Eleanor Free Edinburgh Part 2 ! Featuring MORE Lindy Bop.

Hi all!

Here’s the second half from my trip!

After going to bed on a full tummy and having a good relax, we decided to go down early for breakfast as we wanted to get some pool time in before we went out for the day. Breakfast was pretty good with a huge continental selection including pastries, cereals, meats, cheeses, salmon, fruit salad and tons more. There was also a hot buffet option serving a full scottish breakfast (including haggis and potato cakes) with the option to order eggs and egg dishes such as omelettes, eggs benedict and even pancakes. We both ordered pancakes and had pancakes, syrup and bacon which was lush. We went for our swim after breakfast and then back to the room to get ready for the day.


I decided to wear my new skirt from Lindy Bop.  It’s the first time I’ve bought anything that wasn’t a dress from them and so I wasn’t sure how the fit would be. The skirt is small sizing and on the long size for my body but it still fit. I wore it with my ASOS Curve origami collar, my Collectif cardigan, soft pink suede loafers and my Banned Apparel flamingo bag. We drove from the hotel to a large parking lot which offered a good deal on 24 hour parking. We’d been stung with a parking ticket thanks to bad directions of where to park by the hotel and decided to move. From the car park we got on the bus to the main strip – it only took us five minutes and was super easy. We got off the bus outside the Doc Marten shop which is exactly where I wanted to go.


My mum had given me some Christmas money and told me to put it towards a pair of Doc Martens which I happily did after deciding on a pair. I went for a pair of t-bar shiny shoes which I can wear with cute socks.


Although I was shopping for myself, I couldn’t resist when I saw baby doc’s in the sale. We then decided to get a pair for Eleanor and decided on a pair of velvet boots with patent leather toes – I can’t wait for her to be able to fit into them.


Next up we went for a walk around the streets having a look around and taking in the sights. We were overwhelmed by how beautiful The Dome is and just had to go inside for drinks.


I was mesmerised by the chandelier in the bar.


Our drinks!


We left The Dome and had another good walk around and checked out another Christmas Market where we bought a ridiculous amount of flavoured fudge. By this time we were peckish but didn’t want a huge “proper” meal. We popped into a noodle bar for a bite to eat and were pleasantly surprised by how good it was. For £3.50, you got two toppings and a box full of noodles.


I can’t remember what toppings I got, but they were really delicious. Princes Street Mall had a whole food court and honestly we were spoilt for choice. They had like mcdonalds, burger king, KFC, Subway, Greggs, Sushi, Pizza – the list goes on. I’m so glad we went for the noodles as like I said, they were super tasty.


Walking out of Princes Street Mall we came to to Waverley Bridge which was full of open top tour busses. We had said we fancied going on one and climbed aboard. The tickets were £14 each which included unlimited travel on that bus which I thought was a bit steep although the tour was good. I was in love with the streetlamps with crowns on top outside the palace. After a long time on our bus tour we arrived back at Edinburgh Waverley Bridge and decided to pop into the markets. It was getting cold by this point and so we warmed ourselves with a hot gin toddy and a hot pimms toddy. We bought chocolate covered almonds which tasted like the white ferrero rochers and adam got caramelised cashews which he always gets from Christmas markets and absolutely loves.  We had a wander round but it seemed to be the same things on most stalls so we didn’t spend a ton of time in there. By this time of night (about 6ish) it was getting super busy and it was hard to walk up the streets so we jumped on a bus back to where the car was parked as it was on a complex with lots of restaurants called the Omni Centre. Adam wanted to go to a place called Tony Macaroni so we went and it was okay. We had raspberry and mango daiquiri’s with our meal which made it better but I bit into something hard in my burger which really hurt my tooth – the manager kindly comped my whole meal which was kind of him but I was still left a bit sore. Adam had a hotdog and enjoyed it so at least he was happy! We decided to leave the car at the omni centre as it was cheaper than moving it to the hotel and we didn’t want to risk another fine. After popping to tesco for drinks and snacks, we returned to the room where we relaxed for half an hour before heading for another swim. The pool was open pretty late and we were the only people in there so we stayed in there for quite a while just chatting. We headed back to the room and packed up ready for the morning and had an early-ish night watching TV on my laptop.


The next morning was beautiful and it was sad to leave. From our room you could see all the way to the water and it was stunning.


I soon got dressed in my lovely new Grace dress from Lindy Bop (which is big in sizing) and added a plain green cardigan from eBay.


Me and my love on our way to breakfast.

Breakfast was exactly the same as the day before so we mixed it up ordering different bits from the menu.

We departed not long after breakfast as we wanted to get back for Eleanor. As much as we loved our time alone, it just felt a little weird not seeing her little face for three days and I missed her very much.

We loved Edinburgh again this time but IF we end up doing another post Christmas trip I think we’ll try somewhere different and probably take little bear with us!

Hannah x


Eleanor Free Edinburgh Part 1 – Featuring Lindy Bop & So Fabulous.

Hi all!

For Christmas this year, my mum decided to send me and Adam away for a mini break – WITHOUT baby. We thought it over and decided that we wanted to head back to Edinburgh between Christmas and New Year whilst Adam was still off. We found a great deal online on superbreak and my mum got it booked up. We decided on The Crowne Plaza hotel for two nights which included breakfast and dinner on one night and was ideally located to easily access the main strip of shops and Christmas Markets. The hotel also boasted great leisure facilities with its own private heated pool in the basement, gym equipment and steam room. This was going to be our first trip away since having Eleanor and seeing as we weren’t taking her, I was feeling very apprehensive and nervous even though I knew she would be in perfectly safe hands with my mum and then brother Shaun and his lovely new fiancee Anna. I packed my case full of lovely new clothes I’d received for Christmas, dropped off the bubba and we took the beautiful coastal road up to Edinburgh whilst singing loads of car karaoke.


To travel in I wore my Lindy Bop Daria dress. This dress is quite stretchy and comfy and so was lovely to wear in the car. I popped on a cardigan that I had customised myself with patches and I was ready to go.


The hotel was on an old cobbled road full of grand old buildings.


It was an almost blink and you’ll miss it place with small signage..

When we arrived we decided to go for a swim as we couldn’t get booked in to dinner till quite late. This didn’t bother us as we got to have a nice long swim/mess around in the pool and then some time just hanging out in the room which was lovely (well the second one we went in was!)


Seeing as I had plenty of time to get ready, I thought I’d try out my new lashes from All Dolled Up. I have tiny eyes and struggle to find lashes that fit well but these fit my eyes perfect and weren’t overly long.


I also tried a new shade of lipstick. I’ve never really been into a nude lip but I tried a new one out which I got from ebay for about 99p and both me and Adam loved the shade on me.


I wore my new dress from So Fabulous for dinner. I had spied this at The Curve fashion festival and they kindly gifted me one once it came online (here). I wasn’t sure of it when I first tried it on as I’d just had a baby and my stomach was very saggy but I tried it again after 2 months and really liked it on. This dress is unlike anything I would usually wear as I’m not usually into VBO but I didn’t mind it in this dress. The dress is a lovely length below the knee and it has a small slit either side which makes it easier to walk in.


The only downside to this dress is that it absolutely sheds glitter. I found glitter everywhere all week after wearing this dress once. I even found it on my child.


Regardless – it’s a beautiful dress and I felt pretty special wearing it. Here we are in the lift ready for our dinner in the hotels restaurant.


The menu was pretty limited and there wasn’t much I fancied to eat. I figured as I was in Scotland that I would go for Haggis, Neeps & Tatties with whiskey sauce. It was cooked beautifully and I really enjoyed it.


Adam went for the pork terrine with plum chutney and really enjoyed it.


For main we both got the steak with peppercorn sauce. This was also beautifully cooked….when they finally got my order right!

We rolled back up to the room to have a drink and a relax there. Our dinner was at nine so by the time it was finished it was well past ten – very late for two new parents.

Our first night was lovely yet strange to be on our own. We had our drinks and got a good rest ready to head into Edinburgh centre the next day!

I’ll be writing about the next day in another part as I don’t want my posts to be super long, so keep your eye our for part 2 and more outfits!

Hannah x

Family Festivities. Christmas day featuring Lindy Bop & Vintageous Rags!

Hi all!

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas. I think mine was my best one ever! It was so full of family and love, I had the best day ever! For me, the day wasn’t about the gifts I was going to receive, but about spending the time with my family and celebrating the fact that my little bear Eleanor was here with us.


Eleanor of course was dressed for the occasion as the cutest Mrs Clause in the land!


I went for a lovely strappy floral dress I got for Christmas from Lindy bop and paired it with my huge, bright cardi from Vintageous Rags. Adam was wearing his new clothes too, a pair of dark grey vintage style jeans and a classic rollneck sweater which I had bought him for Christmas.


Father Christmas!

Eleanor was absolutely spoilt by both families and it was so lovely to see everybody really loving her and enjoying spending time with her. Adam’s mum bought her this adorable little vest..


it’s pretty self explanatory and I love it!


She also got tons of bibs including this cute first christmas one.

Considering that it was such a busy day, we had such a blast. We woke up early and had a lovely chilled breakfast together and unwrapped presents from each other, then headed over to Adam’s mum’s where we spend around 2 hours unwrapping all our presents from each other. There was a ton!


Auntie Sara bought Eleanor some elmo slippers and so they stayed on!


After presents, we sat around and watched Frozen whilst Adam’s mum sorted the dinner. She was on the ball and had it all prepared which made the day go even more smoothly.


She even had the table pre-decorated beautifully with little extra gifts for everybody!


We decided to get a lovely family photo together. Thank gosh for timer!


However, we spent so long taking pictures that the parsnips/potatoes were a little on the crispy side. OOPS.

After dinner and a good relax, we headed over to see my cousin and her two little girls who I bought matching frozen nighties for (which they looked adorable in!).


Sadie was so happy to meet Eleanor and proceeded to decorate her with stickers and tell me how much she liked my baby bless her. She was so sweet with her, even cuddling her when she cried.


From here, we headed to mums where I partied until around half 4 in the morning on firewhiskey and tried to get the hang of my new selfie stick. I didn’t get very far with it…

So that was my Christmas day! Definitely the best Christmas I’ve ever had – thanks to Eleanor for bringing us all together. I can’t wait for next Christmas when she’s walking about and playing and actually enjoying the day – it’s going to be fun!

Hannah x

Best kept secrets of the North East – Featuring Oven Middlesbrough.

Hi all!

I was recently asked by Travelodge to write about the best kept secrets in the North East. I was having a hard time deciding on a place as recently Middlesbrough has had an eruption of fantastic new places to eat and drink and so I was really spoilt for choice. A few nights ago me and Adam registered our daughter Eleanor who is now three and a half weeks old! After we registered her we decided to go for some dinner together to celebrate the beautiful little girl that we created. It was then that whilst on the way to another place, we stumbled across this little beautiful eaterie which looked too interesting to walk past.

Welcome to Oven.

The biggest thing that actually attracted me over to Oven was the outside decor. The place is really stunning. The outside is glass fronted with faux grass on the floor which is lined with plants in giant pots and cute metal tables/.


The inside is even more stunning with dark, distressed flooring, beautiful wooden tables, a stunning black ceiling with spotlights and recessed spaces filled with ornaments and other trinkets and an exposed brick bar with spot lighting.



We were a bit dubious when we read that the menu was A la carte as that generally means tiny bites of things that leave you wanting a McDonalds afterwards, but we decided to try it anyway. We were not left hungry.

We arrived around half four-ish which meant we could still order from the Lunch menu which had one course for £8.95, two courses for £11.95 or three for £14.95 which is fantastic value. The menu is small but there’s a good selection of dishes and I was debating on a few. In the end I decided on chicken liver pate which came with onion and chilli jam and fresh bread.


I then went on to have the chargrilled Philadelphia steak which was served with a Diane sauce, onion rings, a basket of fries and fresh vegetables.12202317_1514766038837859_2126770575_n12202128_1514766048837858_911436547_n

(The sides came beautifully presented.)


I then had sticky toffee pudding for dessert which melted in the mouth and was the perfect ending to the meal.


Adam really enjoyed his meal too.


He started with the calamari which I tasted and was beautiful. He then went onto his second course which was a steak and rib burger topped with cheese, salad and a sauce. This was served with fries and was delicious. The burger was perfectly seasoned, juicy and very tasty. He also finished with sticky toffee pudding.


(Sleeping soundly!)

We definitely loved Oven and can’t wait to return. The only downsides were the drinks came in glass bottles and I prefer drinks on tap. £2.75 for 330ml of coke seemed a little expensive and I actually prefer the taste of dispensed drinks. Also, we paid for a bread basket  as I had the pate and it only came with two tiny pieces and then other people were offered complimentary bread. I wish we had been brought it first before we ordered some but again, it’s not a big deal.

So you might want to head over before everybody hears about the place and fills it up! It went from dead to busy within an hour of us being there so get in whilst you can!

Hannah x

Something Olde that’s something new.

Hi All!

Sometimes with blogging, events are spaced out. However sometimes they all happen at once and you ended up super busy! This is what happened when The Curve Fashion Festival and The Festival of Thrift clashed with each other and then I was also invited to the beautiful new premises of The Olde Young Teahouse (TOYT) for a bloggers meet. Both festivals looked too good to miss – So I decided to visit both! One on the Saturday and one on the Sunday. Thankfully the event at TOYT was on Sunday Evening to I was able to also slot that in!


If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I love TOYT and have blogged about it a couple of times. I was so glad I got to attend and was glad it was the last event as It was the perfect way to arrive. I rocked up slightly later after being at The Festival of Thrift and was greeted by the lovely Tea Bee herself Carli and an array of refreshments.





I promptly got myself a delicious fruit punch served in a kitsch Jam-Jar glass and took in my surroundings. The Tea House has always been a place of comfort for me – an almost magical place saved for special days and times when I’ve needed a real pick me up. After a busy weekend I was glad for a visit and it was nice to visit in a more intimate setting without it being super full.



I love the decor – it’s exactly what i’m into. Shabby Chic with a D I Y aesthetic which radiates though the use of reclaimed wood, scaffolding boards and wooden boxes mounted on the wall.


I LOVE how these masculine D I Y features are balanced out with feminine bunting, lampshades, retro styl wallpaper and mismatched china.


More refreshments were offered – how could I turn down a well brewed cup of yorkshire tea and a chocolate/caramel cake that melted in my mouth?


After I filled my tummy, I snapped this image with owner Carli! By this time, this mumma-to-be was exhausted from a full on weekend and decided to call it a night.


Mega thanks to Carli for her delicious refreshments and kind hospitality. I can’t wait to bring Baby Eleanor to visit when she arrives – I’m sure she will love the teahouse as much as I do and it will become one of our regular places to visit!

Hannah x