If I was your boyfriend… Featuring Primark Boyfriend Coat!

Hi all!

Sometimes things just fall into place and make life that little bit easier – I love it when this happens! For the last two years when finding a winter coat I’ve agonised, looked at every single site and never really liked one enough or had to pay through the nose for it. Last year I got a great biker jacket from Simply Be, which took me AGES to find and then I thought about it as it was very expensive – and the year before I did without and wore layers under my old scruffy parka because there were none I liked.

HOWEVER, this all changed this year. I popped into Primark with a friend just to have a look and ended up finding the coat of my dreams!


It’s an oversized boyfriend/crombie style coat with disguised buttons and large lapels.

tumblr_neuiymBJNa1qh7lbvo2_1280 (1)

The colour is between a white and a grey which means it can go with so many different outfits/scarves.


The shape is much wider at the top and tapers down. Not so good for a pear shape but it fits my large bust and petite height perfectly.


This coat also comes in yellow, pink, baby blue and tartan so if they grey/white isn’t for you – there’s options!


This coat is so cosy and effortless to wear. I’m a size 22/24 but the size 20 fit me with room to spare. I like to have the extra room for layering in the super cold weather!


The best part of this coat? The price. It only cost me £25! I had been looking at ones for double that and more but this one is perfect and meant I had some money left over to buy a lovely popcorn jumper (which I’ll show you later) and some bits for Christmas! I can’t wait to layer this coat with trousers, boots, cute jumpers, big hats and scarves in a whole variety of colours!

Are you into the boyfriend coat look? Have you got a new winter coat this year, or making do?

Let me know below!

Hannah x



  1. You look amazing in this coat! Love your bag too. I have a funny story about my coats…we got new internal doors in our house and all my coats used to hang on hangers on a thing that went over the door. Now with the new door, it doesn’t fit. So my coats have been lying on the floor of the spare room (we’ve been renovating and redecorating so they’ve been moved around) as I have no room in my wardrobes and they are too heavy. That was fine in summer, but now I actually need a coat and all mine are trampled on and probably have spiders hiding in them! So yeah I probably need a new coat…think the pink or blue could be my taste. Only thing I’m not sure about is the sloping shoulder shape…I like my coats really fitted.

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