Making a statement – Featuring Drown Soda

Hi all.

I love to make a statement, with my clothes, hair, lipstick and personality. For a while I have wanted to take this to the next level by getting a literal “statement” necklace, however the acrylic offerings on the market just didn’t do it for me. It seems like absolutely everybody has the same “fat bitch” necklace, and that’s just not me. So when the beautiful Paula from Pieces Of The Past put me towards Drown Soda I was overjoyed. You see, back a few years ago I was a huge fan of the Clutterfly necklaces which were really popular and even owned one which said “Daddys Girl”. Unfortunately, the necklace outlasted my relationship with my dad! I thought Clutterfly was gone for good, so I was glad to see it revived as I was such a big fan!

Obviously there’s another option on the market, however they have poor customer services so I’m not interested in funding rude people.


I emailed Nat from Drown Soda my ideas and she kindly gave me a hefty discount to purchase some bits to review. I ordered a few pieces from the site and excitedly sat back and waited for my package to come! I didn’t have to wait long though as I ordered on the Thursday and the items arrived beautifully packed on the Tuesday. For pieces that are handmade and bespoke, that’s amazing.


My beautiful collection! All wrapped lovely.






Custom “Chub Life” double heart hair clip! This was in my “goodie bag” You can find similar here


The hair clip is mounted using a really big alligator clip which doesn’t snag my hair and which sits really comfortably. I didn’t know how this would sit as it’s heavy, but it works really well, and the glitters are absolutely gorgeous.



I of course ordered a “Fat & Fabulous necklace”! This is a custom LARGE double heart necklace.


I adore this necklace. It’s super comfortable and the chain is a great length. The lettering is beautiful and so so well done. I’m really pleased with this.


I emailed Nat and asked if THIS necklace could be made into a customized brooch, which she said wouldn’t be a problem. I really can’t rate the customer service enough, nothing is too much trouble and Nat is happy to make each piece perfect for you.


The brooch pins on with ease and sits lovely and flat. I adore the purple glitter which looks so much prettier in person.


Nat sent me these pink glitter “Pin Up” earrings as part of my goodies bag, not knowing I used to have stretched ears. They strangely work well regardless of my big saggy holes (sexy right?) and I was surprised!


 I then thought of how else I could wear them, and thought they looked really cute as both a brooch, and looked amazing as collar tips! I stupidly didn’t take a photo of this, but I will! Maybe Nat should branch out into collar tips and chains, cause they looked darling!


Well of course I needed to order a “Crazy Cat Lady” necklace. I chose a LARGE custom cat necklace, and asked for black glitter!


I could rave about this necklace all day. I wore it yesterday and was inundated with people asking me where it was from and telling me how much they loved it. You cant see here but the glitter isn’t plain black, it actually shines all different colours which is lovely. Only downside is – glitter tits.


Continuing the cat theme! Nat popped this “Lois” (My cat’s name!) brooch in my goodies bag. I can’t find custom brooch options on the site, but there’s a ring version, and as I’ve previously said, Nat will make anything for you.


Pinned on! It has the same glitter as my necklace and the colours are beautiful.




Finishing the cat theme, is this absolutely amazing double heart necklace. I couldn’t even link you to something similar as this is extremely personal and not even an option on the site! This was in my Goodies bag and I love it! The cat/Lois side is the same before, but is then connected to a glittered red heart which has a beard, to reflect my bearded fiancee Adam! I love this and was blown away with how sweet it was for her to make this!




The chain length is lovely and the necklace is comfortable to wear! BEARD!!!!


Nat actually brought back the old style Clutterfly cake hearts for this special commission! This is my amazing “Fatty” ring which I ordered!


I’m not usually a ring wearer apart from my engagement ring which this hides! It’s quite heavy and bulky, so will take some getting used to. I absolutely LOVE it though.




My last custom order is this “Chub life” SMALL double glitter heart necklace. I went for a classic pink glitter, because I adore pink!


This is a lovely size and sits comfortable on the generous chain. Other glitter necklaces have irritated me, but this one is really comfortable and hasn’t made me itch!   


I ordered ONE none custom item, which was these seashell hairclips! I don’t have a decent photo of me wearing them, but I have worn them and they’re comfortable. They’re difficult to open the clasp on as they’re quite small and the shells are bulky. Maybe they could do with having thinner shells, or longer clips.


Lois joined in on the fun too!

Overall, I’m over the moon with the bits. What makes me so positive about this company is the sheer level of kind, professional customer service Nat gives – she’s brilliant! I’ve been rocking Drown Soda all week and had so many positive comments about the items, and found them to be so wearable and found them to really give an outfit a boost!


Another amazing thing about Drown Soda is they support and promote us plus sized beauties! They’re actually looking for a plus size model, so go apply – I know I’m going to!!

FINALLY, Nat has kindly offered a discount code for my readers! Enter FABFATFASH at checkout to receive an amazing 15% off AND if you order before January 31st and spend over £25, Nat will send you a Drown Soda  goodies bag worth £20!!! So grab yourself a bargain and check them out.

You can find Drown Soda on instragram – @drownsodajewellery and on Facebook.

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Primark Pics!

Quickie post today!

I felt like absolute crap after spending the morning projectile vomiting, so I decided to go treat myself after work and popped to Primark. For the reasonable sum of £40, I bagged this lot!


Which included..


A set of shimmery pale pink false nails,


A set of cartoon/pop art style nails. I already have these and they look fab on.


And some cute cat/polka dot nails which I bought two pairs of! Big thanks to my mum for introducing me to these nails. The glue is a bit poor but it takes 2 seconds to re-apply!


I then picked up these gorgeous, retro looking hot pink shoes. I’ve been after pink shoes for a long time, and these are perfect. Even better was hitting the tills and they’d been reduced from £12 to £6! Result!


Finally, I got this pretty heart cardigan in a size 18! I accidentally tried the 16 on which fit nice but gaped on the bust so I decided to size up. The checked top is a size 18 and fits beautifully, and the jumper is a 16, however they are HUGE fitting. I tried it on originally in an 18 and it was too big. I wish I’d bought the pastel pink too as that was gorgeous!

I got chatting to some lovely ladies in Primark after I overheard them talking about MUA! MUA is an awesome brand, and it’s rad to see other people questioning companies and being aware of animal testing and making the concious effort to go for non tested brands. I chatted to these two lovelies for a while and gave them my blog title – so I hope you’re reading! Definitely the nicest/most personable staff I’ve come across in Primark, which made my shopping experience that much nicer!

I can’t wait to team my cardigan with cute clashing dresses, my jumper skater skirts and that checked shirt with…well everything because it’s super versatile!

Have you been to Primark this week? What have you picked up?

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Getting wiggy with it! – Featuring Geisha Wigs Praline.

Hi all!

I’m definitely one of those people who enjoy changing their style up more times than they change their sheets, and one part of me that I’m always changing/dressing up is my hair. From different coloured/length extensions to hair bands, big buns, garlands or even curls – I love to change my hair. However, one thing that really didn’t occur to me until recently is – why bother messing around with my own hair when I can just wear a wig?! Wigs are the perfect solution to my need to constantly change my look, and are kinder to my hair than straightening/curling/dyeing. And as for extensions, wigs are 10 times easier! No annoying clipping in and out, trying to blend them into your hair. A wig takes literally a minute to pop on.

With all this in mind, I decided to order a wig from the lovely Geisha Wigs. Geisha wigs has the best reputation I have seen, and so I felt quite safe ordering from them. I actually managed to bag the wig I bought in a bidding sale on their Facebook page. For an amazing £11 + £4.50 postage (which was incredibly fast) I managed to bag the beautiful Praline wig.

62652_263333460476715_820979241_nPraline is a crimped style, split down the middle with a blonde and light brown. The texture of this wig is incredible, so soft and tangle free. It’s a real shock that it’s synthetic because it really does feel human.


When I first tried this wig, I was really unsure. However after trimming the incredibly long fringe,it grew on me.


The blonde side!


Brown side!


I pinned back the sides, just to make it look more natural and to get it away from my face! I hate hair on my face.

The wig is super comfortable and is adjustable from the inside. I’ve worn it for a few hours and it’s not moved at all. It’s not itchy like I worried and I feel really confident about wearing it out and about!

I’m really impressed with this wig. It feels absolutely beautiful to wear, it’s lightweight and cosy. I’m definitely going to order some more wigs. I love how easily a style can be changed, and I really liked how the brown looked on my skin!

The hunt for the perfect brown wig is now on!!


Realising self worth – Featuring ASOS Curve Studded/Floral Bikini!

Hi all! Bit of a personal post today, which has taken me a bit of courage to write.

Growing up I was always “the fat one”. The fat friend, the fat sister, the fat cousin..the list goes on. I would always constantly compare myself to other people, which is where a lot of my depression/anxiety/self hatred had stemmed from as I always felt like I wasn’t good enough. Growing up, my family always holidayed with my uncle and his family which I absolutely loved, until we were getting older and I was the “fat”cousin compared to my stunning, slim, wonderful cousin Kelly. I would be envious seeing her in her bikini’s with her slim washboard stomach in comparison to my many rolls. It was like torture watching everybody notice her and want to be friends with her and me forever tagging along as the fat cousin. It was even worse when people used to comment on it, with one family member even saying to me “why can’t you be more like Kelly”, which was absolutely crushing to hear when you’re a teenager. Basically, stop being you and be somebody else.

Needless to say, I’ve not had a particularly good relationship with this family member. At his wedding he told me I was an embarrassment and to “put my tits away” which decided to grow out of nowhere age 16. Body shamed by family members, my teenage years were excruciating. Forever told what I could and couldn’t wear, I truly detested my body – yet no diet I ever tried, no healthy eating regime ever worked for me.

Being in school was even worse. I began making excuses every single week (I was constantly on my period) as to not do P.E as being in the changing rooms and taking my clothes off in front of so many cruel girls was seriously damaging. On the rare occasion I DID do P.E, I was laughed at, taunted or humiliated in some way. Unfortunately teachers never ever helped me out, or ever stopped the bullying. In fact, If I were to stick up for myself, I would be in the wrong and would be sent to “remove” or as it was later named “respite”, which wasn’t the end of the world. I quite enjoyed sitting doing fuck all, sitting on my own or doing jigsaw puzzles. It beat being around them.

I had originally wanted to do performing arts – but that didn’t work out. Forever auditioning to be the princess but being cast at the prince, or the “fat sassy character” made me realise that an industry which was quite often based on looks was not an industry that I really wanted to be in.

By this time, as a twice college drop out, a slight social pariah and the black sheep of my family I realised something had to give. I enrolled with CCAD, had jobs, found an online community and bit by bit I began putting myself back together. I started to realise that self worth isn’t measured by the size of your waist, the colour of your hair, the skin you were born into or even how many years you have been on this planet. Self worth is measured in your actions, in being a decent, honest and GOOD human being. I realised you can be the most beautiful person in the world and not be a person that others want to be around, you can be slim but hate your body too and want to gain weight or you can be any size in the world and still find love and happiness – like I have!

So after a few years of building myself up, having confidence boosts from social media and other wonderful people on their journeys and being held up by the most wonderful man I’ve ever met – I’ve decided it’s time to conquer my biggest fear and I’ve decided now is the time to wear a bikini again. This sounds something so small and trivial to most people, however to me this is such a big deal. I wasn’t even sure when I ordered it if I would keep it, or If I would just go back to my one piece.

I said on Instagram – Today will go down in history for me as the first time I’ve put a bikini on my adult body and not felt like a horrible, ugly, fat worthless piece of crap. Instead I feel body positive, confident and beautiful. Funny how a few years and a little bit of self love can change your life.


And I mean every single word. For the first time I feel good about myself in a bikini and nobody will bring me down! I think the bikini helps too because it’s absolutely stunning, you can’t help but be happy wearing it.


I love the colours and cut of this bikini, I think it’s super flattering for my body.




The strap is fine on my back-rolls and there’s enough bottom coverage without it being “granny” style.


The pants (size 24) are on the roomy side, however I sized up so they would sit nice and high waisted which they do! They’re super comfortable and look great.


The top is on the small size. The cups could of been bigger, however I had already swapped for a size 26, which is roomy on my back and going any bigger would of meant an even bigger band. I can live with a bit of cleavage though! I absolutely love the contrast of the spots and floral, I think it’s super cute and feminine, with the right amount of studs just to give it a little edge.


Bikini close up! It fits me really well, is supportive and most importantly –  it looks super cute! I am so so pleased with my ASOS Curve bikini, I actually got a little bit teary when I tried it on and realised how confident I felt.

Now who’s up for some swimming??

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Feeling Lacy.

Hi all!

As somebody who hasn’t been much of a fan of Simply Be in the past, I have to say my opinion of them has drastically changed about them in the recent months. I did think they were slightly overpriced, and for some of their items I still think they are, but they do have some absolutely beautiful high quality items which are just worth paying that little bit extra for. They also have really brilliant sales in store and have wonderfully helpful staff who really make your shopping experience that much easier.

I popped in just before Christmas, and they were already having a massive sale so I decided to treat myself to a few bits. One of the pieces was a beautiful jacket from AX Paris Curve which I have previously blogged about, one of the pieces was an embossed dress I will be reviewing later – however the most stunning item I picked up was the Lace panel Bodycon Dress (also available on fashionworld). The dress is online for £75, however I managed to pick it up in store for an amazing £49!


I saw this dress on the hanger, and didn’t think I would like it, but one i slipped it on with a little help from Mr FFF I actually loved it. The best part of this dress is how it made me “feel” as It made me feel confident, classy, elegant and beautiful. I did however have to size all the way up to a 24 as these are really small fitting and I had zero chest room. I decided to wear this to a family dinner at Adam’s grans on Christmas eve and I received loads of compliments both on Instagram/Facebook as well as from family. Considering we had a massive buffet tea, the dress stayed comfortable and wearable and looked lovely with my shiny loafer heels. So as for fit, this is what I thought!


The length on this dress is on the short side, however as it’s a really covered up dress you can really get away with having your pins out!


I think the simplicity of this dress is what makes it really work. The lace goes down both sides, the sleeves and across the waist which is quite flattering. I’m not wearing any shapewear/control pants etc under this…i’m not one of THOSE bloggers!


The neckline is high and modest without it being restrictive or itchy. The shape/style is really retro and vintage looking which is to my taste. The arms have plenty of room and come to a nice length on me.


You can really see the intricate detailing on the lace. It’s an overlay effect so it looks slightly “3-D” which is lovely.


I decided to dress this up with my hair in a big bun and a homemade floral bun garland. I think this keeps the romantic retro look going.

I’m absolutely blown away by this dress. This dress is something that was definitely out of my comfort zone but is now one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. This proves to me two things. One – Try new things! And two – go with what ever size fits, because the size really doesn’t matter.

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