A few thoughts about Christmas.

Oh Christmas time…


So many people are caught up in buying the perfect present this season or making sure they’ve “bought enough” to keep their families happy. You see kids and teenagers on twitter come Christmas Day complaining that they didn’t get X, Y, Z gifts and that their iphone 6 isn’t a 6s etc. When did we get so materialistic?


I love presents as much as the next person but for me Christmas isn’t about what you do and don’t receive, it’s about seeing those people you don’t see every day, like your brother who lives in London who you’ve been aching to see for months, or your best friend who’s away in Dundee, smashing it at University. It’s about doing little things for each other to spread good will and cheer. It’s about charity and helping out our fellow man. It’s about watching your families face light up when they meet the newest member and spending hours passing her round – proud as punch to of met her. It’s about your uncle getting home in time for Christmas.


Its about spending time together putting up decorations and playing buck-a-roo with the tree, trying to get just one more decoration on. It’s about happily remembering those who couldn’t be here and the old traditions you used to take part in – and the new ones you’ve adopted instead.


But mostly – Christmas is about spending it with those you love, family or not, and basically just being a decent human being to each other.


Merry Christmas. I can’t wait to spend the next two weeks spending it with the most wonderful people that I have the pleasure and privilege to call my friends and family.


(The best gift I’ve received this year)


Dressing for the festive season – Featuring Simply Be!

Hi all!

That time of the year is upon on – where sequins and glitter adorn everything and we can dress up to our hearts content. Whilst out at the weekend I decided to search for the perfect Christmas dress in Simply Be  as they have some simply stunning offerings this year! Here’s some of the dresses I tried on, with a cameo from Adam who was chief zip manager.



The first dress I tried on was this Embellished Maxi Dress from Little Mistress. I loved this on the hanger and the fit was great apart from it being snug on the bust! The length was also incredibly long on me – but I’m only 5’2″! At £65 this dress is affordable and perfect for a formal party this Christmas.



The next dress I tried on was the Embellished Prom Dress from Little Mistress which I had lusted after for quite a few weeks. Unfortunately, when I tried it on I was disappointed. The sleeves I wish were tighter/fitted rather than flared and I felt the bottom half of the skirt was a bit plain and didn’t have much to it!



The next dress I tried was the Look Grid Design Mesh Dress. The fit of this dress was great and its a stunning dress, but I wanted something more festive which I can wear out!




I finally found everything I was looking for in my fourth dress. The Off The Shoulder Prom Dress is perfect for me. Not only is it a great length for my height – it also shows off my legs which are one of my favourite areas. The bust line is plunging and can be manoeuvred to be more or less risqué depending on the company. This works well for me as some of my family is very conservative and so it won’t offend anybody! The puffed elastic sleeves are great as they cover my bra straps when worn up on the shoulder but they can also be worn off the shoulder too. The cranberry colouring is perfect for Christmas and the floaty skirt is so soft and wearable but will really move on the dance floor. This dress is definitely on my Christmas list and hopefully I’ll get to wear it on Christmas day because I felt a million dollars in it.

There’s tons more dresses online at Simply Be perfect for the festive season with selected dresses at 20% off so go ahead an treat yo self!


After a pretty terrible lonely birthday this year I’m fundraising to go see the stars of Ru-Pauls drag race and so I’m asking for friends to donate what they would of spent on a card/gift for me towards the ticket price! If you’d like to support me, the link is here!

Do you have your festive frock chosen yet? Are you excited to dress up?

Let me know below!

Hannah x