Taking on a new role can be a BUMP-y ride.

Hi all!

I’m aware I’ve been quiet once again but this is because I have absolutely huge news to share with you – I am pregnant! I haven’t been dressing up/making an effort apart from work because I have been suffering with morning sickness badly. Well, they call it morning sickness but it’s been hitting me all day every day. I have to say thought it will all be worth it once our little baby is here – we couldn’t be more excited!

So I guess this blog is going to take a little bit of a shift and will also be looking at how to make-do and dress for my changing body. As it stands there’s not much plus size maternity wear out there so hopefully I can still dress well and help other ladies too!

One thing I’m petrified about it the fact I’ve already been called a “high risk pregnancy” and been belittled by a doctor who I asked for help. I went to the doctors about feeling sick and not being able to eat and got a huge lecture about being overweight and told not to overeat and put excess weight on. How can I overeat when I’m finding it hard to stomach food?!

I’m around 9-10 weeks pregnant and I have my first midwives appointment next Monday which I am dreading. This is supposed to be one of the most happy and exciting times of my life and I’m worried about being fat shamed and patronized by a health care professional – yet again.


Oh well. Back to a positive – me and Adam are super super excited and our baby couldn’t be more wanted or loved. Adam has been excellent looking after me whilst I’ve been poorly and I honestly couldn’t ask for a more supportive or brilliant partner. So thanks Adam!

Any information about maternity wear, comfy undies, large cup maternity bra’s etc would all be greatly appreciated – as well as any stories about your experience with the NHS!

Hannah & Bump xx


Wearing Summer In Winter & A Look At Work Attire.







Hi all!

With starting a new job recently, I’ve been getting back into wearing work-wear and dressing for an office environment. I’m not going to lie – my version of “smart” and “business” attire is generally a lot different to other peoples as I like to have fun with my clothes and keep them bright and quirky. With this is mind, I wanted to take a summer midi skirt and dress it up for work in the winter.


I teamed this skirt with an origami collar blouse from ASOS curve which in my opinion, looked really great with the midi skirt. The skirt is highwaisted which works well with the blouse as it’s slightly over-sized on my waist/stomach and so the skirt pulls it in. I felt super confident in this outfit because it’s fun as well as smart. I also threw on a fuzzy black cardigan however I never got a snap of it.


I kept my wig light. This is Treacle Toffee from Geisha Wigs which I straightened and backcombed a little. I think the colour of this wig goes well with the cream blouse and the orange of the skirt.

Some other looks I’ve been rocking at work lately –

IMG_6060 - Copy

Dress – Scarlett & Jo

IMG_6072 - Copy

Dress – Lady V London

IMG_6080 - Copy

Jumper – Primark

Dress – ASOS Curve.

 IMG_6486 - Copy

Bardot top – ASOS Curve

Trousers – New Look for ASOS Curve.

IMG_6425 - Copy

Dress – Bon Marche via Sarah

Cardigan – Collectif

IMG_6294 - Copy

Dress – Lady V London

Cardigan – Collectif

IMG_6267 - Copy

Peplum Top – ASOS Curve

Cardigan – Primark

IMG_6250 - Copy

Trousers – ASOS Curve


Dress – Lady V London


Dress – ASOS Curve

Coat – Primark

Cardigan – Primark

Scarf – Vintage


Dress – Matalan


Oversized Jumper – Simply Be

As you can see, I’ve been having lots of fun with my different work-wear items, and of course my different wigs!

Do you like to dress a bit quirky below, or are you stuck in a uniform wishing to wear your own clothes?

Let me know below!

Hannah x

Put on your dancing shoes – Featuring Topshop Joyful Glitter T-Bar Heels.

Hi all!

Have you ever found and item and just squealed a little bit inside with excitement?

Well that’s how I felt when I found this pair of shoes. Being disabled and having problems with my feet resulting in me very very rarely finding a pair of heels I can actually bare, I’ve pretty much written off having cute shoes for nights out and had accepted that boring flat dolly shoes would have to do. I had managed to find a great pair of black t-bar wide fit low heels from Primark for nights out which I love – but in honesty I was looking for something a little bit more special. Thankfully my wish was granted – and by Topshop of all places!


 I popped in for sensible work shoes – I find their shoes last really well and are comfy – and spied this pair of glitter covered heels. I bee-lined over to them and found out that not only were they my size – but they were in the sale for £20! Not expecting them to be remotely comfy, I tried them on and was surprised when they fit me like a glove – result. I promptly purchased them and decided I was going to wear them on my next night out with my best friend Chloe.


I of course needed a new bag and necklace to match my lovely new shiny shoes. The bag and shoes are both Primark bargains. I paid around £13 for the both – what a steal!


I wore my new bits with my beautiful AX Paris Lace Prom Dress which I received for Christmas. I feel amazing in this dress and the accessories just finished the look off perfectly.




With my best friend in the world.


Showing off my lovely necklace.


Outfit shot!


My shoes lasted all night and so the next day I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy and without the usual aches and pains after wearing heels. Unfortunately for Chloe – she wasn’t feeling so fresh the next day and spent a long time in my fuzzy rabbit nightie, in-front of the fire watching Netflix with my cat.

I’ve looked through Topshop shoes since my purchase and I’ve found that more and more low/mid height heels are popping up which is great for me. I look forwards to expanding my shoe collection this year.

What may be one small heel for wo-man, is one giant leap for Hannah-kind!

Bring on the shoes.

Hannah x