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I carried a watermelon – Introducing Eleanor Bridie Lister.

Hi all!

Sorry I’ve been quiet lately – but I’ve had a good excuse; my beautiful daughter Eleanor Bridie Lister made her arrival into the world via elective c-section on 13th October 2015!


Less than an hour old.


First pic.


I carried a watermelon.

It has been a lot to get used to but I am loving being a mummy. Eleanor is a wonderful, content baby and is already settling into a routine. The c-section itself went awfully, I felt most of it and I was very poorly afterwards but she was worth all the pain, all the tears and all the struggle. When I look at her, the months struggling with SPD, Clexane injections, insulin injections, steroid injections and being unable to get out without a wheelchair seem to just slip away. She truly is the best thing that has happened to me, and I can’t thank her daddy enough for helping me make such a beautiful little treasure.









So now I’m a mum I guess the focus of my blog will be changing a little. I’ll still be bringing you fabulous plus size clothing, lingerie, shoes and accessories but I’ll also be bringing you more posts about being a mummy on a budget, how I dress my little lady, our trips out and more lifestyle/out and about posts! Hopefully you’ll find this interesting and will be with me on my journey into motherhood and this new chapter of my life.

So I’m going to finish this blog post with some snaps of us from the last ten days. Normal service will be resuming so thank you for being patient with me whilst I’ve had a brief hiatus and I hope you enjoy my blog!








Lots of love – Hannah & Eleanor x

Something Olde that’s something new.

Hi All!

Sometimes with blogging, events are spaced out. However sometimes they all happen at once and you ended up super busy! This is what happened when The Curve Fashion Festival and The Festival of Thrift clashed with each other and then I was also invited to the beautiful new premises of The Olde Young Teahouse (TOYT) for a bloggers meet. Both festivals looked too good to miss – So I decided to visit both! One on the Saturday and one on the Sunday. Thankfully the event at TOYT was on Sunday Evening to I was able to also slot that in!


If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I love TOYT and have blogged about it a couple of times. I was so glad I got to attend and was glad it was the last event as It was the perfect way to arrive. I rocked up slightly later after being at The Festival of Thrift and was greeted by the lovely Tea Bee herself Carli and an array of refreshments.





I promptly got myself a delicious fruit punch served in a kitsch Jam-Jar glass and took in my surroundings. The Tea House has always been a place of comfort for me – an almost magical place saved for special days and times when I’ve needed a real pick me up. After a busy weekend I was glad for a visit and it was nice to visit in a more intimate setting without it being super full.



I love the decor – it’s exactly what i’m into. Shabby Chic with a D I Y aesthetic which radiates though the use of reclaimed wood, scaffolding boards and wooden boxes mounted on the wall.


I LOVE how these masculine D I Y features are balanced out with feminine bunting, lampshades, retro styl wallpaper and mismatched china.


More refreshments were offered – how could I turn down a well brewed cup of yorkshire tea and a chocolate/caramel cake that melted in my mouth?


After I filled my tummy, I snapped this image with owner Carli! By this time, this mumma-to-be was exhausted from a full on weekend and decided to call it a night.


Mega thanks to Carli for her delicious refreshments and kind hospitality. I can’t wait to bring Baby Eleanor to visit when she arrives – I’m sure she will love the teahouse as much as I do and it will become one of our regular places to visit!

Hannah x

An afternoon treat for a mum, and a mum to be! Featuring The Malmaison Newcastle.

Hi All,

Do you have one of those months when everybody seems to be born? I do – July! I have at least 6 close close family birthdays, some other close family birthdays and even a wedding anniversary. With this in mind I have to be extra organised through out this month to make sure everybody gets a good gift and that I remember every different person. This year I decided that my mum deserved something special and decided to book her into a SPA day with afternoon tea. The only downside to this, was the voucher was for two people and so I went along as company – begrudgingly of course!


Getting snug in complimentary robes (we had to add a towel to cover my bump)


Relaxing room!


Calming atmosphere.


A big trolley through of oils etc!

My voucher cost £99 and for that we received a back massage with oils (I went for a pregnancy massage), a lovely express facial, use of the facilities such as sauna, steam room and huge massging chairs – and then a huge afternoon tea.


The treatments were incredible on my aching pregnant body but the real treat of the afternoon was the afternoon tea. I’m not sure where we put it al! There was finger sandwiches,  scones with cream and jam, mini victoria sponges, tiny creme brulee, cheesecakes and of course – endless supplies of tea. We made our way back to the car after this and made the mistake of going to IKEA whilst incredibly full and had to waddle round. We also went and chose my pram after this which was very exciting and I will be sharing it with you on another post.

My blog will be changing soon. I’m very close to being a mum so as well as showing off fat fashion, I’ll also be including my little girl and her wonderful outfits as well as day trips out and more lifestyle posts etc! I really want to blog about positive parenthood and shaping my child to be a confident, well rounded and happy person – as well as the ups and downs of being a plus size mumma!

Finally, my blog has been nominated for an award! After such a tough year, I’d absolutely love to win this. Head over to here and check “Fabulously Fat Fashion” to vote for me. It would mean the world to me!

Hannah x

……It was the worst of times – FEATURING the Paragon Hotel.

Hi all!

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful plus-size event called Style XL put on by one of my loveliest blogger friends – Leah Shafik. As much as I had a lovely time at the event, the venue was atrocious and it’s taken me a few weeks to calm down and be able to write about it in a frank manner.

The Paragon Hotel, Birmingham.

I was excited when I found out about Style XL, and even more excited when I found out the venue was a hotel. Being disabled AND pregnant, comfort is key and I kept thinking about how convenient it would be to have little rests through the day and be able to change shoes/items of clothing. I was a little disheartened when I read some reviews online, however after speaking to the hotel and telling them I was blogging about the event, they gave me a good deal and assured me we would be in an “updated” room.

The day came and we drove down getting stuck in slight traffic which can’t be avoided. Our first impressions of the hotel weren’t great – there was already a police van parked outside. Unfortunately this was’t the only time the police would visit in the 48 hours we were there. We then went to park in the “private” hotel parking which was basically an old, decrepit warehouse which was full of rubbish, old mattress’ and tons of beer cans everywhere. We crossed the glass covered road to the hotel and felt the sinking feeling of regret in our stomachs. We checked in after having to queue a short while and were told we had to choose between an updated room or wifi access. We chose the updated room.

Up on the third floor, we found our room (which oddly had a different door to every other room we passed and the most awkward key lock system which just felt unsafe. Upon entering the room, we had to way to turn on the electricity and so we then had to wait for somebody to come and jam a screwdriver in the slot in the wall. So what did we get for an updated room? We got a tiny cramped room which was as wide as the bed and two tiny side tables and we could barely move down the sides of it. Also in the room was a heater which hung off the wall, 3 windows (one of which had a massive crack down it) a desk, chair and built in wardrobe. It was all VERY basic.  The attention to detail was pathetic – my walls had dints, patchy paintwork and an actual plaster over a crack. The bathroom was slightly better but the flooring was very slippery and this wasn’t made any easier after a shower. The shower was annoying and you had to hold it as the shower head holder didn’t hold it and it fell on your head which was painful! The toilet was on an angle which made it annoying to use and they gave us half a toilet roll to use which is disgusting and unsanitary. The final straw with the bathroom was the postage stamp sized threadbare rough towels. .

We tried to make the best out of a bad situation after being informed there were no more rooms to swap into, and so we went out to dinner and enjoyed out night. We then went back to the bar which was a shambles. It was overpriced, badly staffed and the staff had no clue. The member of staff behind the bar was serving coca cola from litre bottles which had been sat out in the warm not in the fridges. For a pint of this warm, flat diet coke it cost £3. We then took to buying our own from the corner shop, this was actually colder and faster. We stayed up with some other guests who had various issues – including problems with the public toilets having no loo rolls and lighting issues in corridors. We finally decided to turn in after a long day as more and more drunken people passed shouting and screaming.

The next day we were rudely awoken at 6 to people running up and down corridors smashing lights and leaving trails of blood which were still there the next day when we were leaving. There was also homeless people sat outside among the trees singing and talking loudly. Through the next day, police had come another 2 times, the bar kept promising to open but didn’t open till late leaving hundreds of us needing drinks as the venue was absolutely boiling and the staff didn’t know how to turn on the air conditioning. Thankfully we had our handy corner shop and a bin full of ice to keep us in cool drinks. Being pregnant, I don’t think I’d of coped without the corner shop being there!

We went out for dinner again and enjoyed a lovely evening at Style XL but this was tainted when armed police stormed the building and wouldn’t let anybody move. There was also a car broken into right outside the hotel, the bar again ran out of the few drinks they had and there was some awful men hanging around the venue trying to hit on the girls who had been taking part in the event. They also kept running in our room to take food from our buffet which was annoying. We decided to call it an early night and headed to our room where we felt like we couldn’t relax because we didn’t know what was going to happen next.

The following morning we packed and left as soon as we could and were glad to leave. Since leaving, I’ve spoken to other people who stayed who had even worse problems so it turns out we were actually lucky with the shambles of a room we had.

I still had a pretty good time at the event and that was down to the amazing planning and would highly recommend Style XL as an event to anybody. Even Adam had fun!


I’m up for the award of Best New Blog at the British Plus Size Awards and would love it if you could click here and vote for Fabulously Fat Fashion! It means the world to be nominated and to win would just be excellent!


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