Being happy in your skin should be celebrated.

Hi all!


Yesterday I had the good fortune to be featured quite prominently within a local paper talking about being a finalist in Miss British Beauty Curve 2014. (You can find the link to the article here). The article itself is really nicely written and is so positive, I really couldn’t ask for a better piece to be put in. I was really nervous about how I was going to be written about, and what comments people would make but generally people have been so kind and supportive,its really been quite overwhelming.


Unfortunately, not everybody has been supportive. I was shown some comments online from some not so pleasant people who were basically saying I don’t deserve to win because I’m not curvy I’m fat.


I’m VERY aware I’m fat. I call myself fat all the time, it’s even in the title of this blog! To me fat isn’t something to be ashamed of, or something that makes me less of a person than anybody else. I’m just bigger than other people – so what? Some of the comments made were extremely rude and really nasty and it made me wonder WHY people feel the need to drag others down? Surely, as a community we should be boosting each other up, we should be promoting a positive outlook and teaching our younger generations that it’s okay to look different, it’s okay to be fat, thin, tall, short etc. We shouldn’t be looking at the unrealistic guidelines set out by the media, we shouldn’t constantly feel the need to be on diets and we shouldn’t be letting our children grow up thinking that there is something wrong with them because they don’t look like the heavily photo shopped and airbrushed images plastered absolutely everywhere.

I was told that I couldn’t truly be happy and that I am lying to myself. No. I am truly happy with myself and can honestly say that I am an absolute goddess. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not being arrogant or big headed here, however I have spent years loathing my body, and not so long ago I realised that I am in fact beautiful and that I should celebrate my body as it is. Only then did I actually become truly happy. With my confidence growing I made true friends and met my wonderful fiancee Adam who stand by me and supports me and tells me I’m beautiful no matter what dress size I am. My friends have come together today and supported me and told me I am inspiring and beautiful and honestly this means so much to me. Massive shout out to Shauna, Fran & Miki for being excellent. You’re brilliant and I love you all.

Let us celebrate our bodies for what they are! They’re incredible things! They create life, they think of ways to revolutionise the world, they keep us warm at night and they fight off infections all on their own. My philosophy is that you never know what will happen in life. People will come and go, comments will be made – some forgotten and some kept with us for life. The only thing which will be constant in your life is your body – so why not love it for the beautiful and remarkable thing that it is!

I am going to try my hardest to win when I’m at nationals,and if I do, Lydia my crown will be dedicated to you.


Fatkini, Fatkini, Fatkini

With summer well on the way and a holiday to go on, last week I decided to buy myself a new fatkini! I already own one, however I felt that it was time to add another to my collection so that I had a choice. Also as I was going away for 3 days, I wanted to have at least two so that I could have one drying and still have one to wear the next day. I scoured the internet for bikinis, and decided on a high waisted number from ASOS. My other bikini is actually from ASOS too which I have written about here and so I knew that the fit would be nice.

So here’s the one I chose!


I liked the “beetlejuice” vibe of this bikini and thought it was quite different. The top & bottoms were both £16,however I used a 20% discount code which brought the price down a little. I got the bottoms in a 24 as my last ones fit perfectly, and if anything this pair are slightly roomy however I can live with that! The top I got in a size 28 as my last top I had to keep sending back until I got a big enough size. This one fit great and I was glad I chose a bigger size!


The bikini on a whole is super comfortable, and considering it is a long line style, it doesn’t roll up on my round belly. The top can also be made strapless which is a bonus!


The pants come up super high and are really flattering and extremely comfortable. They didn’t bag out in the swimming pool and have washed and dried brilliantly.

Overall I’m really impressed with this bikini, and my other half absolutely loves it! If you’d of told me this time last year I’d own not one, but TWO bikinis (well actually three now but that’s another post for another day) I’d of laughed, however my confidence has blossomed this year and I’m wearing things I’d only ever dreamed of.

Have you got a bikini for summer, or are you tempted to try one? Let me know below!

Hannah x

NUSLGBT14! What I wore for my final conference & some thoughts.

Trigger warning – this blog post contains some of the most amazing humans looking absolutely fabulous.

Recently I attended the annual NUS LGBT conference which this year took place in Nottingham. This was my first LGBT conference, and sadly my last conference as Students’ Union President at CCAD. As it was LGBT conference and I knew I could wear what I wanted with no judgement, I decided to pack my sparkliest, most sequinned clothes possible. There were a few dresses I was itching to wear but hadn’t had the chance in everyday life to wear them.

Day 1 -Daytime


For the first day of the conference I decided to play it safe and be comfy! I wore my amazing SimplyBe crop jumper with a mesh panelled skirt I got on ebay for £5 and a cute polka dot shirt from Primark. I absolutely love layering at the moment, and the print clashes with the polka dot beautifully!


I added my Drown Soda “Hannah” necklace right at the collar and “Winter” from Geisha Wigs.

Day 1 – Evening


On the evening I decided to wear this dress from ASOS Curve which is sadly no longer available. It’s a creamy colour, with beautiful sequinned embroidery down the side and layers of chiffon in the skirt. I’ve only had this dress on once for Christmas and haven’t worn it since. Apparently I looked like a fairy bride!


I chose to pair this dress with Sunrise from Geisha Wigs which was the perfect choice! I also added a swipe of MAC Lady Danger, a matte orange red lipstick.

Pictures from the evening –


With one of the best people in the world –  Miki!


Three Hannah’s! It turned out there was SEVEN at conference..


Oscar selfie!


Got dragged into this one with the lovely Scott!


North East Delegates!


With the wonderful and well dressed Reubs who is absolutely amazing!


Best photo bomb ever!


Group shot!

Day 2 – Daytime


On day two I decided to channel some “fat mermaid realness”. My beautiful printed skirt with mesh panel is from Primark as is my top.


My wig is from Faking it and necklace from Drown Soda. I also have seashell clips in but they can’t be seen here.

Day 2 – Evening


I kept up with the mermaid theme on the evening with my amazing AX Paris for Simply Be sequinned body con dress. I have needed a good reason to wear it since New Years and the gala dinner was perfect for it! I got so many kind words and compliments about this dress, I felt amazing!


The evenings wig of choice was Damsel which I adore down to it’s vintage/pinup look. It’s like a complete bomb-shell wig – it’s beautiful!

Pictures –

Snaps from the gala dinner!




Myself & Sky


Zac looked incredible.


Beautiful babes!


& Handsome hunks!


Myself & David!


With the gorgeous Suzanne!


With Sam who is the double of my brother Mark!


6 of the 7 conference Hannah’s!


And finally, my fave pic by far with the amazing Reubs!

Day 3 – Daytime


By the end of conference I was ruined. I had been ill before going and only decided to go last minute. I didn’t get out of bed till late the last day after another night of throwing up and tummy problems. I was glad of another comfy outfit! The shirt is a vintage number from Vintageous Rags, skirt was £5 from Matalan and my cardigan is from Primark! I had a long journey home so comfort was key!

So that was my last conference! In a way I’m relieved because they’re incredibly stressful, it’s a lot of travelling and the atmosphere could be awful. However, the one thing I will miss is the people. Going to set conferences which I defined into such as disabled, women’s and LGBT has been absolutely amazing as I have been able to find so many people on my wave length who understand me and have been so kind and welcoming and I will miss these people dearly.

There’s one person in particular who has looked after me, laughed with me, cried with me and even drunken spooned with me in a strictly platonic way and that’s Miki. I’m so lucky that she’s just down the road in Leeds because not seeing this amazing person regularly would absolutely suck!


Miki, thank you so much for your constant support, your hilarious outbursts and for just always being such a great friend to me, I love you to bits!

There’s so many other people I’d want to mention, but I’ll be typing forever so here’s a few!

Charlotte, thanks for being part of the Goth crew and also for looking after me when I’ve been poorly. Thank you for being hilarious and keeping me going at conference! You’re amazing.

Hannah Patterson, Beth Button, Tabz O’Brien-Butcher, Aisling Gallagher, Beth Sutton, Kelley Temple, Stacey Devine & Rhiannon Hedge – You are some of the most incredible, passionate and brilliant women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You’re all amazing.

And finally, Becca Anderson. You couldn’t make it to LGBT and I missed you so much! I felt lost without my partner in crime who has kept me going throughout my whole year in the student movement and to whom I owe so much to!  I love you!

Hannah x

Like a lady – Featuring The Big Tights Company

Do you ever look through your search terms and see what people have been looking for to come to your blog? I do! One because I’m nosey, and two because I like to know what my readers are interested in. So besides all the absolutely filthy ones, one of my top searched items is “stockings for big girls” and other variations and so I decided to see what was out there. I usually purchase my stockings from Ann Summers for £8 a pair, however they’re paper thin and I’m petrified every time I tug them up my legs because they’re extremely flimsy and most pairs I’ve had have broken within a few wears. Then there’s Primark, however they stop at an XL! So, I searched online to find a company who actually thought about big ladies and made stockings and tights just for us.

Enter – The Big Tights Company.

With tights and stockings from a size 20 to an amazing 42, they fill a huge (pardon the pun) gap in the market. But what is the quality like?

I got in touch to ask for sizing advice, and was kindly gifted some stockings as a sample. These came the next day and so I was super impressed with the postage time. I was sent the Magic Stockings which with its contrasting dark edge looks vintage and really ladylike. I was also sent the Prague Lady Lace Top Stockings which is the pair I’ve photographed and is the pair I’ve absolutely fallen in love with.


I tried them on with my Yours Clothing chemise  (review HERE) and threw on my Sweet Tea wig from Geisha Wigs. As you can see, they fit well and the lace really matches my chemise.


Not quite sure what this pose was!


The stockings are really long in the leg which is great, it didn’t feel like I was tugging them up too much and they felt comfortable to slip on. The stockings are so so soft to touch, but still really strong.


The stockings are actually shaped in a curve to fit your legs better, which is great for me who has super curvy calves and doesn’t like the baggy knee effect. These fit my legs like an absolute glove.



However the crowning glory of these stockings is the lace. It’s super super soft, it’s luxurious, it looks beautiful and wearing them just makes me feel so ladylike. I’m now obsessed with these stockings and a few others on the site, such as –

dublin fish

The Dublin Lady Fishnet.


The Dublin Lady Lace

magic seamed

Magic Seamed Stockings (PERFECT vintage look stocking)

prague seamed

And my absolute fave – The Prague Lady Seamed!

I’ll most definitely be placing an order for more beautiful stockings come pay day. They’re slightly more pricey but last so much longer and so for me, that’s value for money. Plus, the Magic seamed are on par with what I pay for ones that break, so they’ll end up saving me a fortune!

Also, make sure to check out their range of tights too! I know I’ve been very stocking specific however they do sell a whole range of tights in different colours and deniers which will definitely come in handy for myself when it starts to get chilly again!

Thanks for reading!


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Office Mermaid – Featuring Primark Patterned Skirt!

Somedays, you just have to be a mermaid. That was my mentality this morning when picking out an outfit to go to work in. Itching to wear my new skirt from Primark, I teamed it with an office friendly basic blouse, my faking it teal wig, Alice Vitrum headband, Drown Soda necklace and a ton of sass.

10157213_512392598867482_2625375757717473317_nAs you can see I’m serving fat tattooed mermaid realness right here.


The skirt is the hero of the outfit and is absolutely beautiful. I have it on in a size 20 and it is roomy and comfortable. The length is just below my knee and very work friendly, however the little flash of flesh with the cute mesh panel makes it not too “work attire”. Thankfully I work at an art college and so I can get away with it! The print itself looks like a work of art! It’s made up of florals which look like they have been watercolored onto the skirt by hand, then the image starts to get layered and more abstract into a central point. There’s so many colours in this skirt, pinks, blues, greens, lilacs, peach and more which means that this skirt could be worn and accessorized with so many different garments. This means good value for money and more  wear out of the skirt!


My faking it wig


Drown Soda necklace

I really love this outfit. I feel confident and comfortable at the same time. The skirt doesn’t give me a huge VBO even though it’s bodycon style which is great! I can’t 100% remember the price, but i’m sure my skirt came to around £10-£13 which is a real bargain!

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