When Hannah Went For Tea – Featuring The Olde Young Teahouse

Hi all!

This week I decided to check out the new location of the wonderful The Olde Young Teahouse! The Teahouse has recently moved into a newer bigger premises due to it’s popularity – but don’t worry tea lovers; it’s only moved two doors down. Being as nosey as I am, I wanted to see what the new place looked like, and how it felt in comparison to the previous premises which was small and cosy with a lovely atmosphere.

With the weather being on the cooler side, I finally decided to dig a jumper out. This jumper is lovely because it’s really toasty, but it’s been knitted with an almost lace like effect and it’s quite see-through which means it’s not “bulky” on me but is still super toasty. It’s been knitted from a black fuzzy wool with various colours running through it here and there. I love it. I picked it up from the amazing Vintageous Rags on one of their “Everything £10 and under” days” which happen every month or so and is a great way to grab a bargain!


I teamed this jumper with a lovely orange and white poppy skirt I got from Boohoo (which is no longer available) to bring some colour to my outfit – the midi length and colours being perfect for autumn..


I finished my outfit with a slick of MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Atomic, chunky glasses and Buttons (straightened) by Geisha Wigs (who currently have 10% off with code COMICCON) and I was ready to leave!

I met up with my friend Amy and we ventured to the new Teahouse. Once inside I was blow away. The previous shop front was tiny where-as this unit is really wide letting tons of light in and allowing for my favourite pass time – people watching.


The shabby chic look runs through the whole shop with one of the most beautiful features being these stunning wood floors they found underneath the carpets.


The eclectic mix of vintage furniture makes it so homely and inviting.


I was pleased to see they’d found the same wallpaper as before which makes a beautiful backdrop against the thick wooden shelves which house the various different offerings of tea.


Got to love a feature lampshade!


The serving counter is big and beautiful and made from recycled materials. I love the panelling effect which has been created. You can see the tons of different choices on top. Again, I love the different coloured stands/chunks of wood and glass cloche’s which all work together to look so inviting. I couldn’t decide what to eat – so I ordered everything.


The menu’s are on clipboards and hooked the bar. I loved this!


The front display is actually made from scaffolding boards and houses various teacups, bottles and other bits and pieces all adorned with cute bunting. I really love this look!


Down to the menu! I decided to order afternoon tea as I couldn’t decide what to eat. For £9, you get mini sandwiches, a big slab of cake, a scone with accompaniments and all the tea you can drink.


Our beautifully presented afternoon tea! (although bigger cake stands may be needed as those slices of cake are huge!). We had ham and mustard and hummus and roasted veg mini sandwiches which were delicious! When I used to be a vegan I could always count on the teahouse to have hummus and bagels for me to fill myself up on with lashings of mint chocolate tea; for this trip though I went for an English Royal as I was having such flavourful food and didn’t want to overpower it with my tea.


The English Royal tea (as suggested by the Tea Bee’s) was beautiful – light and delicious with slight floral notes. I then dug into my cheese scone which was possibly the best cheese scone I have ever tasted. They reminded me of being young, sat at the table in my nana’s waiting for them to come out of the oven. I definitely recommend these!


Finally, with the help of a new tea which I didn’t quite catch the name of which was equally as tasty I somehow found room for my huge slice of milky bar cake. The cake was so light and fluffy that it melted in the mouth, and the generous milky bar toppings were naughty but oh so nice. I was really glad that I wore an elasticated skirt because I came away stuffed!


As stuffed as I was, I had to get some snaps with the Tea Bee’s! These ladies really made my experience special, helping me to choose teas based on flavours I liked, were knowledgeable about all the products but most importantly they were both so lovely to speak to, kind, considerate and genuine.


Here’s me with owner and Queen Tea Bee Carli! I’ve known Carli for almost about ten years now as she’s friends with my older brother, and I am so pleased to see how well she is doing. It’s clear to see how much hard work and passion Carli, and the other Tea Bee’s put into this business and it really pays off as its such a lovely place to visit. The Olde Young Teahouse really sticks by its name and when we visited, there was a huge mix of people from children to elderly – it really is a place where all generations can pop along for a rest, slab of cake and a great cup of tea.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and it didn’t make your mouth water too much! If you’re local and fancy going – message me! I always have time for tea.

Hannah x



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