On Wednesdays We Wear Pink! Featuring Simply Be!

I cannot believe that mean girls has been out for ten years! It feels like yesterday I was watching it for the first time with my best friend at the time, laughing at all the one liners then quoting them back at school. Man do I feel old right now! To commemorate the 10 year anniversary being on a Wednesday, I thought I’d blog about my pinkest of outfits! I’d definitely get to sit with the plastics with this outfit, or even be Queen Bee. Regina George eat your heart out.


So this is my outfit! I HAVE shown this outfit before in my blog about National Conference, but I wanted to really give a detailed review about the skirt and jumper. I’ll start with the jumper. I never thought I would like it as it is a really “different” fit, however I really love it. It’s cropped which is great for tiny girls like me, but oversized so is super comfortable. I really love layering this jumper with different printed and coloured skirts because it looks so smart but still really feminine.



Here’s a snap of me layering my jumper with a cute shirt I picked up from Primark for a tenner! I could even wear this shirt with the PVC skirt which I plan to do! The jumper is made of super soft and high quality wool which has washed well and has kept its shape and vibrant colour perfectly. The colour is so much brighter than I expected, however I really love it. It really gives a lovely POP to anything I wear it with. The neckline is nice and low which makes it so wearable with shirts and the sleeves are a nice 3/4 length on me! I personally hate long sleeves as they’re always far too long for me and end up covering my hands.

The skirt I sized up to a 24 and wished I’d gone to a 26, but then I feel I’d of lost the fitted look on the legs. Dont get me wrong, it was still very wearable, however sitting down was slightly interesting! The colour is absolutely stunning, a real pastel pink which is so in right now and so wearable. I wore this to a conference and got so many compliments, however I could dress it up and wear it on a night out too. I love that its cut to sit high waisted, making it more flattering and the elasticated waist gives it a little bit of flexibility. This piece is definitely a statement piece and will get you noticed, and for the price is definitely worth it as i’ve seen them much more expensive!

I would definitely recommend both of them, as well as other items on Simply Be. I used to think they were quite “mumsy” and too old for me, but they’ve definitely changed their attitude and are bringing out some amazing looks.



Daisy Queen Feat Ax Paris Daisy Lace Collar Dress

Hi all!

Don’t you just love it when a dress you’ve liked for quite a long time but discarded due to price suddenly pops up again at a much cheaper price? I do! I had lusted over the AX Paris Daisy Lace Collar dress for quite some time after seeing it in store a while back, but I couldn’t justify paying £45 for an almost plain black dress and so I put it to the back of my mind. However, when me and my OH popped to the metro centre last weekend, I saw it on sale, and at £26 it was definitely more purse friendly and so I snapped it up.



It didn’t sit in my wardrobe long as I wore it the very next day to a beard event with Adam! Please excuse my pictures as I’ve been really ill and honestly I felt terrible, however I just couldn’t miss out on beards! The dress is really nice on. I actually had to size up to a 26 as it had NO boob room at all and my bra outline was extremely prominent in the 24, and the 22 didn’t exist. The dress is incredibly plain, but that’s what makes it so cute and charming. The length I worried about but it actually dips down at the back for more coverage but this is definitely not a dress for tall girls! I’m five 2 and it’s above my knee. The only real downsides to this dress is the fabric is quite cheap feeling and not worth £45, and the daisy embellishment is on the shabby side and needed loose threads trimming off it, but it wasn’t anything major.







I wanted to keep the look quite retro and 60’s and so I added a simple headband from the lovely Alice Vitrum which was a steal at £3.50, and my beautiful storm cloud wig from Geisha Wigs!

The beard event was great and we met some really lovely people, like Emma & Jimmy from Bear Face which is a really awesome beard oil brand (Adam has used some twice and his beard smelled incredible and had the most wonderful shine to it) who are cruelty free and UK based!



Here’s me and Jimmy sat on the sofa at Rude Grooming!  You can see the problem with the bra outline even with the bigger size, but I think this was more to do with my position than anything!




10155030_507337882706287_8340517102335740993_n (1)

I’d definitely recommend this dress to others, but try and find it in the sale because £45…is just way too much!

Thanks for reading!

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Miss British Beauty Curve 2014

Hi all!

I’ve been so poorly this last week so apologies for the lack of posts! Both myself and the OH have been affected by the norovirus and it’s been hell! So yeah it’s not been a great week – until I opened the post yesterday and found out I have been confirmed as a finalist for Miss British Beauty Curve 2014!!! I applied on a whim really, never really thinking that I would be looked at, never mind accepted but here I am! I am super super excited for this, I can’t wait to fly the flag for Teesside and show what us northern birds are made of!

As part of the conditions, you need to be sponsored by a business of friends/family, and I’m happy to say that the amazing Pieces Of The Past will be partially sponsoring me for the event which I’m so grateful for! Pieces Of The Past are literally one of my fave companies, and to have the support from the babely Paula means so much to me. Also, if you’re looking to purchase from them, they have a 15% off currently with the code PAYDAY2 so go check out their rad dresses – I know i’m currently searching through them as I need to buy a red, white or blue dress for the opening ceremony! I’ve seen a few I’m interested in, HOWEVER I’m not giving anything away just yet as I don’t want people to copy.

So yeah I’m super excited! The final is in July and I’m going to spend a few days in London with my OH and make a weekend of it – maybe go to Harry Potter world woo!

If any companies or kind people would like to sponsor me the additional £35, please email me at hannah.boal@hotmail.com

NUSNC14 – What I wore!

Hi all!

Sorry for the quiet this week, but as I mentioned previously I was at a conference Monday-Thursday! This has been my third in about 5 weeks…and I’m shattered. Conferences are absolutely draining, and some days all that keeps me going is getting a little glammed up on a night, or wearing a statement outfit. It’s hard really to get the balance right – most of these days run for 12 hours so you need to make sure that comfort is also a massive factor.

Monday – Sunflowergirl!

DSCN0137 DSCN0147On the Monday, I had to travel down to Liverpool and so I decided that comfort was key. It really was with this dress from ASOS Curve, which is sadly sold out in plus sizes. I got loads of compliments for my dress and wig and told I looked really bright – like a ray of sunshine, aww! I kept this look on all day and it easily went from day to evening dinner quite easily! My wig is Sunrise from Geisha wigs and is beautifully bright and wonderful.

Tuesday – Daisies!



Tuesday was my first official day of conference and I wanted to look cute, casual but still smart and so I wore my beautiful new daisy swing dress from Matalan. I love this dress for a few reasons. Firstly, it has pink in the centres which is unlike any other daisies I’ve seen on dresses! Also, this dress is super comfortable and has lovely half length sleeves. The dress itself was huge on me. I’m a 22, and the 20 was huge. I could of easily worn a 16. The 20 could easily fit a size 24! My wig is winter from Geisha Wigs!

Tuesday Night – Trashy pin-up

On Tuesday night, myself and my friends decided to get done up as trashy as possible! I decided to go for a trailer trash pin-up look and put on my AMAZING Collectif Dolores Sweetheart Gingham Doll Dress which gives me the most epicly amazing cleavage, which I then covered in gold glitter! I teamed this dress with my Damsel wig from Geisha Wigs which is the perfect pin-up style, some deep red lips and winged liner. Safe to say I got a lot of looks/compliments!

10153716_502635269843215_937137285622350930_n 1009998_502630666510342_2574547364503046888_n

Wednesday – On Wednesdays we wear pink!

To support my beautiful friend Amy’s campaign for Block, on Wednesday I promised to go all mean girls style and wear pink! I achieved this by wearing a lovely cropped oversized jumper from SimplyBe, an older shirt I have from ASOS with an origami style collar and the most incredible pastel pink PVC skirt!



The jumper was super comfy and had loads of room. It was also really cosy and warm and I didn’t need a jacket.The shirt I’ve had for forever and is HUGE.The skirt I sized up on and maybe could of done so again as sitting down was slightly awkward,but apart from that it fit like a dream and looked amazing on. My wig is from Geisha wigs and is Fawn.

Wednesday Night – Birthday Baldy

So with Thursday being my birthday, I decided wednesday was my birthday night out. I wore my DIY primark top and a pleather style skirt I grabbed in the sale for £5 at George. The skirt is a size 18 and fits like a glove and was comfortable all night. Yes I have a lot of VBO, but I just don’t care. Fuck shapewear – I am who I am!







I also decided to go wigless. I figured it would be warm and I just wanted to be warm and be able to enjoy my night!I did, and didn’t get back to the hotel till nearly six – oopsie!!!

Thursday – TEAM VYSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had another top to wear Thursday, but when the incredible Miki Vyse asked me to wear her tshirt to support her for block – how could I say no! Miki is such a passionate brilliant woman who has literally built her students’ union from rubble and has done so whilst taking absolute shit from wankers. She is my hero and my inspiration and so I was honoured to wear her tshirt.


image1xlI teamed the t-shirt with my denim button front dress which I’ve blogged about, which is getting so much wear lately due to the sheer comfort and how easy it is to throw on with a massive range of tops! I love it.

So yeah, thats what I wore at conference! Massive shout out to everybody who I met, those who I already knew and loved and all those who took their time and stuck their neck out to speak on stage or run for a position – apart from those from UKIP…you’re just wrong.



And finally, a MASSSIVE MASSSSSSSIVE shoutout to this absolute babe. Becca, you’re hilarious, brilliant, so clever and the most weird and wonderful human being I’ve ever met. Thanks for keeping me sane at the conference and for looking after me. You’re the best and I love you!


Hair today – gone tomorrow.

Those who are regular readers will know that I was planning an event where I was scheduled to have my hair cut off. Well the event has been and passed and I had it all cut off to a number 1 blade! I didn’t think I would like it, but I really dig it!

The event itself was amazing, loads of people came out to support me and we had a few craft stalls too!



We had students from Hartlepool FE come over who painted nails for donations which was wonderful!






Myself with Tracey, a lecturer from Hartlepool FE!



Alice Vitrum came along with a stall full of beautiful accessories, pin boards and home wares.DSCN0096

King Crumpet brought knitted delights and embroidered goodies!








DSCN0100And finally, my awesome friend Grace brought clothes from her company Vintageous Rags ! They have a shop in Middlesbrough which me and Adam visit quite frequently!!`

DSCN0110 DSCN0109 DSCN0108 DSCN0107

I also baked some cakes to raise more money!


Of course what raised the most cash was me saving my head! Here’s me rocking my new look! I actually quite like it and don’t mind it at all.

DSCN0130 DSCN0129And here’s me from this morning, no makeup and completely bald! I still feel pretty though which is important.

I managed to raise almost £900 for charity, but my page is still open so if you want to donate please do! You can donate on my just giving page https://www.justgiving.com/hannahboal or by texting HCUT88 £ (then an amount from 1-10) to 70070!

I’m so close to my £1000 goal so PLEASE donate!!!!

Thank you, and thanks to all those who’ve donated, supported me and said kind words – I appreciate it!