A little piece of art – Featuring Chloe Lewis Jewellery






Hi all!

As I went to art college and then art university, I absolutely love making things and fiddling about with crafts! My best friend is currently at university in Dundee studying a jewellery course and this summer I was lucky enough to do a workshop with her and make my very own pieces!

Chloe has her own jewellery company which she operates on the side whilst going to University and I adore the pieces she makes. They’re dainty, feminine and just stunning. I was so excited to roll my sleeves up and have a go at making some of these stunning pieces myself! I never find rings to fit my fat fingers so I was super excited to finally own some.



One thing I wasn’t excited about was using a blowtorch! These rings are made by hand by heating silver and shaping it to size. It took me a few go’s to get confident with the blowtorch…and I still happily handed it back. I made three rings in total.


The first two rings I got to play with these awesome letter stamps which I had to really hammer into the metal!

tumblr_nbbcenykac1qh7lbvo3_1280 (1)

My first ring is a plain band with “Fat Bitch” stamped into it.


My second ring we created these cute little ears which were soldered onto the band which I had stamped “Lois” into – my cats name! tumblr_nbbcenykac1qh7lbvo7_1280

The inside has “Lister” stamped in!


The final ring I made is my favourite. Its made from a delicate beaded silver band, with a soldered on post and a real pearl. This one was super fiddly but so worth it!


My three rings I made!


The rings I made alongside one I received as a gift!

I love my rings so much! I’ve always wanted pretty rings but I never find them in plus size. Chloe’s are all made to order and can be made in any size needed which is awesome.

Thanks for letting me play with your jewellery making kit Chloe – but I’m leaving the blowtorch to you!

Hannah x


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