Wearing Summer In Winter & A Look At Work Attire.







Hi all!

With starting a new job recently, I’ve been getting back into wearing work-wear and dressing for an office environment. I’m not going to lie – my version of “smart” and “business” attire is generally a lot different to other peoples as I like to have fun with my clothes and keep them bright and quirky. With this is mind, I wanted to take a summer midi skirt and dress it up for work in the winter.


I teamed this skirt with an origami collar blouse from ASOS curve which in my opinion, looked really great with the midi skirt. The skirt is highwaisted which works well with the blouse as it’s slightly over-sized on my waist/stomach and so the skirt pulls it in. I felt super confident in this outfit because it’s fun as well as smart. I also threw on a fuzzy black cardigan however I never got a snap of it.


I kept my wig light. This is Treacle Toffee from Geisha Wigs which I straightened and backcombed a little. I think the colour of this wig goes well with the cream blouse and the orange of the skirt.

Some other looks I’ve been rocking at work lately –

IMG_6060 - Copy

Dress – Scarlett & Jo

IMG_6072 - Copy

Dress – Lady V London

IMG_6080 - Copy

Jumper – Primark

Dress – ASOS Curve.

 IMG_6486 - Copy

Bardot top – ASOS Curve

Trousers – New Look for ASOS Curve.

IMG_6425 - Copy

Dress – Bon Marche via Sarah

Cardigan – Collectif

IMG_6294 - Copy

Dress – Lady V London

Cardigan – Collectif

IMG_6267 - Copy

Peplum Top – ASOS Curve

Cardigan – Primark

IMG_6250 - Copy

Trousers – ASOS Curve


Dress – Lady V London


Dress – ASOS Curve

Coat – Primark

Cardigan – Primark

Scarf – Vintage


Dress – Matalan


Oversized Jumper – Simply Be

As you can see, I’ve been having lots of fun with my different work-wear items, and of course my different wigs!

Do you like to dress a bit quirky below, or are you stuck in a uniform wishing to wear your own clothes?

Let me know below!

Hannah x


Hawaiian Doll – Featuring Collectif Dolores Doll In White Hibiscus.

Hi all.

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the Collectif Dolores Doll dress. I have this dress in both Summer Bouquet and Gingham and absolutely love the shape of it which works for my body so much. This dress nips me in right where I need to and is very generous in the bust – an area I really struggle with. I also owned the red Dolores Doll, however I wasn’t a massive fan of such a big block colour on me and sold it on to my fellow blogger Sarah – who coincidentally swapped this dress for wigs with me! It sat in my wardrobe until a special occasion – mine and Adam’s new years trip to Scotland! On the first night, we went to an amazing little restaurant for dinner and I gave the dress a trip out.

IMG_5633 IMG_5636 IMG_5641

 I love the colours in this dress – and I’m not usually one for light colours! The leaf print is really beautiful in person and the wooden buttons are a cute kitsch twist. All my dolores dresses have different cute buttons and they really make a difference to the dresses. Collectif always make sure to add little touches and details to their items and they really do make the pieces feel so high quality.


I teamed the dress with deep red lips, my faithful Gok glasses and my wig is Black Ombre from Geisha Wigs with a vintage betty fringe snipped in.



Adam also dressed for dinner in a vintage levi’s shirt he picked up in London, my scarf and a denim jacket I bought him for Christmas!

IMG_5653 IMG_5657

My dinner was amazing and I was glad that the dress had a little stretch to account for what I ate. My starter was black pudding with bacon bits and a tangy sauce, and main was pan fried sea bass, green veggies served perfectly al dente and creamy mash. I was eyeing up pudding (which I’m sure the dress could accommodate) but I was far too stuffed! We headed back for drinks in the hotel bar and back to bed!

I’m looking forwards to what the next season of brings for Dolores prints! The current lookbook is offering soft florals and girly pastel shades which is exactly what i’d love to see – so hopefully I’ll have a few new pretties to show you in the next few months!

Hannah x

The Power Of The Voodoo – Featuring Voodoo Vixen at London Edge

Hi all!

I’ve been super busy lately. Between the crazy hours at my new job and heading to London the last couple of weekends – I’ve barely had time to myself. I wouldn’t of changed any of it though because I’ve been involved with some really exciting projects such as filming for an up and coming documentary which I’m super excited about. One of the places I was filmed was at London Edge, which is a basically an alternative trade show featuring hundreds of brands. I was kindly invited here as a VIP by the wonderful Voodoo Vixen– one of my favorite up and coming plus size companies. I went along with a load of other bloggers in a whole range of shapes and sizes which was really refreshing to see. The idea was to go to the event, pick up a pre-chosen dress from Voodoo Vixen to wear (and very generously keep), then get a mini makeover with vintage hair styling and flawless pin-up makeup. There was also a goodie bag absolutely jam packed with amazing stuff such as cardigans and necklaces etc – however I missed out on this as I had to travel nearly 300 miles from home to the event. I wasn’t super bothered by this though because I’d already been gifted a beautiful dress.

IMG_6329 IMG_6331

I travelled down to the event in a pair of highwaisted skinnies and ovesized blouse from ASOS curve. I dressed for ultimate comfort but still think I looked quite presentable. I went for no makeup as I would be getting my makeup done at the event.


I decided to go for the Hattie dress and I purchased a bag and cardigan from Banned Apparel to go with the dress. I also wore an underbust corset to cinch my waist in as the dress was slightly big on the waist. It also gave the dress an alternative look so that it was different from anybody else wearing the same dress as me.


I wore Hattie WITH a corset all and found the dress incredibly comfortable and unlike most other vintage style dresses I try – she was a decent length on me. For once – I wasn’t swamped!

After heading to the event and getting my dress/makeover I decided to check out some stalls armed with business cards – however it seemed like nobody was super interested in chatting to the people looking at the stalls which sucked. I gave up on networking and decided to take selfies with my babes instead!


Me and Kelly! We met up at Kings Cross and spent the day together and ended up staying in the most random hotel with hidden staircases and lifts that went to nowhere. Safe to say we had an interesting evening..


Chrissie is an instagram friend of mine I had the pleasure to meet at Tess Munster! We have fast become friends and she is a babe. Her blog is new but definitely worth a read.


More blogger babes! We headed for some dinner after this where we were sadly harassed by a group of middle aged men who felt the need to keep telling me and Chrissie we were beautiful and pressing themselves against us at the bar. One man even shouted at me whilst I was leaving and so I shot a nasty retort. Unfortunately when you’re a “bigger girl” you’re more of a target and people feel like they can say/do as they please to you. This isn’t the case at all – us bigger babes have the same amount of self worth as any other sized person and alike them – we don’t deserve any form of harrassment.

After dinner we headed on a really cool (but cramped) vintage party bus to the venue. I kinda expected bunting or lights or music as it was a “party” but bus alas – it was just a bus! This is where my night really took a turn. I had enjoyed the whole day – even the travelling and the filming – however the party wasn’t quite as I expected and I felt a bit deflated and disappointed by it. The venue itself was gorgeous, but it wasn’t very accessible as the loos/cloakrooms were downstairs and I struggle with stairs. Then, there was the sheer volume of people. They say nothing attracts people more than a free bar and they were right! People were hoarding drinks and throwing them back quickly and by 8 the atmosphere was awful. There was nowhere to sit as people wouldn’t let us sit down on clearly empty booths or move their bags and so my sciatica was twinging in pain putting me in an even worse mood. We couldn’t even see the acts/burlesque for a line of men just stood at the front blocking the view which sucked. Thankfully when the free bar ended it started thinning out and we found space downstairs to hang out and have a little dance! Oh and of course to take more snaps.


With my babes Chrissie & Kelly


Toilet snaps with the lovely MUA!


More snaps of my wonderful dress.


One of the highlights of my night was definitely meeting Meth and discussing our love for Geisha Wigs! I’m wearing Noir here which stayed beautiful and comfy all day long.

Me and Kelly returned to our hotel not long after this as we were absolutely shattered from the day. We dissected the day together and both spoke of our love for the brand and how much we love their clothing/the ladies who run the brand and both hoped for more to come from them – which I’m sure they will. I’ve already spotted the Tilly dress in Black which is on my wishlist! The only downside to such a great day was the sheer volume of people at the party and people abusing the free bar. In my opinion, a wristband with so many free drinks to tick off/drinks tokens would of been much more fair – but there’s my past in event planning coming out.

So a big thank you to Voodoo Vixen for their generosity and kindness! Thank you so much for the invite – I look forwards to seeing what 2015 holds for you.

Becoming a goddess – A review of Geisha Wigs Venus!

Hi all!

We all know by now that I’m a huge lover of my wigs. Over the last year my wig collection has grown and grown and grown to the point that my drawers are busting open with bags and bags of wigs. I don’t mind this though, it  means I have plenty of choice and can always mix it up. Through this last year I’ve experimented with various different colours and styles of wigs, getting more and more brave and bold and this ha now come to a head in my latest and most bold wig I now own.

Enter – Venus.


Venus is the most incredible wig I’ve ever worn. With layers of big round curls and then tons of long beautiful dreadlocks – this wig is pretty out there. The size of this wig is huge and was created to emulate a look from Lady Gaga’s Artpop tour.


I’m utterly in love with this wig for a few reasons. One reason is because of how out there and bold it is. It’s so different to anything I’ve seen and thats down to it being designed by and made exclusively for Geisha Wigs. Another reason I love this wig is because despite it’s size, it is super light and wearable.

IMG_6167I’ve worn this wig both to work, and whilst out shopping and it didn’t bother me once. It’s incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.



Here it is teamed with a simple black dress with a keyhole detailing and a colourful fleck through and I’ve quaffed the top layer of hair over into a sort of poof. I felt very “art teacher chic” in this outfit and was glad I kept the dress simple.

I’ve mentioned a few reasons why I love this wig, but honestly my favorite thing about this wig is how versatile it is. Here’s just four different ways I’ve decided to style the wig – there’s plenty more ways to do so.



Brushed forwards into a long side fringe with lots of volume.


Pinned fringe to the side.


Pulled back into a large quiff.


And finally, my favourite way to wear this wig is with the top section quaffed over to the side into a poof with a big claw clip in the back. This is the most similar to Gaga’s look and the hair really looks amazing with the curls falling down and mixing in with the dreadlocks.

I love this wig. I’ve loved seeing other people wearing this wig and have been amazed at how different everybody looks whilst wearing it. This wig is currently on pre-order but is SO worth the wait. It was incredibly popular whilst in stock/on the last pre-order (and the quality shows exactly why) so if you want to snap one up – do so soon!

Hannah x

Satin & Lace – Featuring Plus Size Lingerie Boutique.






Hi all!

I was recently contacted by Plus Size Lingerie Boutique and asked if I would like to review a piece from them. As somebody who really struggles to find “sexy” underwear I jumped at the chance. It took me quite a while to choose something as they have a whole range of plus sized underwear including teddies, babydolls, chemises, bras & panties and they even do costumes – however I finally settled on this absolutely stunning satin and lace bustier. (This & similar can be found here)


What attracted me to this bustier was the amount of lace on it. The sides are almost all lace with a frilled edge which I think is super sexy. It also has really long adjustable suspenders – great for chubby legs.



The bustier arrived within a few days which is amazing considering it came from America. I popped it on straight away (whilst wearing Geisha Wigs Black Ombre) and was glad to see that it fit! The back has different lines of hooks so it can be adjusted to be tighter or more loose.


I tend to struggle to find bustiers to fit my large chest. This doesn’t fit perfectly but it covers enough and does give me a great cleavage – perfect for the bedroom.


The satin is lovely and smooth. It’s not overly shiny like a cheap satin so you can tell it’s good quality. The bones help it keep its shape helping it have such an excellent fit.


The best part of this bustier though is the floral lace. It’s thick and of a high quality and fits the body well. It’s much better than a flimsy lace which you usually find on bustiers which can tear/rip easily.The only downside to this piece was the over-sized ill fitting g-string that it came with which I will never ever wear!


Overall, I’m in love with this bustier. I feel super sexy in it and I think I look great in it. It’s very rare that I feel this confident in a bustier/sexy underwear. I tend to just wear bras and high waisted pants as I generally find bustiers ill fitting on me, but I absolutely love this. I will most definitely purchase again from them in the future!

Do you like dressing up in sexy underwear? Do you struggle to find options for your size?

Let me know below!

Hannah x