A Christmas Fairy

Hi all! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and had some much needed time to relax and see those close to you. Personally, I have had the most wonderful Christmas I could ever ask for. I have been well and truly spoilt! I considered doing a huge post of everything my lovely family gave me, however I think I’ll space it out and add in some sale bargains too!

So, the big question is – what did I wear on the big day?


Well here it is! I wore this beautiful, sequinned floral skater dress from ASOS curve. I had lusted after this dress for so long, but couldn’t possibly spend £85 on it! Then one day, I saw that it had gone down to £34 and I knew I had to have it! Adam kindly offered to purchase it for me for Christmas which was the icing on the cake! IMG_2901

I got the dress in a size 22 as I was unsure of the fabric. There was quite ample room around my waist which made it incredibly comfortable to wear for over 12 hours, and it fit really nice over the chest and wasn’t too tight or restrictive. Honestly, I could of sized down, however I liked how comfortable the dress is and I don’t think everything needs to be super super tight!!


I teamed the dress with some absolutely gorgeous shoes from Topshop. My mum actually bought me the same shoes in Black, and I’ve just grabbed the silver pair in the sale for £13.50 (with student discount).It seems excessive, however due to my flat-footedness and the problems I have finding comfortable shoes – when I find a good comfortable supportive pair I happily buy every colour I can get!!

IMG_2899I also added a yellow flower garland which I made myself, and went for MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer in Atomic just to tie my make-up in. You can see my review of the Lip Lacquer here.


Finally, I added some snazzy silver socks. Partly to protect my ankles and partly cause I thought they were cute! I absolutely love little cutesy shoes paired with socks. Here I am with my wonderful other half who made my day absolutely perfect.

I felt like a sparkly Christmas fairy in this outfit and absolutely everybody loved my dress and I got no end of compliments all night! If you want something special which is going to make you feel like a million dollars, then go buy this dress!

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The seaweed is always greener – Featuring “The mermaid dress”

The Christmas season is upon us, and once again we have an excuse to get well and truly glitzy up to the nines. Well, one dress that will literally outshine all the competition is this absolutely beautiful fully sequinned AX Paris dress which is being dubbed as “The mermaid dress”. I’ll have to admit, I hesitated massively about this dress. At £65 it’s one of the pricier pieces I’ve ever bought so I felt that took a lot of consideration, and then after seeing some reviews, honestly I didn’t think it was a particularly flattering dress. However, I figured I would take a gamble and give it a try!


It’s safe to say that this dress is pure luxury. It’s heavy, fully lined and completely shimmery.


I tried it on quickly with a pair of strappy heels from New Look which I think worked well!

IMG_2785The back! With added bearded hunk..


And without!

So down to the important part. The fit and my opinion. Firstly, I was advised by reviews to size up by at-least one, or even two sizes. As I’m a size 20-22, I went for a 24! I’m glad I did because the fit is really comfortable and non-restrictive whilst still skimming my body! The arms are very fitted and luckily for me I don’t have big arms, however I can see them being a problem if you carry a lot of weight in your arms! The length was a good length on me when pulled right down. For a Midi dress, I did expect slight more length. The zip on the back is very exposed. I think that this is so that no sequins are caught within the zip which is great! Top tip for this dress – step into it! I tried to pull it down over my head and got stuck with just a huge roll of sequins above my boobs. Not a good look!!! The dress gives me quite a lot of visible belly line, which is something I used to be very self conscious about however this dress is so beautiful, I really don’t care about it!




One of the awesome parts of this dress is the double sized sequins! One side is black and one side is the green shimmer! This means that you can mix up the colours within the dress, or if you really wanted to – you could flip every single sequins and have a completely different dress!

I’m so glad that I went for it with this dress! The colours really suit my hair/skin tone and bring out the green in my eyes, and as stand-out as the sequins make the dress, the cut of it actually makes it quite a classy dress! My other half gives it a firm nine and thinks I look gorgeous in it.



I found this gorgeous shell shaped handbag to go with the dress to really keep with the mermaid theme! It comes with a detachable strap however I wouldn’t want to keep irritating the sequins and risk them coming off so I would keep it as a clutch! Although, if some did come off there was a bag of extra sequins in with the package which was a nice touch. I plan on decorating a pretty hairpiece with them to keep the theme going!

In conclusion, I really love this dress. It makes me feel expensive and like a water goddess. I’m really glad I purchased it and can’t wait it out for new years with some sparkly eye make-up!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!



WIW – How I dress for a conference.

Hi All!

Another busy month for myself, mostly as I was gearing up to take part in the NUS FE Leaders conference which I was absolutely thrilled to be attending. This was an amazing opportunity for myself and was an event I have felt I have learnt a ton from, and also made from brilliant friends from! As I was travelling around 4 hours and had limited space, I had to pack my outfits in advance. As much as it was a work event, I still wanted to make an effort and look my best!

So here is my run down of outfits I wore!

I travelled down the night before in my beautiful curve clothing tartan dress. Unfortunately curve clothing have had to close due to problems with a supplier going bust. It’s a HUGE shame but they’ll be back…and chapter two will be even better!



The accommodation in my hotel was amazing. Sadly, for the first two nights I didn’t really sleep! After the first night I moved rooms into a huge suite which was amazing and became the hangout room due to it having a sofa and a HUGE bathroom that people wanted to party in. Sensibly, I stopped this.


Conference Day 1

For day one I went for comfort and dressed in a home-made tartan smock with collar detailing, a Primark cardigan, leggings, socks and my cut out boots. My hair I threw up in a huge bun to get it out of my face. I enhanced the bun with a bow made from a off-cut of fabric and I was done!


My back and joints were in agony, so I tapped out from the last session and went for a long hot shower to fix myself. After the shower I changed into this velvet mid length dress from Primark. Comfortable and warm it was perfect for dinner.


My hair is getting really long! I love the modest neckline on this dress!


After dinner some lovely people headed over to my room and we hung out and did each others hair ha!1463123_454469391326470_1968117329_n

For conference day 2, I still felt quite rough so went with this comfy tartan dress from Primark, with leggings and fuzzy cardigan also from Primark! These cardigans are huge so I bought a size 14!


I also decided to crimp my hair!


Before dinner I had a lie down so I again got changed! I was rocking a short jumper dress with white collar but forgot a selfie!! I know!!!


Thankfully I stole some snaps from the lovely Joe Vinson who is the VP of FE for NUS! He’s an absolutely wonderful guy and one of many great people I met over my time away!


Feeling chipper on the third day after ACTUAL SLEEP, I decided to pop on this cute little number which has forever been christened the Minnie Mouse look! The skirt is from ASOS curve, as is the shirt  and the cardigan is an old Primark number.


I popped my hair into this adorable bun style which is super easy but got a lot of attention in person and online!

So that’s what I wore! I made sure I was comfortable yet smart, but still had my own “quirky” style!

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