Who wears short shorts! Feat ASOS Curve Culotte in floral print

Lately I’ve been trying new items of clothes which I would never of dared to wear in the past. With the days getting warmer and sunnier I thought that this year I would invest in some shorts to keep me cool through the days. Last year I wore leggings and dresses and this year I wanted to push myself to get my legs out! This is partly due to my confidence rising but mostly because I’ve been getting them tattooed recently and I wanted to show them off.

I decided to showcase my shorts when I headed to my fave tattoo shop The Black Diamond Tattoo Collective with Adam a few weeks back so he could get his first ever tattoo, and what a tattoo he got. Not settling for something small, he got the most beautiful lady holding a snake with a skull from resident artist Matt Pounder (BC Tattooer).

10441946_528196667287075_2417825676283423331_nMatt working on Adam’s arm!


The finished tattoo!


I’m so jealous of Adam’s tattoo! It’s so gorgeous, I’m in love with it. Like I said, this was Adam’s first tattoo which he planned in the last few weeks after painting and decorating the shop which has recently been fully renovated and taken over by new owners! Formally Envy Ink, Black Diamond is more stunning than ever and is my studio of choice.


However, this post is about shorts so lets get back to them! They were super comfy to wear and easy to sit around in. I was there for hours reading my kindle whilst Adam got tattooed and they didn’t bother me once. They sit nice and high waisted and look great with a simple tank. The length is lovely, not too long but not too short that you’re paranoid about anything showing. The colours are really vivid and a gorgeous floral print which means you could pick any of the colours out to accessories and could wear practically any colour top with. I kept the floral theme going and teamed them with a home-made white flower crown and my orange sunrise wig from Geisha Wigs to bring out the orange in the shorts and give a pop of colour! The shorts I got in a size 22 and they are true to size with a great amount of stretch in them. They’re jersey and breathable so great for long day trips.

I never thought I would feel this great in shorts but honestly I felt amazing. I felt curvy, confident and fashionable and my instagram followers really loved them. ASOS have more shorts in this shape which I think I will invest in and keep as a great summer staple

Will you be wearing shorts this year? What are your favourite style?


Just peachy. Featuring Primark swing dress.

Its not very often I manage to pick up dresses in Primark these days. They tend to be very small in the bust and so I tend to not bother anymore. I do however get most of my shoes from there as they’re super comfortable as well as my pants/socks/accessories and separates. I popped in a few days ago for new pants, and found a really gorgeous dress which I just couldn’t say no to!



Peach isn’t usually a colour I would tend to go for as I have quite red toned skin, however it’s everywhere at the moment so I thought I’d give it a try! The dress has a lovely white contrasting collar which I absolutely adore. Collars are definitely one of my big things!I also was drawn to the beautiful floral pattern all-over the dress as it’s quite striking, and I thought it would be a great dress to see me through summer due to it being lightweight. Also at £10, it was an absolute steal!


I also picked up these absolutely gorgeous t-bar shoes for the bargain price of £12, and a pair of £1 socks which meant I had a full outfit for £23 which is excellent.


The shoes were the only pair I could find which meant they were meant to be! I’m a 6/7 but the 6 fit nicely! I haven’t tried them without socks and could imagine them rubbing on bare feet, but I’m a sock girl anyway so it doesn’t matter. They have a tiny heel which makes me happy as I’m a tiny 5ft 2, and they click when you walk.


Here’s the look all put together! I kept the wig simple due to the busy pattern on the dress and think I chose well. The dress is actually massive on me which I like for summer, and so I think it would be easily suitable up to a size 26! . It comes to just about knee length if not slightly longer so it’s a perfect length to wear without any leggings or tights – I’d rather have something flowing and breezy with my legs out this summer! I’m getting braver and braver with my legs which is something I never thought I would do! I’ve even bought jeans AND shorts lately so watch this space!

Overall I think for the price this dress is absolutely excellent. I’m tempted to go back and pick up the grey version and check for other prints because this dress is just so comfy and easy to wear!

What will be your summer staples this year?


Cayton Bay Holiday!

A few weeks ago now me and Adam went away to Cayton Bay for a little mini break and because I was well and truly burnt out from working/conferences etc. I had an absolutely amazing time and really didn’t want to come home. I never expected to have so much fun at a caravan holiday but I really did, and we even made friends which was awesome. This is going to be a pretty photo heavy post, so here we go!

Firstly, I decided not to pack any wigs for the trip as it was incredibly hot, and tbh I didn’t have much room in my suitcase.




The drive there was gorgeous! We passed through Whitby and had a great view of the abbey. I travelled in a simple tank top & skater skirt so I was nice and cool in the car.





Due to us being big food lovers, we mostly took our own food and just cooked for ourselves whilst we were there which was great because the onsite restaurant wasn’t the most healthy! The first night we had a BBQ with jackets, lean burgers, & vegetable kebabs which was amazing. I’d been swimming and so got changed into my ASOS daisy print dress which was nice and cool whilst I laid in the sun relaxing and reading my kindle.


  IMG_7014 - Copy

IMG_7028 - Copy


That night we decided to check out the entertainment in the bar, which was pretty dire. Some guy awkwardly singing whilst thrusting his clearly stuffed crotch around, and the entertainers singing possibly the most casually racist song I’ve heard at a holiday camp. Karaoke was much better though, and with a few drinks in me I sang a few songs which went down well. I’m head to toe in Primark here, teaming my fave polka dot blouse with a short bubblegum pink skirt which looked super cute together. The amount of tattoos on show did attract some attention from a creepy man who quizzed my OH about where I had got them from and told him I was gorgeous. Erm, thanks? Adam looked handsome as ever in his Topman tartan shirt which I love on him!




 DSCN0453 - Copy




DSCN0465 - Copy

DSCN0467 - Copy

The next day after a lovely morning swim and breakfast in the caravan we decided to go into Scarborough which was only ten minutes bus ride away! I had such a good day. I wore my new ASOS floral swing dress which kept me nice and cool all day in the scorching heat. I bagged it in the sale for £13.50 – bargain! We walked all over, got the tram down the hill which gave some incredible views, got an ice-cream and spent hours in the arcades. Oh, and came home with a minion yey!!

IMG_7052 - Copy


DSCN0482 - Copy

We got dressed up after out day out, me in a chiffon layered maxi skirt from Primark and Kimono from The Velvet Kimono Company which I’ve altered and Adam in a cute raglan sleeve Dickies shirt and jeans! That evening we went to the bar again and I was drinking slushes topped up with massive amounts of gin. I’d taken it with me and the place was pretty expensive. That night we made friends called Tom and Amy who were such a great laugh and who ended up spending more time with us as the holiday ended. We drank quite a lot that night and all ended back at our caravan till about 4AM. In fact, I went to bed as the sun came up – oops!

Sunday started with a sore head and a breakfast muffin from the campsite which I inhaled in seconds. We had to be up and out that day as we had tickets to the sealife centre!

IMG_7066 - Copy

I went for my ASOS buttoned up denim dress with no shirt under as it was absolutely scorching hot. As you can see, I was feeling slightly fragile.

IMG_7137 - Copy



IMG_7109 - Copy



The sea life centre was amazing! Adam made friends with a turtle (his fave animal), I took a selfie with a seal and we both enjoyed the otter feed and talk. After this we went back for a swim, then another BBQ which Tom & Amy came over for and we had a really lovely night.



DSCN0498 - Copy

On our final day we got up and packed early because we were going to flamingo land on the way home!  The day was so so warm and I had a black dress on which didn’t help at all. However, after the log flume the dress was abandoned and I had to wear Adam’s hoodie with my leggings instead as I was well and truly soaked and even the turbo family sized dryers couldn’t dry me. We had a lovely time and went on every ride as there was no queues. The whole place was dead as it was a Monday and we had our pick of the rides. The animal conservation part was great too, but too spaced out in the searing heat.

My whole weekend was so great and exactly what I needed. My mental health has struggled all year and so it was nice to take some time out for myself to try and recharge and relax and Adam was so brilliant the whole trip looking after me and making sure I had a fun time. I’d definitely book up again for another caravan holiday, but maybe in the quiet season again as I’m not sure I can handle a busy kid filled holiday!

When you’re fat & unwell. TW Mental Health.

I never really talk about my mental health on this blog, and I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s because I don’t really link it to “fashion” blogging, or really want to blog about the days spent in my dressing gown wishing I could function properly/get motivated. In fairness, I do try to push the fact that I have mental health issues to the far corner of my mind, because the stigma around mental health is disgusting and those with issues are often labelled by other people as weak, putting it on or are told to “suck it up” and get over it. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been repressing my emotions and feeling for a long time now and have recently suffered from a breakdown, hence me not blogging as much. There’s not much to blog about when I’m sat around in my pants trying desperately to actually sleep.

So I finally went to the doctors about how I feel after trying for weeks to get an appointment with my doctor who only works Thursday/Friday and is quite hard to get in with and I had to settle on going to a different doctor. BIG mistake. Having severe anxiety & depression meant that going into an appointment with a new doctor I was already panicking and didn’t feel comfortable. So once inside I started talking about how I’m sleeping but never feel like I’ve slept, and how I’m throwing up most mornings and have constant nausea and this is making it hard for me to function/go to work etc. I also told her I can’t get happy and I have zero motivation. With all this in mind, and without looking at my information to see I have a pre-existing history of anxiety/depression as well as a condition which puts me in excruciating daily joint pain her response was simple – lose weight.

Now this isn’t something which is particularly new to me. Before being diagnosed with EDS, all I was ever told was to lose weight and the pain will stop (because thin people don’t get ill right) and I was only diagnosed after going to physio when I tore my cruciate ligament in a really bad knee dislocation accident (whilst dancing to move like Michael Jackson actually). I’ve actually gone to the doctors with a whole range of ailments to be told to lose weight – it seems to be the number one cure. Not.

Anyway, I poured my heart out finally and cried which was awful and I was told that it sounds like I have sleep apnea but before she sends me to the clinic she wants me to lose weight first. Baring in mind I have no energy and no motivation due to the not sleeping issue, this was her solution. She also said she could give me pills to lose weight, but I had to lose weight first. And for the nausea, she’s given me heartburn tablets. She then went on to say my anxiety (which i’ve suffered from since being a skinny child) will be better and go away if I lose weight, and apparently I will feel better about myself and not be depressed – because nobody who is slim ever experiences mental health issues. I’ve been told to join a local slimming group, get up at 5AM for a walk and return at 7:30 AM. Yes, she wants me, a person who struggles to walk without pain as it is to brisk walk for 2 and a half hours every morning. If she had looked at my file she would see a letter from my normal doctor which states I have problems walking and that she hoped I get help from disabled students allowance with transport.

I came away from the appointment even more deflated, with an expensive prescription, a number for counselling and instructions to count calories. I’ve been given a 2 week sick note to see how the anti-depressants work before she returns me to work, and she wants to see me lose weight within this next two weeks which should be interesting! I already try to swim every weekend but I guess for the sake of this doctor and getting to an actual sleep clinic I best at least try to conform.

08/06/14 Amish Inspired OOTD.

Do you ever just throw something on for ease and comfort and then feel really great in it? This is what happened to me yesterday. I threw on a simple black dress with peep-hole which I purchased from Toni’s blog sale because I was going swimming and wanted something easy to wear which wouldn’t cling to me/my legs when I got out of the pool! As this is a nice midi length on me I don’t actually need tights which is great because putting tights on after swimming is my pet hate! This dress is originally from ASOS curve and has tiny little coloured flecks all over it, and coupled with the peep-hole they make this little black dress something quite interesting! The only downside to this dress is its absolutely massive on my waist. It’s a size 22 but would very easily accommodate up to a 26, so out comes a handy belt to cinch it in!


I then teamed this with my awesome Amish style hat which I bought at Christmas from New Look! In all honesty, I popped it on because I was going swimming and thought it would cover up any messes in the hair department! It looks great with my hair at the moment which is growing back from when I shaved it off for charity! I added some pink/peach this week just for fun and I really love it.10380316_528962967210445_1818201351439890061_n

I have to say I wasn’t expecting such a massive reaction like I got on Instagram! People just seemed to love this outfit which I threw on effortlessly for comfort. It was lovely to have so many kind/supportive comments and that’s what I truly love about the internet and how it brings people together – in particular the plus size blogger movement is so supportive and welcoming, I wouldn’t know where I would be without them as it was others who encouraged me to start blogging in the first place, so thank you!