Plus North – Who I met

Hi all!

This is my third (Part One – What I Wore) (Part Two – What I Did) and final Plus North post which is focussed around who I met!

Number one and most importantly I met my fellow blogger babes!

IMG_2467 IMG_2495Sarah from Plus Size & Proud is my absolute gem.  I never thought we would get on as much as we did and she well and truly made my weekend. Sarah is such a beautiful and lovely woman who keeps upbeat and friendly even when bad things are happening – and boy did she have her share of bad luck! However she pulled through, kept a big smile on her beautiful face and we had a fantastic weekend.


Another babe from the weekend who became really close with me and who spent a lot of time with me was the beautiful and so lovely Sarah Hadzipasic ! We seemed to just click and we got on so well. Thanks for making my weekend so great Sarah!


I’ve wanted to meet Michaela for so long because we have mutual friends and lots in common! Slut dropping and dancing my ass off with this girl was the highlight of the Saturday night! Such a babe.

IMG_2579Meeting Sam was fabulous. She’s effortlessly beautiful and looked incredible all weekend. Also she had the best burger bag I have ever seen!


All the babes I met were wonderful and made the weekend so special! I only wish I’d taken more snaps.


I was also happy to finally meet some of my favourite brands in person, and get to know some new ones! Here’s a run down of some of the brands I met and a mini wishlist for them!

Yours Clothing –


Goodies from Yours Clothing! Including a cute heart lolly & little heart sweets.


More goodies from Yours! The notebook has already been used as I adore the confidence building cards – such a cute touch!

yours 1

I fell in love with this sequin covered wrap dress at Plus North and have been thinking about it since! This would be perfect for the party season and could be dressed up with so many different colours/styles of accessory.

yours 3

Another dress I’ve seen a lot of lately is this Monochrome Stripe Skater Dress! It seems to be a big hit in the blogger community and I adore it.


I also spied this beautiful floral playsuit which I love! It could be dressed up or down and has beautiful colours.





I had the pleasure of meeting and walking for MS.SVG at Plus North and also got to have a little snoop of what they had to offer!


My fave dress from MS.SVG was this beautiful floral print batwing dress which I actually modelled on the Sunday. The dress is light and floaty and felt lovely on.


Another dress I lusted after was this gorgeous lace sleeved dress the stunning Georgina tried on to model.


Evans came along with some lucky dip giftcards which were great! Sadly I only won £5, but that’d still going to come in handy!


I could use my voucher on this awesome Duster Coat which would be a great wardrobe staple.


Or on these beautiful floral tapered trousers which would also look great with the jacket!

Topsy Curvy –

It was great to see a new brand I’d only recently heard of attending Plus North! They have some lovely dresses which are more “out there” and definitely are more attractive to a younger plus sized girl like myself.  I also loved chatting to these ladies as they were super down to earth and so friendly.


My fave piece from Topsy Curvy was this Green Floral dress. I love the bold print, the figure hugging body con style and the plunging neckline. This definitely needs to find its way to my



Another piece I love is this double layer lace skater dress! This one is quite daring with the amount of lace and I just love it.

Curvy Kate –


I loved meeting the girls from Curvy Kate,who handed out these gorgeous “we love your curves” bags which I adore! I loved them so much I wrote a whole post about them with a wishlist here!

Elvi –

Plus North was the first time I heard of Elvi and I’m so glad that I did!


The pieces they brought with them were classic and stunning, and were possibly some of my favourite pieces.


The real winner for me was this stunning coatigan which is absolutely perfect. It’s made of 100% lambswool with a shiny trim and the quality of it is outstanding.  I can definitely imagine this with smart tapered trousers, thrown over dresses and paired with cute blouses. I think I’ll definitely be investing in this piece as it’s amazing.

Simply Be

Simply Be are so iconic in the plus sized fashion world – always pushing the boundaries and bringing us collection after collection of amazing affordable fashion to fit all bodies.  I was so pleased to be chosen to model for them and enjoyed every second. The team who came along were so kind and positive and made us feel brilliant about ourselves. It’s great to have such wonderful inspiring women working for such a brilliant brand.


They also loved my drown soda necklace!

My wishlist for Simply Be would be HUGE, so here’s a few of the pieces I saw at Plus North which I adored.

simply 1

This Baroque Style Skater Dress was so beautiful and detailed in person I fell in love instantly.


However my heart was stuck on the Off The Shoulder Prom Dress which just screamed 80’s retro chic to me. This piece is something special and I adore it.


Also catching my eye was this amazing PVC umberella skirt from Alice & You!  This skirt is a little slice of perfection and would look so beautiful with my Simply Be mesh insert shirt!

Bras & Honey! –

Last and certainly not least – in fact possibly my fave brand I met are Bras & Honey! Myself and Donna bonded over boobs instantly and by the end of the night we were breast friends.



I was lucky enough to be asked to review a piece from Bras & Honey and I chose the Elomi Maria Babydoll which you can see the review for here!

They have such an excellent range of bras and sizes and their customer service is wonderful. They go up to a 48 back in some styles and up to a K cup in others.

I’ll definitely be buying from them in the future – here are some of my fave styles in a 40-GG!


Elomi Amelia and matching briefs! I’m in need of a new basic black bra and this set would be perfect.


I also loved the Elomi Yolanda in this beautiful biscotti colour/print. The shorts are lush!


My absolutely number one favourite is the Imogen set. It’s absolutely gorgeous with its padded cups, little bows and those high pants with mesh are heavenly.


Although the Maria fit so beautifully, I’d love to try that basque as I’ve never ever had a basque to fit my large chest/large everything, and the white Maria bra would also be an excellent addition to my underwear drawer as it goes strapless! I long for a decent strapless bra that keeps my ladies up!

So that was my last Plus North post – and quite a hefty one at that! I loved my time there and cant wait to see what other events will be happening. I’d love to model again as it felt amazing and urge anybody to apply to it!

What were your highlights of Plus North? Any other events you’re looking forwards to?

Hannah x


Plus North – What I did

Hi all!

This is my second Plus North post which is focussed on what I got up to at Plus North!

Most importantly – I helped out. I sat and filled loads of lovely Zizzi bags with flyers, discount codes and other goodies.

I then went on to model for two brands.


On Saturday I was lucky enough to model for Simply Be!

IMG_2515Hitting the runway!

IMG_2518Werkin’ it.


Giving sass!


Me with other babes who modelled for Simply Be!

I then went on to model for MS.SVG





This dress was so light and floaty, I felt like a goddess in it!


With my fellow models!


I also ate out a lot in Leeds! The first night we headed to Cosmo which had an overwhelming amount of all you can eat food from all over the world – and a dessert section to die for! On Saturday a load of us headed to TGI’S and whilst everybody else drank ladylike cocktails – I was more impressed with the cherries!


Whilst at Plus North I managed to get properly measured by the babes at Curvy Kate! They measured me at a 40-gg, and I was previously wearing a 40-g so I wasn’t too far off.



Here I am wearing the daily boost bra which is absolutely incredible. It is super uplifiting, comfortable and gives breasts a worderful orb like shape. Unfortunately I didn’t purchase this one as I wanted something “prettier”, and the ones I wanted had all been sold out in my size! Since Plus North I have been obsessed with choosing a Curvy Kate bra to purchase but I just can’t narrow it down to one and I have quite the wishlist going on!

On the Sunday we had a clothes swap which was great! I managed to offload some bits which had been gathering dust, and picked up a few rad pieces.


My favourite piece I picked up was this awesome lips skirt originally from Simply Be which originally belonged to Sarah!



I was very lucky to of roomed with Sarah who was my adoptive mum for the weekend! I (on more than one occasion) rummaged through her big box of beautiful hair accessories, had a hair dye party, created our own bag filling operation and giggled all weekend with her. If you haven’t checked out her blog – you should. She is fantastic and I can’t wait to see her again!

So that’s what I got up to! I have one last post to come highlighting brands that I met and that’t me done about Plus North!

Did you manage to make it? What was your highlight? Let me know below!

Hannah x

Plus North – What I Wore

 Hi all!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend, help out at and model at an amazing plus sized fashion event called Plus North! I got up to so much that I’ve decided to split it into three posts – What I Wore, Who I Met and What I Did!

So this post focussed on the clothes I wore for the event!


As you can see, I didn’t travel light!


Luckily for me Plus North wasn’t too far away from me, just an hour and twenty minutes on the bus. I decided to wear my Scarlett & Jo 2 in 1 prom dress (previously reviewed here). This dress isn’t available anymore, however there’s a similar alternative online here. I chose to travel in this dress because it’s super comfortable but also really glam. I wore this with Plum Pastry



On the Friday evening, 24 of us babely bloggers headed to Cosmo’s, a world buffet style place which was lovely. I decided to pop on my Hell Bunny Claudia, trusty Primark T-bar heels and the beautiful Damsel from Geisha Wigs!


 I love the collar of this dress!


On the second day, and the first day of Plus North – I decided to wear this pleather bustier which I had handmade myself with some leftover fabric and trims. I wore it with a mesh cut out pencil skirt I grabbed off eBay for cheap and my beautiful boudoir style velvet kimono. This was taken as I was doing the breakfast dash and so I wasn’t made up here!


Fast forward a few hours, and here’s me with my face and wig (which is Sweet Tea) on – as well a an excellent necklace from Drown Soda.


For the second half of the day, I wore this beautiful smock dress from Simply Be which I actually wore to model on the catwalk. Simply Be kindly let me keep this dress and I’ve had it on a few times since as it’s great quality and looks beautiful dressed up and down in numerous different ways.


On the Saturday night I decided to wear my Lindy Bop Ophelia, which I have previously reviewed here.


I love this dress because it does wonders for my figure,and makes me look like a sexy, not so Mini Mouse.


It’s definitely a bust friendly dress! It pushes them up and out and really pops them on display! There was lots of boob grabbing at Plus North!


I wore this with Black Forest which went perfectly!


Thankfully I never had a heavy night of drinking on the Saturday, and so on Sunday I felt fresh and ready to go! The sun was out, and so Sunrise shone extra bright in the sun!


As I didn’t manage to get a shot on the Sunday of my dress, here is what I wore (photographed in a recent photo shoot by Peter Bradford). It’s a sequinned and beaded cream dress from ASOS which I call the Fairy dress! I wore this with my comfy holographic platforms from Primark which I love.

 So that’s the end of my post and what I wore! Keep your eye out for my next two Plus North posts!

Hannah x

Hello Sailor! Featuring Hell Bunny Claudia.

Hi all!

As part of the pageant we had to wear an outfit of our own choice for the fashion round. I took this as a great excuse to buy a new dress which I had fancied for a long time. Enter – The Hell Bunny Claudia dress! I adore this dress because it’s so nautical/sailor styled!



I went for a 4XL in this dress and it fits like a glove! The chest could do with more fabric as it’s very plunging and shows off a lot of cleavage which can look great but can be too much. The length on me is lovely, going just under my knee and It looks really lovely with a petticoat. The sleeves are a little on the tight side so be careful if you have larger arms. The waist tucks in lovely and has a belt that comes with it, however I’ve swapped this for a little boat belt to keep on with the nautical theme. There’s 4 buttons on the front, but only two open as they’re mainly for show. The back has a large zip which can be awkward to get into as there’s a large collar which doesn’t open so you may need a hand to get into/out of the dress and for somebody to zip up the back/fold the collar back down.


This dress definitely isn’t for the faint hearted or for everyday wear. This dress is a special piece, to be brought out on special occasions to wow! I adore this dress and keep looking for the perfect excuse to wear it because it makes me feel amazing when I slip it on.

This was my first ever Hell Bunny dress, and I definitely want to try more after this purchase. Have you tried any Hell Bunny dresses? How do you find the fit? Let me know below!

Hannah x

Cutest breakfast in the land!

Hi all!

I never tend to blog about food on here, but yesterday morning I made a breakfast so cute and delicious – I just had to share!

Introducing – Breakfast cups!!! Baked in a muffin tin, these little cuties come out the shape of cupcakes but are full of breakfasty goodness! Now these may be a little bit of a fiddle to make, but they’re a really kitsch way to cook breakfast and would be perfect for special occasions or if you have guests.

You will need! –

6 eggs

6 slices of bacon

3 slices of bread

one deep muffin tin (wont work in a Yorkshire tin)

12 teaspoons grated cheese (or as much as you like)


Optional extras – 6 teaspoons of beans, cooked mushrooms, 6 small discs of black pudding – any of these will add a little extra. I went for beans as I had some leftover from the previous night.

Method! –

Pre heat your oven to 180!

Start by laying out your bread. Using the bottom of the muffin tin, stamp the shape into the bread so that each slice has 2 circles on it (giving you six). Cut these out using scissors and discard the crusts/feed them to the birds (or freeze them to make into breadcrumbs like I did). Place these discs in the bottom of each section in the muffin tin. With the excess bread, try to cut them into as straight strips as possible and use them to squish into the bottom around the disk so that it has a slight lip on the sides. This will be easier the fresher your bread is!

Once the tins have all had their bread base popped in, take the bacon and fry it lightly for around 3-4 minutes, and keep it flexible. Let this cool slightly and drain off any excess oil. Next, take the bacon and cut it diagonally into long strips and put these around the pan sides to create the sides of the cup. It’s okay to do this in strips as the egg will bind everything together. Use any leftover bacon bits and fill in the gaps – or stand and eat it like I did! Next add the optional extra (I chose beans, you don’t have to use anything) and the teaspoon of grated cheese. Finally, using a knife to crack the egg well (or crack it into a tub/silicone mould first for easiness) pop the egg into the cavity which is left. Top this with a sprinkle of salt and a dash of pepper.

To make life a lot easier, pop your muffin tin on top of a baking tray. This makes removing from the oven tons easier. Pop this into the oven for around 15 mins, or until the egg is fully white and cooked. Remove from the oven and top with another teaspoon of cheese and serve! I scoffed 3 of these for breakfast which was the perfect amount for me.

 These could easily be free on slimming world if you grilled the bacon first (only slightly) and used your healthy extras for the bread (brown) and cheese! They could also be done with quorn bacon for veggies!

Heres some images of how they turned out!


In the pan after the oven!


Perfect runny egg encased in bacon.


You can see they hold up on their own perfectly.


Topped with cheese!


My serving!

Hope you enjoyed this little food post from myself, and let me know if you try this recipe!

Hannah x