Time to say goodbye – A tribute to Geisha Wigs.

Hi all.

How do you say goodbye to a company who has provided you with so much more than just a product? Unfortunately Geisha Wigs has now closed due to the owner Maria wanting to pursue other interests and not having enough time to actually enjoy her life and I honestly don’t blame her. From the the time I followed it, Geisha Wigs grew and grew as a company until it became an almost snowball effect – constantly attracting more and more people which was a blessing and a curse. I wasn’t there from the beginning, but I was there for a very long time and watched the high points such as Willam and other famous queens wearing their Geisha Wigs and unfortunately I saw the low points as my friend just couldn’t take any more and missed her family.

I don’t know how to say bye to GW, so instead I thought I’d tell you about my journey instead and what the company and the friendships I made along the way means to me. I found Geisha Wigs by chance flicking through the “discover” pages and soon started following a few girls who wore them avidly. I started to really want to buy my first wig but didn’t know anybody who wore them and thought people might think I was a bit weirder than they already did. I followed GW online for about a half of a year, and then finally in December 2013 there was a flash sale on their Facebook page and I decided to take the plunge and buy my first wig. I figured as it was so heavily discounted it wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t like it. I never thought that purchase would spiral into what it became for me.




My first wig was praline, a super soft split colour crimped wig. I fell in love with this wig and how easy it was to transform my look in seconds. I became an instant addict and began buying wig after wig. This got me noticed by owner Maria who asked me to be a sponsored model for her, and then an official blogger.

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IMG_2659 IMG_2503

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cropped-panda.jpg red pands

Some of my modelling shots/shots of me using Geisha Wigs on the catwalk!

Along the way Geisha Wigs became so much more to me. I joined groups on Facebook and became part of a community which accepted me for the person who I am and who were always there for me regardless. I grew in confidence and wigs became a massive part of my persona and helped me to stick out as a blogger in a very over saturated market. Wigs helped me stand out and conferences and make friends when I was student president. They became my identifier and people would request I wore different colours and would try them on with me and it’s helped some of my strongest friendships to take off.

In April 2014, I was wearing wigs so much that I had the confidence to shave my hair off for a local children’s charity – raising over £1000 which was much needed in such a deprived area.


And in July 2014, I took part in Miss British Beauty Curve – with a different wig for each round of course..





I was totally robbed that I didn’t win swimwear….

I think that at the last count, I had over 60-70 wigs. It definitely became an obsession which I still don’t understand. I think it was the thrill of being able to change you image in just seconds and being into fashion, always having the perfect hairdo to finish off an outfit.

The most important thing which I got from Geisha Wigs, was my friendship with owner Maria. Maria has become so important to me, and is somebody who I speak to every day without failure. I love that what started as a business relationship has become such a strong friendship – it shows the power of blogging and the friendships that you can gain.

Maria – Geisha Wigs may be no more but you will be a life long friend of mine now and I thank you so much for all you have done for me and how much you support me.

Hannah x


Plus size & Pregnant – Minimal spending on maternity wear.

Hi all!

I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant now (I know, It seems like I’ve been pregnant for absolutely forever now, and I’m still only just over halfway there! With being plus size, I’ve faced a ton of difficulties in my pregnancy such as patronizing midwives, pushy doctors and dietitian’s…who aren’t very slim themselves. I’ve changed my eating habits quite dramatically for this baby, cutting out sugary drinks and bars of chocolate and limiting the amount of juice and crisps I consume. I’ve also been making the effort to actually eat breakfast which is a meal I’ve generally skipped for a number of years. With all these new changes I’ve barely gained any weight and had only really gained a smallish bump which had made clothes buying/wearing tons easier.

This is all changing now as the baby starts to grow more rapidly and I find myself looking for cool clothes for the summer. Here’s my list of my summer saviors which have been essential for me keeping cool and calm in this heat.

1 – Longline Cami’s


I bought these cami tops from ebay for around £6/7 and they have been a great purchase as Ive gotten loads of wear out of them with various skirts/jeans/leggings combinations. The top dips in and out which still shows I have a a figure but still skims gently over my bump. There’s plenty of room for my bump to grow and these will be still great and comfy to wear once the baby has arrived.

2 – Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are so easy/cheap to pick up these days, with most supermarkets even having a good range which often go’s up to a size 22/24!


I’ve been practically living in this one from Polly Grace which is the Clara dress. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear and hides a multitude of sins. It’s currently on sale, and if you use the code hannah20 you can get another 20% off anything on the site – including pieces in the sale!

3 – Swing dresses.

Swing dresses have been another excellent/cheap purchase. I’ve picked up a few from ASOS (which is constantly having good sales) in a size up to accommodate for maternity to be comfortable, I’ve managed to get some from other bloggers having sales and I already had a few. The shape is excellent because it still stays fitted at the top, but the swing style allows for the tummy to grow without feeling tight and restricted.

4 – Sandals.

I’ve never been a heel wearer anyway,  always choosing to wear dolly shoes instead of more “proper” shoes. I definitely couldn’t imagine tottering around in this heat in heels and so sandals are the way to go! I got some Birkenstock style sandals from Primark for a few pounds (rather than £40-£50) and they are glorious on my feet. They are nice and wide with ridges that cup your feet gently. The suede bottoms also help as you don’t start slipping around on your own sandals which is great.

I’ve managed to get quite a lot of bits to see me through my pregnancy and kept myself on a budget. Ebay, depop and blog sales have been my best friends – not everything has to be new considering it’s only going to be worn for a few months! This way I’ve had more money to spend on the baby.

Hannah x


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