Family Festive Fun – Featuring Lady V London Estella

Hi all!

My favorite season is upon us – the festive season! I love it so much because you get to dress up and feel all special and beautiful. Nobody says anything no matter how much glitter and sparkle you wear which is amazing! I have some lovely dresses to wear this year and quite a few occasions to go to so I will separately review each piece so you get a good idea of the fit/style etc!

My first special occasion was Christmas Eve! Adam’s Grandma puts on a huge spread with cheeses, quiches, salad, cooked ham etc and tons of desserts. Safe to say I came home absolutely stuffed!


I had ordered a couple of dresses from Lady V London in the prior to Christmas sale and so was itching to wear my beautiful new Estella dress. I got the dress in my conventional size of 22/24 which fit me like an absolute glove. The bust line is modest – as it has been stitched together – but still gives a slight hint of cleavage. The arms are very roomy and comfortable and the fabric is of good quality. I only wish it was slightly shorter as I’m 5 ft 2 and it comes down very long on me – however I may take this up! The torso is also slightly long on me as I have a very short torso but this is always the case with Lady V dresses! I feel like they should offer a petite range for tiny people like me!


I teamed this dress with Geisha Wigs – Black Forest which is sadly now discontinued! It’s a black to deep red/plum in curls which I love. I cut a bettie style fringe into it too so it looks super beautiful and pin-up – perfect with this dress! I went for MUA Reckless on my lips which i love and finds wears very long and went for a simple yet pin-up style cat eye flick.


Adam in a festive tartan shirt!


Stuffed from a good meal!

Overall the Estella dress was a good buy! I managed to grab her in the sale for a good price, but in honesty she IS a good quality garment and I would most definitely pay full price in future for another now I know how excellent the shape is on me!

Keep your eyes peeled for more festive frocks on my blog this week! I’m going to Scotland the 28th-30th too so will be wrapping up warm for that!

Hope you all had a lovely festive season.

Hannah x


Satin & Lace – Featuring Plus Size Lingerie Boutique.






Hi all!

I was recently contacted by Plus Size Lingerie Boutique and asked if I would like to review a piece from them. As somebody who really struggles to find “sexy” underwear I jumped at the chance. It took me quite a while to choose something as they have a whole range of plus sized underwear including teddies, babydolls, chemises, bras & panties and they even do costumes – however I finally settled on this absolutely stunning satin and lace bustier. (This & similar can be found here)


What attracted me to this bustier was the amount of lace on it. The sides are almost all lace with a frilled edge which I think is super sexy. It also has really long adjustable suspenders – great for chubby legs.



The bustier arrived within a few days which is amazing considering it came from America. I popped it on straight away (whilst wearing Geisha Wigs Black Ombre) and was glad to see that it fit! The back has different lines of hooks so it can be adjusted to be tighter or more loose.


I tend to struggle to find bustiers to fit my large chest. This doesn’t fit perfectly but it covers enough and does give me a great cleavage – perfect for the bedroom.


The satin is lovely and smooth. It’s not overly shiny like a cheap satin so you can tell it’s good quality. The bones help it keep its shape helping it have such an excellent fit.


The best part of this bustier though is the floral lace. It’s thick and of a high quality and fits the body well. It’s much better than a flimsy lace which you usually find on bustiers which can tear/rip easily.The only downside to this piece was the over-sized ill fitting g-string that it came with which I will never ever wear!


Overall, I’m in love with this bustier. I feel super sexy in it and I think I look great in it. It’s very rare that I feel this confident in a bustier/sexy underwear. I tend to just wear bras and high waisted pants as I generally find bustiers ill fitting on me, but I absolutely love this. I will most definitely purchase again from them in the future!

Do you like dressing up in sexy underwear? Do you struggle to find options for your size?

Let me know below!

Hannah x

When Yours Truly Met Tess Munster.






Hi all!

Recently I was fortunate enough to meet one of my idols and a lady who has helped me turn my life around – Tess Munster. Growing up I was chronically bullied for being fat, queer and “different”. I hated my body so much and spent years hiding it away in baggy ill fitting clothes and avoiding the mirror. My self hatred spiraled out of control that I spent years self harming in various ways and not letting anybody see me (not even my mum) without my clothes on. I never thought that I would EVER feel better about myself until I came across Tess on Tumblr a few years ago. Suddenly, here was a woman who was saying “so what if you’re fat, you can also be beautiful” which was a complete revolution to me. I started getting into Tumblr more and began to be empowered by Tess and then she launched her #effyourbeautystandards movement and suddenly a community was born – a community of people who all just wanted to support and empower each other. Suddenly, I began to grow in confidence and grew and grew until I became the body positive/confident person I am today, and I thank Tess so much for being pretty much the main influence within this.

With all this in mind, when I found out she was coming to England and doing ONE meet and greet I knew I just had to go meet her, even if it meant travelling for over 10 hours in one day with sciatica and EDS.

Thankfully I wasn’t alone!


My lovely friend Zade went along with me, and we were also being filmed for a documentary which will be on TV next year so we had  a lovely crew with us!


After 5 hours on the bus and a quick taxi ride across town, we finally made it to the Yours clothing shop. When we got there, we queued for around 10 minutes and I finally got to meet Tess!


I had decided to make her a flower crown which I gave her to break the ice as I was super nervous! My first thought was of how approachable she was! She gave me a huge hug and told me she recognized me from Instagram! We then proceeded to take all the selfies!











We had a chat and she thanked me for her crown and told me how much she loved sunflowers which was awesome. I also managed to tell her exactly how she’d changed my life, and I did tear up quite abit! Tess kindly held my hand and told me that this is why she pushes herself to get out of bed when she’s having low days herself – the thought of helping others which is exactly how I feel now I’ve amassed such a following online.

Tess is such a warm and friendly person and such an incredible role-model and I’m so proud that I got to meet her and get a million hugs!


I also managed to get into a photo with my other blogger babes and Tess! Here you can see my actual outfit which was –

Dress – Lady V London Hepburn (shortened and altered)

Coat – Primark

Wig – Geisha Wigs Precious Metal

Flower Crown – By me!


My hair/crown combo on the bus – I felt like a mermaid!

After the event I had to stick around and film some bits, and by the time I was finished I was starving, so me and Zade headed to Wagamama’s for a delicious meal and some serious people watching. After this we did laps of Birmingham town center, checked out the AMAZING Christmas market (complete with carousel) and listened to the best street band ever. After a few hours we stopped at Costa for a warm up and a little nibble of cake before we continued looking around the markets (which were huge). I was very restrained and only picked up some goodies from LUSH to use at my mums the next day as I was sleeping at hers and she has a bath and I only have a shower.


We had to catch our bus back at 7 so we found our pick up point and I decided to treat Zade to a cocktail in the poshest place ever because she had kindly carried my bag all day as I was very sore. Zade got a Raspberry daiquiri and I went for a Moscow Mule! The bar was literally steps from the bus stop so we managed to just sit and relax before the long 5 hour journey home.





I managed to arrive home close to 1AM and my mum had kindly stayed up and made me a snack as I was starving and I collapsed into bed after the longest day ever!


I was so glad of the bath goodies the next day as my sore joints needed the soak! The trip took it out of me but it was definitely worth it to see Tess! Hopefully next time she comes, she’ll pop up north…however I’d still travel to see her again. For me it was worth it to finally get to tell her how she had helped me, and close a chapter of self hatred in my life.

Hannah x

House of Fraser – Bursting With Plus Size Gems!

Hi all!

I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to review some pieces from House Of Fraser to promote their plus size collection. This excited me because I never knew House Of Fraser offered plus size, and in my small town it’s one of the shops we DO have. When I looked online at what there was on offer, I was blown away by the massive amount of items on offer – and by how many reductions and offers there are. In fact, they have some of the cheapest items for brands that I’ve seen!

Choosing a piece to review was incredibly hard, but I finally settled on a crochet collared dress and a stunning skirt from Samya which I will review later when I find the perfect top to go with it! I have found so many more plus size brands through House Of Fraser which means more options for me – always a winner!


This is the dress I chose! I have wanted a dress like this for so so long but never found one I liked until I found this one.


This dress is swing style but it dips in at the waist slightly so that it is slightly more fitted and flattering.


The length is perfect to wear with or without tights/leggings on my petite frame and I adore the keyhole feature at the back.


I’m a huge fan of 3/4 sleeves and these aren’t too long/baggy on me which is a rarity!


All layered up and cosy!

I adore this dress as it’s so effortless to pop on and look cute! I will definitely be using House Of Fraser from now on when online shopping and even more-so when physically shopping.

Have you looked into House Of Fraser’s plus size collection?

Let me know below!

Hannah x

An update from me!

Hi all!

Apologies for the absence, unfortunately my laptop has been broken and I’ve just received it back from being repaired!

Normal business will resume from tomorrow and I have some lovely bits to share with you this week, such as some sexy plus size lingerie, cute pieces from House Of Fraser and a wig that ISN’T from Geisha Wigs! So thank you for baring with me and keep your eyes peeled for some more daring posts this week!

Hannah x