The British Plus Size Awards & Why I’m happy just to be nominated.

Hi all,

This has been a difficult post for me to write, and one I have written in my head over and over and not quite been able to piece together the words quite in the right way. I’ve given up now with trying to be coy about my words and I’e going to dive straight in.


I have been nominated for “Best New Blog” at the British Plus Size Awards which is a MASSIVE honor to me and honestly quite overwhelming. I’ve not had a particularly nice life due to being plus size and so now to have my size flipped into something so positive and then being recognized even further with people actually taking their time out to go nominate me and put me up for an award – it feels amazing.

However, what doesn’t feel amazing is having to defend myself, or read blog posts and comments about how I don’t deserve to be nominated because I’ve been blogging longer than some others and have more followers. I don’t think that a length of time if a fair representation though, as for a long long time my blog was unknown and it wasn’t until I finished my job last August that I really got the ball rolling with it and kept consistent. Attending Plus North was my first real interaction with companies and brands and I got a few opportunities off the back of that, but most of them came from me constantly emailing and tweeting asking to be put onto blogger lists. My biggest break came from being one of the bloggers featured in “Plus Size Wars” where I was even named as a “New Blogger” by Channel 4 and was separate from the other most established bloggers.

Being a Northern blogger I’ve always been more segregated from other bloggers as I’ve not had as many opportunities to get my blog out there at events. It seems so many launches and press days and blogger events all happen in London which sucks when you’re 250 miles away! I know bloggers who have been to 2 events in a day because they have the privilege of living in London. I try to travel as much as possible, but with both a painful physical and mental conditions I find it hard to get to London. Plus – it’s expensive, and quite often too last minute to arrange.

I’m sorry for sounding very victim-like and woe is me, however I really wanted to get things off my chest about how I feel. I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and not feeling so glam as of late and so the thought of wearing a beautiful dress and running off for an evening surrounded by other wonderful rad fatties is getting me through a few poorly days I’ve been having. It almost seems like a light at the end of the tunnel and something to look forwards to for me! The awards are actually 19 days after my due date so it will be interesting to get away from baby for an evening and be somebody else apart from somebody’s mummy.

It’s not all doom and gloom. I feel genuinely ecstatic over just being recognized by other people who so kindly wanted to put me forwards for the award in the first place. Thank you so much for thinking of me and for enjoying what I write/put out into the world. All the kind words I get on a daily basis, the emails and comments of support and admiration genuinely keep me going and I’m so lucky to have such friends/followers. Blogs would be nothing without people reading them and promoting them and giving feedback so thank you again for being a part of my continuing journey – as much as It’s twisting and turning. I started two years ago this month, a girl with not much self confidence and a need to pull herself out of wearing the same boring and uninspiring clothes every day to somebody who has grown into a strong, independent woman who is ready to bring another life into the world and teach that person that their body is perfect and beautiful in every way.

I’ve been told to withdraw from the awards as some people who aren’t even nominated or in my category think that it’s unfair that I’m nominated, however after discussing it with other people in my category who are happy for me to continue on, I’m going to stay put and go ahead and enjoy the exciting lead up and the search for a beautiful dress!


If you do back my blog and would like to vote for me, you can do so by following this link and scrolling down to “Best New Blog” clicking Fabulously Fat Fashion and then vote! Or, feel free to vote for another! There’s some really excellent emerging bloggers nominated and anybody would be a deserving winner.

Thanks for your endless support.

Hannah x


Summer comfort to the Max-i Featuring Polly Grace Clothing Clara Maxi Dress

Hi all!

A few weeks ago now I was contacted by a new up and coming plus size clothing brand Polly Grace and asked if I would like to try a few pieces. I of course jumped at the chance of working with a new brand – I have a soft spot for small independent plus size companies and love to see more and more options for us plus sized babes.

Thinking with my head and knowing that summer is just around the corner, I decided to choose two maxi dressses – a plain black number and a bright printed one. This review will focus on the first.


The first thought when I first slipped the Clara dress out of it’s packaging was how quality it felt. For the price of £40 which is on the higher end of a plain maxi, I was expecting something pretty special and this dress delivered. This dress is easily suitable for both daytime and nighttime wear and could be accessorized to suit either. I slipped the dress on with ease and was impressed with how lovely it skimmed over my pregnant body. I went for a 24 and could probably of gone with a 22, but this size will take me right through as there is plenty of stretch room for my growing baby. The neckline can be adjusted with the extra flap of fabric to suit your style. It’s very flattering on my large bust and really gives me excellent cleavage without being too “in your face”. Considering I’m five foot two, this maxi works very well on me and I don’t have the issue of it being extremely long on me.


I decided to throw on a vintage kimono with this dress to give it a romantic feel and soften up the block black. Brighter kimonos and different light jackets and wraps would all work well with this so it would be a good dress to experiment with!


Wig is Geisha Wigs (Soon to be Mermaid Wigs) Doe Eyed restyled.

I wore this out to dinner with Adam, Mum and John (Mums partner) and I got compliments all round and felt really comfortable in it. It accommodated the excellent pie and mash that I got from Sticky Fingers. This is my new favorite place to eat as the food is beautiful and the atmosphere is great. Classic rock served up with a big fat meaty pie and a big dollop of creamy mash – perfect! I could of happily of stayed out and listened to some of the live music that was promised for the evening, however even though the dress was roomy and comfy – I was stuffed and needed to head home!

I’ve worn this maxi dress a few times now and never been disappointed by it. It’s easy to wear, comfy, flattering and I feel excellent in it. What more could I ask for?

Hannah x

An update on my life 10/06/2015!

Firstly, let me start by saying how stressful moving is. Now times this by about ten and you’ll get how stressful it is to move when pregnant and your house is full of issues needing to be sorted! Thank god it’s over now! For the most part my house is done – most things are where they should be and it’s just really the spare room which is an organised mess whilst we wait to get shelves built in downstairs alcoves and more storage built in the main bedroom!

Here’s a few snaps of my new house! It needs finishing touches and some more bits built, but I’m pretty pleased with it right now!


Kitchen –

The kitchen was originally bright purple with striped wallpaper. We painted this a light grey colour to go against the dark cabinets and counters an added cream accessories and appliances. We had to buy our own fridge/freezer and we went with white currys essentials which are very spacious and a really decent price. Although this kitchen is smaller than our last, it works out better for us and has the same amount of actual cabinets. You can see my bathroom is just beyond the kitchen! This needed no work and so we just purchased new towels in teal and grey.

Dining Room –

We’ve not really bought much furniture for our new house. The table we’ve had since January from IKEA – however due to lack of space we’ve had it folded away for the majority of time unless we’ve had family over. I’ve been enjoying sitting at the table and eating! We accessorized the table with plain double sided place mats and a contrasting runner we made from two other runners from IKEA! Finally we finished this table with a big bowl vase filled with decorative stones and orange candles. The wallpaper I chose from B N Q and it was a nightmare to put up – however Adam managed to get it up and make it look amazing thanks to his decorating skills! We went with a taupe grey on the walls which matched the furniture and makes the room feel really cosy and homely and it different from the usual cream/magnolia. We will be building big shelves in the alcoves in the dining room and painting them the same taupe grey to blend into the walls. You can’t see here but we’ve put out existing coffee table against the wall on the right with our lovely big mirror above it mounted to the wall.  The huge grey fabric lampshades were already here and we were lucky the colours we wanted to go for went with these.  I was surprised at how well our furniture has filled/looks in the space as we’ve come from a small flat to a much bigger house.


Lounge –

This is probably the worst picture ever as my front window is so bright so getting a pic was pretty difficult! We’ve again brought all out furniture over from the flat and made it work into the snuggest, comfiest, cozy little nook possible! We went with the same wallpaper and paint as its a through lounge. with a big wide archway. The most important part of this room is the HUGE snuggle chair we bought from ebay for a bargain price!  This is now Adam’s big gaming chair which he loves. There’s a puff in the corner for his feet which came with our original L shaped sofa (also a second hand ebay bargain) which JUST fits in the room as it’s huge, a small side table we’re now using as a coffee table(one of the only new things), our lamp which is behind the sofa for the perfect reading nook and our tv stand with consoles and TV!


Another shot of my sitting area! Plenty of seating and space to take an afternoon snooze if I need to.


My Bedroom –


I’m not going to show you much as we’re going to be changing it however this is my lovely paper! I tried the MULIG bars from IKEA for my clothes and there just wasn’t enough storage and they weren’t strong enough to really load the rails and so we’re heading BACK to IKEA to go for the ALGOT storage systems and build in a real custom closet system which will still be open to the room but will have shelves and big drawers and top shelves for tons more storage so I can’t wait for that! The rest of my furniture is IKEA MALM which all matches and so I’ll show you my room as a collective once it is more finished.


Me and bump are doing well. My hair is super thick and growing like wildfire. I’ve switched to pretty much 90% lush products as my skin was getting sore and irritated and its cleared me up since the swap so expect lots of lush reviews on here!


My wee bump is starting to show!


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Hannah x