Hospital Survival Guide – How to make Hospital more comfortable.

Hi all!

When I was scheduled to have a c-section to deliver Eleanor, due to having high blood pressure and some protein in my urine on  during a routine appointment, they decided to keep me in until the day she came. Thankfully, I was prepared in advance and already had my birthing bags ready to come in for surgery so that made life a lot easier for me. I absolutely hate being in hospital. It’s uncomfortable, there’s not a lot of privacy and it tends to be boiling hot and clammy. Also – I really hate being on my own and find it so isolating being in the ward and having to wait for visiting hours. So, over the last few months I’ve figured out my essentials and found out that having certain things with me can really make a difference to my mood and really perk me up!

Pre-packed bag.

I definitely recommend having an emergency bag packed for the hospital if you are prone to visits or know you need to come in in the near future – it takes the stress off and you can make sure you have exactly what you want/need.  Inside my bags I have –


To me, there’s nothing worse than being unclean, clammy or sweaty. I tend to combat this by having a few key pieces ready packed such as

  • Shampoo/Conditioner. I keep a cheap bottle of each in my bag – nothing I’ll miss in my usual bath-time routine.
  •  A small tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush.
  • At Least one flannel. I like one for showering/bathing with and one to keep to dab myself down with cool water when I get overheated -which is very often!
  • Shower gel/soap. Again, don’t take all your best stuff.
  • A clean towel. Hospital do provide them, but they’re stiff and about the size of a postage stamp.
  • Wipes. Always handy to have but more-so in hospital as sitting around can get quite sticky and uncomfortable. They’re also good for cleaning desks etc.

Other items to take

  • Phone charger. The phone/TV packages in hospital are so expensive and can really add up if you are in there for a few days/a week. Plus if you’re like me and take a tablet/laptop with you to watch TV on (again the TV packages are expensive and some rooms didn’t even have one) you can sometimes use your phone as a wireless router/hotspot and so keeping it charged is important.
  • Drinks and snacks. Hospital will offer you tea/coffee, water, milk or tiny juice cartons so its a good idea to take along your own squash to add to water or juice/soda as buying from the shops is pretty expensive.  Also taking little snacks like breakfast bars etc is a good idea as if you’re like me – they often forget to actually bring your meals or what they do bring isn’t particularly that great.
  • Desk fan.These aren’t allowed in some hospitals/wards due to infection control, however being in hospital heavily pregnant through summer trying to sleep on those plastic beds which get boiling hot is unbearable. Thankfully I tended to have my own rooms and so I was fine to have one. I literally had it on morning, noon and night because the wards were so clammy.
    • Finally, family/friends. Try to make a schedule for people to visit. It can be draining/overwhelming having too many people at once (I know it was for me at times after my birth) and you really need to look after your wellbeing when recovering in hospital. Try to keep people in the timed slots and try to arrange to go out into the hospital (you can go in a chair if needs be) to get you out of the room and give you something to look forwards to. When I was In the last few times, I really looked forwards to my partner and my mum coming as both would wheel me out for fresh air/to the cafe so I could “escape” from the room. It really made a big difference to my mood and helped to pass the time.


(On one of our room escapes!)

So those are my tips! If you’re unfortunate enough to need a stay in Hospital, hopefully these will give you some ideas on how to stay as comfortable and happy as possible!

Hannah x



Love Thy Bust! Featuring Simply Be.

Hi all!

I’ve always been a big fan of breasts. Regardless of their shape, size, colour – I’ve always thought that breasts are pretty great and had a major love for my own pair. It’s no secret that I’m on the larger side when it comes to breasts, and I think that because of this, I definitely appreciate well fitting underwear much more than the average sized person. Being larger in the bust is a pain (quite literally) and it can be an absolute nightmare finding underwear that not only fits, but is still attractive and sexy.

I’m 24 years old – there’s only so many cotton, white, soft cupped granny style bra’s that I can handle!

Thankfully, there’s companies popping up who are starting to really branch out and cater for us who have big busts and big backs! Some of my favourite brands are –


Curvy Kate

Shapely Figures

& Panache

 Simply Be stock all of these brands and tons more for all shapes and sizes and also offer a bra fitting service in store which is really handy.  They also have online advice about bra fitting here if you can’t make it to a store.

Simply be are also currently running a campaign called “Love Thy Bust” which has more fantastic information about bra fitting, including two videos from fellow bloggers Georgina & Leyah who talk more about the perfect fit, common problems and also different bra styles. The whole campaign is centred around having pride in your breasts – no matter what.

I’ve recently discovered a new found sense of pride in my bust. As a new mum, I’ve been amazed by how my body has changed to accommodate my baby and the most remarkable thing is how my breasts which I’ve always seen as something to be “sexy” and admired how they fill out a dress, have changed in my eyes. My breasts are doing what they were created to do – to feed and nourish my child. I find it mind blowing that I can give my baby everything she needs just from something my body creates – breasts really are an incredible thing and should definitely be given some love!


I’ve been giving my bust some love lately by making sure they are well moisturised. Not only does this make them super soft and smell lovely (and stimulates milk production) but it also is a way to check for lumps. As somebody who had a cancer scare at a young age, I always check for lumps and try to promote others to. Coppafeel have some great information on  how to check yourself including this handy poster –


I know personally that I want to be around to watch my little bear grow up, so checking myself is definitely more important than ever. It takes a few minutes and it can save your life.

AAAANYWAY, back to a positive note – Simply Be kindly offered me some underwear to review which I will show you in separate blog posts when my body is more healed. I decided to order –


The Ava multiway wired bra, with matching pants.


And the Ruby full cup wired bra, again with matching pants.

I look forwards to them arriving and taking some snaps in them. Another way to love your bust is to dress it beautifully, and I definitely will be with these sets!

So, I hope that this post and the linked posts have been helpful. Please look after your bust and remember to check yourself – or if needs be…get a friend to help!

Hannah x

I carried a watermelon – Introducing Eleanor Bridie Lister.

Hi all!

Sorry I’ve been quiet lately – but I’ve had a good excuse; my beautiful daughter Eleanor Bridie Lister made her arrival into the world via elective c-section on 13th October 2015!


Less than an hour old.


First pic.


I carried a watermelon.

It has been a lot to get used to but I am loving being a mummy. Eleanor is a wonderful, content baby and is already settling into a routine. The c-section itself went awfully, I felt most of it and I was very poorly afterwards but she was worth all the pain, all the tears and all the struggle. When I look at her, the months struggling with SPD, Clexane injections, insulin injections, steroid injections and being unable to get out without a wheelchair seem to just slip away. She truly is the best thing that has happened to me, and I can’t thank her daddy enough for helping me make such a beautiful little treasure.









So now I’m a mum I guess the focus of my blog will be changing a little. I’ll still be bringing you fabulous plus size clothing, lingerie, shoes and accessories but I’ll also be bringing you more posts about being a mummy on a budget, how I dress my little lady, our trips out and more lifestyle/out and about posts! Hopefully you’ll find this interesting and will be with me on my journey into motherhood and this new chapter of my life.

So I’m going to finish this blog post with some snaps of us from the last ten days. Normal service will be resuming so thank you for being patient with me whilst I’ve had a brief hiatus and I hope you enjoy my blog!








Lots of love – Hannah & Eleanor x

Something Olde that’s something new.

Hi All!

Sometimes with blogging, events are spaced out. However sometimes they all happen at once and you ended up super busy! This is what happened when The Curve Fashion Festival and The Festival of Thrift clashed with each other and then I was also invited to the beautiful new premises of The Olde Young Teahouse (TOYT) for a bloggers meet. Both festivals looked too good to miss – So I decided to visit both! One on the Saturday and one on the Sunday. Thankfully the event at TOYT was on Sunday Evening to I was able to also slot that in!


If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I love TOYT and have blogged about it a couple of times. I was so glad I got to attend and was glad it was the last event as It was the perfect way to arrive. I rocked up slightly later after being at The Festival of Thrift and was greeted by the lovely Tea Bee herself Carli and an array of refreshments.





I promptly got myself a delicious fruit punch served in a kitsch Jam-Jar glass and took in my surroundings. The Tea House has always been a place of comfort for me – an almost magical place saved for special days and times when I’ve needed a real pick me up. After a busy weekend I was glad for a visit and it was nice to visit in a more intimate setting without it being super full.



I love the decor – it’s exactly what i’m into. Shabby Chic with a D I Y aesthetic which radiates though the use of reclaimed wood, scaffolding boards and wooden boxes mounted on the wall.


I LOVE how these masculine D I Y features are balanced out with feminine bunting, lampshades, retro styl wallpaper and mismatched china.


More refreshments were offered – how could I turn down a well brewed cup of yorkshire tea and a chocolate/caramel cake that melted in my mouth?


After I filled my tummy, I snapped this image with owner Carli! By this time, this mumma-to-be was exhausted from a full on weekend and decided to call it a night.


Mega thanks to Carli for her delicious refreshments and kind hospitality. I can’t wait to bring Baby Eleanor to visit when she arrives – I’m sure she will love the teahouse as much as I do and it will become one of our regular places to visit!

Hannah x

It was the best of times…..FEATURING Style XL

Hi all!

So recently I had the pleasure of attending the wonderful event which was Style XL!

 Me and Adam drove down for the event the night before which was held in Birmingham at The Paragon Hotel. Knowing we were heading for a long journey I dressed casually in one of my ebay swing cami’s which I’ve been loving for my growing bump, leggings and flats. Oh and course the sunglasses made a trip out as the weather was beautiful!


Adam wore one of his new shirts from Who? clothing which he got for his birthday…


…Sadly this didn’t stay white very long and ended up with me scrubbing it with a baby wipe in a random lay-by on route to the hotel. We decided to head out for dinner, and I wore my Polly Grace Clara dress which I couldn’t get a decent photo of due to my room being tiny and without a light, but I’ve previously reviewed here. This dress has been a staple piece of mine during my pregnancy and has been worn time and time again and is still perfect. We had an “interesting” dinner ending in us leaving the restaurant and getting a takeaway instead and taking it back to our room. Later on we met up with some other bloggers in the bar and hung out until the wee hours!

The next day was the first day of Style XL and knowing it was going to be a long day with clothing changes, I went for this deep orange/red jersey midi dress from ASOS Curve


I love this dress because it is super comfortable but can be dressed up/down as i need to.


Me and adam enjoyed taking selfies at the bon prix stand!


Adam was very sad that he didn’t win the coat – he looked rad!


Even though I have crippling SPD, I managed to get up on stage and model for Monroe Knows (who are currently having a huge sale). I DID smile I promise. After a good few hours enjoying the event, I went back to my room and got changed for an early dinner before the evening event started.



As before, I didn’t manage to get a decent full length photo in the hotel, and so here’s one of me from home! I did however ditch the leggings.


I chose this dress because I knew it would be comfortable on my expanding bump but still look elegant and not like a generic maternity tent. It’s currently on sale here.


A snap of me and Adam at the evening event!

We caught the end of Model XL and were super happy to see Sarah from Plus Size & Proud who picked up an  award for both Model XL Personality AND Model XL Charity!

After Model XL there was time for a buffet, dancing and socialising which I really enjoyed. It was a great night of women championing each other and empowering each other. I’m so used to going on nights out and being picked apart for my looks that it was so refreshing to go somewhere and actually be boosted by other people who all want to have a good time.

These events are so important to me and to others because for many of us – more so those of us who live far away from most other bloggers – this is one of the rare opportunities we actually get to spend time with other like minded people and feel like we ACTUALLY fit in to a community, because that is what we are. We, as bloggers are a community and this has built from us writing online and putting ourselves out there. This is why I am SO thankful to people like Leah who take the time out to put on these much needed and much loved events.

I went to bed that night with a newly charged feeling of self worth. I’ve been down lately and feeling frumpy/unattractive due to my body changing in pregnancy – however being around these fantastic people reminded me that there’s not a single thing wrong with my body and suddenly everything seemed a little brighter.

I didn’t manage to attend any of the workshops on Sunday as due to issues with the hotel we just wanted to leave, however I’m informed people had another excellent day.

Once again, thank you so much to Leah, her family and all those who volunteered and helped out for a fabulous day. I can’t wait for the next one!

Hannah x