miley one – and there’s tons more to choose from here.


I absolutely LOVE Daria so I was so pleased when I saw this ring in the box! I tend to stay away from rings due to fat fingers but this one is adjustable and is chunky so the ends don’t dig into your finger making it extremely comfortable.


Cute little business card with my goodies!

I can’t recommend Glitz & Bobs enough for cute kitsch jewellery! If you like to make a statement with what you wear – then look no further and check out their etsy store!

OR! You could win something by taking part in our giveaway.

Due to this being my 100th post, I have teamed up with Glitz & Bobs to give away a fabulous goodiebag. You can join below, or look out on Instagram/fatcatsandtats for ways to win there too!

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Thanks for reading!

Hannah x