How I Beat My Face ! Featuring All Dolled Up!


Hi all!

Being a mum it’s very rare that I get dolled up and wear makeup because I’m always too busy or it seems pointless. I’m also pretty comfortable with how I look without it and so don’t see why I should bother unless I’m going out somewhere special. Me and Adam won a competition on Valentines day and were named one of TFM’s most romantic couples. I have a blog post to follow about the day and what I won so watch out for that post!

I’ve recently been gifted some items from All Dolled Up and wanted to try them out and decided that this would be the perfect time. Items from All Dolled Up I will *. I tend to mostly use cheapy makeups as I’m not fussed about brands  – I just find what works well on my skin and regardless of the brand I will use it.


I started with a freshly scrubbed face.


Then I used the flawless finish primer* (I always use primer!) and a green colour corrector for my skin as it is very red across my nose/chin/face. I then used a flat makeup brush* to apply Leichner Camera Clear Tinted Foundation in shade Porcelain*. I was very dubious about this foundation at first as it’s very cheap and smelled like the inside of an old makeup bag – but only I applied a thin layer I was really impressed as I got a great coverage from the foundation and it covered all my redness without feeling too cakey. I used my usual MUA concealer for under my eyes and then tried a powder from All Dolled Up which felt lovely on but I chose the wrong colour as it was super orange on me. Next I did my brows with a slanted brush and Urban Decay brow box. I much prefer a powder and a slanted brush to a pencil as I find it easier to achieve a natural brow. I highlighted my brow with the white out of my MUA eyeshadow box  and used a grey on my lid. Next I use MUA gel liner along my lid in a cat eye style. I like this vintage style look which is super easy to achieve and it keeps the eyes looking quite fresh and open. On my cheeks I used a tint* which is supposed to be similar to “benetint” which I was dubious about as last time I tried a tint I had terrible results. This one was tons better and I really loved the look I got from it. In fact, this was my favourite product that I picked up because of how good the results were. My final products were a lip tint from eBay for 99p and a Rose Petal Salve just for some moisture.


The finished look.



With glasses!


All dressed up for valentines day!

I’ll definitely be phasing these items into my makeup routine as I have found the quality to be great and they worked for me all day (even lasting me sitting in a tattoo shop for hours whilst getting tattooed). I’ll be interested to see what new products they bring out for spring  – you can find out by giving them a follow on facebook like I have!

Thanks for reading.

Hannah x


Miss British Beauty Curve 2014

Hi all!

I’ve been so poorly this last week so apologies for the lack of posts! Both myself and the OH have been affected by the norovirus and it’s been hell! So yeah it’s not been a great week – until I opened the post yesterday and found out I have been confirmed as a finalist for Miss British Beauty Curve 2014!!! I applied on a whim really, never really thinking that I would be looked at, never mind accepted but here I am! I am super super excited for this, I can’t wait to fly the flag for Teesside and show what us northern birds are made of!

As part of the conditions, you need to be sponsored by a business of friends/family, and I’m happy to say that the amazing Pieces Of The Past will be partially sponsoring me for the event which I’m so grateful for! Pieces Of The Past are literally one of my fave companies, and to have the support from the babely Paula means so much to me. Also, if you’re looking to purchase from them, they have a 15% off currently with the code PAYDAY2 so go check out their rad dresses – I know i’m currently searching through them as I need to buy a red, white or blue dress for the opening ceremony! I’ve seen a few I’m interested in, HOWEVER I’m not giving anything away just yet as I don’t want people to copy.

So yeah I’m super excited! The final is in July and I’m going to spend a few days in London with my OH and make a weekend of it – maybe go to Harry Potter world woo!

If any companies or kind people would like to sponsor me the additional £35, please email me at