A vintage twist makes a beautiful dress – Featuring Scarlett & Jo Red Jersey Knee Length Dress!

Hi all!

I was kindly offered a piece to review from Scarlett & Jo’s new stunning “La Dolce Vita” collection which I love. It’s made up of stunning flattering pieces with a feminine vintage twist which I adore. There’s some pieces that haven’t came out yet such as the most incredible little black prom dress and a sultry velvet number which will be perfect for the festive season. Scarlett and Jo are an exciting brand who in my opinion are going from strength to strength with their constant stream of affordable, vintage inspired pieces to fit and flatter all body types.

One dress that IS out right now is the Jersey Knee Length Dress which is what I was sent in Red. The image online does not give this dress justice – it’s something very special. I saved this dress for a mystery dining dinner I went to as I felt it needed somewhere special for its first outing!


And here is the dress on! I went for a size 22 and it was very true to size. As it is made of jersey, I knew I could get away with the smaller of the sizes I wear as my bust would fit.


I teamed this dress with –

Vanity bag – Curve Clothing (No longer available)

Shoes – Primark

Tights – Donatella’s

Wig – Geisha Wigs


Seamed tights from Donatella’s.


Ready to go out.


Love the contrasting edging!


 At the meal.

This dress is almost perfect. The neckline is high yet shows a sexy peek of cleavage and can be adjusted to show more or less by the cute bow tie. The sleeves of this dress are unlike anything I own. They’re fluted and sit gracefully which would be great for anybody with larger arms/arms they would like to cover. The waist comes in with a waist tie which is very flattering. I will admit the waist ties are very long on me (I can stand on them) but i’m only 5′ 2″ and so I just wrap them around myself twice. The skirt section (again a little long for tiny girls like me) flows beautifully and has plenty of material for swishing or dancing. It falls nicely into soft pleats which adds to the vintage glamour. This dress for me is a real winner! From the contrasting edging to the vintage glamour which is emulated throughout the dress it’s a real special piece. Oh and if you’re not a fan of Red – it also comes in blue, red floral or my favourite – black floral! And even better – there’s currently 30% off everything at Evans who stock Scarlett & Jo!

I love this dress and this brand and can’t wait to see what they’re going to bring out next!

Have you tried any pieces from Scarlett &Jo? Let me know below!

Hannah x


First time for everything – Featuring Asos High Waisted Jeans

Hi all!

If you’re a frequent reader of mine, you’ll know just how much I love my pretty dresses and skirts! A few months back I went on a mission to find some great fitting trousers and succeeded. Next on my list was a pair of jeans! As I’m apple shaped with slim legs I found it incredibly hard to find a pair of skinny jeans that fit nicely in the leg, but also come up high enough that they don’t cut me in half/have my tummy hanging out. I tried tons of jeans on but they never quite fit me nicely. That was until I tried the ASOS Ridley jean! (Unfortunately the pair I have has sold out).




I love these jeans! They hug my slim legs and sit nice and high. They’re ankle grazers which fit my tiny height perfectly. I love throwing these on with a simple tee and cardigan – perfect for running errands or popping to the shops. These jeans are true to size – I ordered a size 22 and they fit wonderfully.

I can’t recommend these jeans enough. They’re affordable, soft, wash well and are super comfortable!

Have you struggled to find jeans? What brands are your favourites?

Let me know below!

Hannah x

Beau Dame Lingerie Featuring Elomi Imogen Underwire Padded Full Cup Bra

Hi all!

As you may know if you follow me, I’m a HUGE fan of lingerie. I have drawers and drawers full of different styles, shapes and colours – and not all of them fit. Finding bras that fit my very full bust but also my fat back can be a nightmare. It seems a lot of companies stop at a 38 back where as I am a 40!

Enter – Beau Dame Lingerie.

When I was contacted and asked if I’d like to review a piece, I jumped at the chance! Bras are very expensive in my size and again hard to come by. I logged onto the website expecting to see one or two bras in my size and was shocked to see 16 in a 40-GG!

Ultimately I chose the Imogen set. It has been on my wishlist quite a while as I fell in love with the vintage glamorous style of it. The bronze cups with embroidery flowers on-top are beautiful and the cups are lined with black looped edging.


As soon as I slipped the bra on I knew I had chosen well. The cups fit like a glove and give me a great projected shape. The shape is almost vintage style which I love! The band was on the snug side but still very wearable. The wide and supportive straps have cute bow detailing as does the centre gore which lies flat against my chest comfortably. The wings contain my side/back fat very well and I don’t have as much overhang as I do with other bras with flimsier wings/bands.



The pants came up nice and high, covering my belly button. I love pants like this as they tend to not roll down! The see-through segments are a lovely touch which makes the set a little sexier, and the double layer at the front is lovely.

tumblr_ndrhapm1e81qh7lbvo4_1280As you can see my breasts are well projected! This bra was possibly made for me because it fits so perfectly.

My wig here is my favourite wig – Sweet Tea from Geisha Wigs which I think goes so beautifully with the vintage/boudoir style of the underwear.



Lovely high knickers!



In all I love this set. It would be perfect for shooting in which I plan to do soon. It’s also great to wear daily and gives a great shape under clothing.

Thank you so much for allowing my to review for you Beau Dame! Your PR team are so lovely and I have enjoyed working with you!

Have you struggled to find larger lingerie? Let me know below!

Hannah x

A little piece of art – Featuring Chloe Lewis Jewellery






Hi all!

As I went to art college and then art university, I absolutely love making things and fiddling about with crafts! My best friend is currently at university in Dundee studying a jewellery course and this summer I was lucky enough to do a workshop with her and make my very own pieces!

Chloe has her own jewellery company which she operates on the side whilst going to University and I adore the pieces she makes. They’re dainty, feminine and just stunning. I was so excited to roll my sleeves up and have a go at making some of these stunning pieces myself! I never find rings to fit my fat fingers so I was super excited to finally own some.



One thing I wasn’t excited about was using a blowtorch! These rings are made by hand by heating silver and shaping it to size. It took me a few go’s to get confident with the blowtorch…and I still happily handed it back. I made three rings in total.


The first two rings I got to play with these awesome letter stamps which I had to really hammer into the metal!

tumblr_nbbcenykac1qh7lbvo3_1280 (1)

My first ring is a plain band with “Fat Bitch” stamped into it.


My second ring we created these cute little ears which were soldered onto the band which I had stamped “Lois” into – my cats name! tumblr_nbbcenykac1qh7lbvo7_1280

The inside has “Lister” stamped in!


The final ring I made is my favourite. Its made from a delicate beaded silver band, with a soldered on post and a real pearl. This one was super fiddly but so worth it!


My three rings I made!


The rings I made alongside one I received as a gift!

I love my rings so much! I’ve always wanted pretty rings but I never find them in plus size. Chloe’s are all made to order and can be made in any size needed which is awesome.

Thanks for letting me play with your jewellery making kit Chloe – but I’m leaving the blowtorch to you!

Hannah x

My best dress – Featuring Collectif Summer Bouquet Dolores Doll.







Hi all.

So everybody has that one piece of clothing they absolutely love and wish they could wear more of right? Well mine is the beautiful Summer Bouquet Dolores Doll dress from the fabulous Collectif. Unfortunately this dress is out of stock now ; as it was when I first ever laid eyes on it and I waited almost a year for it to return. However, there’s tons of Dolores dresses in a whole range of styles to suit anybodies tastes. I love this dress because I love the Dolores shape.The plunging neckline, the elasticated sleeves which give you different ways to wear and the nipped in waist just do it for me! The dress is incredibly flattering and fits my large bust comfortably which is amazing! The best part of this dress though is the colours. I’m simply just in love with the beautiful yellow roses and vintage green leaves. This dress is perfection and I wear it at any opportunity.

I have recently started doing some modelling as a hobby and at my last shoot I decided I needed to wear my special dress. Here are some of the images courtesy of Peter Bradford Photography. My wig is Sweet Tea from the amazing Geisha Wigs!


tumblr_ncs5l3aawj1qh7lbvo2_1280 tumblr_ncs5l3aawj1qh7lbvo3_1280 tumblr_ncs5l3aawj1qh7lbvo4_1280




Hannah_-104 (1)



As you can see, the dress photographs beautifully and made me look like a little dolly! I cant recommend this shape dress enough, especially if you have a larger bust as I do as it is super flattering.

Do you have a dress you love that you wish you could wear more?

Let me know below!

Hannah x