A POP of colour that’s simply de-luxe.

So I wasn’t sure if I was going to write this review or not, because I want to keep my blog about fashion and not branch off into a ton of things, then I realised – fashion is about the decoration of ones self, which includes the body AND face.

So without further ado, I present to you the subject of my blog post. Meet MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer’s!

lip laquers


Available in 5 highly pigmented and super sumptuous shades, these lip lacquers are the current beauty “must have”. From left to right, we have Criminal, Funk, Atomic, Reckless and Kooky. The packaging of these is gorgeous and gives it a luxury feel. Considering these are £3 each, they’re actually packaged to look a lot more expensive. The frosted tubes is a lovely touch and the gold lettering sets off the whole luxury feel.

Now, I must apologise in advance for the pictures that go with the reviews. I have arthritis so I’m not the BEST at putting on lipstick – and it was done in a poorly lit room! All photos are taken with flash on too which I think brightens the colours.



The first colour I’m going to start with, is the one which surprised me the most. As much as I love pink, I never ever wear pink lipstick – however I LOVED this. I could definitely wear this on a night out, or with the right outfit – through the day!



When trying this next one on, I was unsure as it is a lot more orange than it looks online. However, I really liked it! Adam has bought me some orange shoes and a dress with orange embellishments for Christmas and this colour will be perfect. I applied a thin amount here to show that you can get more out of your colours by putting on thin layers and layering to get different shades. I got this lovely dusky coral, however when layered it became a bright vibrant neon! I adore this shade and will be wearing it with my lovely new dress in….exactly a month! (Watch out for a follow up post :))




The next shade, and probably the most wearable is Funk. If you use a tiny amount, it can be the loveliest dusky pink, or again you can layer it up for a brighter look. I put a thick layer on here, however it can be lighter with less product. This is more of a day to day colour and I look forwards to experimenting with it!




Ahh Kooky, the dark horse of the collection. This one is by far the most pigmented..and the one that takes the most confidence to wear! This is a one slick wonder, and gives a non patchy perfect application every time. The colour is a deep, violet purple rather than a plummy purple which is unlike anything I’ve previously chosen, however I adore this. The “grunge” look is very in right now and teamed with some liquid eye-liner and lashes, this could be the perfect match to my faux leather skater skirt and boots.




And finally, there’s reckless. This is by far the most predictable for me to wear, however it is unlike any other red in my collection….and I DO have a collection! This is more of a blue based deep red rather than the other pinky reds I own, so it gives a really sultry, vampy feel to your lips. This is vintage glamour all over and teamed with winged eye-liner, a good brow and a smoky eye, this will get me through the party season!

Each lip lacquer I tried had the same pro’s and cons. The Pro’s are the pigmented colours, the matte effect on the lips, the long wear time and the “wow” factor. The cons were the slow drying time (I learnt if you cake it on it will never properly try!!) and the fact it takes some real scrubbing to get this off your lips! Well…I did say it had long wear time! I think for £3, these two issues can be overlooked – just make sure you have a baby wipe handy to fix any mistakes before it truly dries because once it does – it’s not going anywhere! I love MUA as a company, and have been watching them grow and develop over the last couple of years and it’s great to see a company who listens to what their customers want! More of these would be amazing, maybe in some more “daytime” colours and even pastels and maybe some kind of removing pads/balm would be amazing!

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase (which came in record time) and have to faults with the products/company! So, if you fancy something bold this party season, grab yourself a bargain and invest in a Velvet Lip Lacquer!!

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Tis the season to buy party dresses!! Featuring Velvet tulle dress!

The days are getting colder, mornings are pitch black and there’s a hint of festive cheer in the air! It can only mean one thing – HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!! Those who know me will know how much I absolutely ADORE Christmas! I LOVE shopping for thoughtful presents and seeing peoples faces light up when they open them, I love the absolute excessive gorgeous food and drink on offer, I love getting together with all my wonderful family and friends and I love everybody putting that extra little bit of effort in and getting truly glammed up! Party dresses are my all time fave thing to wear – and I’ve just bought the perfect one.

Enter, the G21 Velvet Tulle Dress!!



However, my blog wouldn’t be my blog if it wasn’t an absolute hassle on to get! SO, I saw the dress in store around 3 weeks ago and instantly loved it! It reminds me of a kids party dress with the layers of tulle and I just knew it would be absolutely perfect for the Christmas season! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my size and I was gutted. As ASDA have a really good website, I decided to check online and found to my horror that it was completely sold out! I was devastated, but I was determined to have it. I wasn’t going to let this dress slip away! My next step was to call my local ASDA’S. Again, no luck at all – with most stores not even knowing what dress I was talking about! Unwilling to give up, I had My other half’s mum (who works in ASDA) on a vigilant watch out for the dress should it come into stock again, and I kept up a daily check of the site to see if it was going to come back it stock as the promotional banner had changed and the dress was featured on it. Finally, a fortnight later my luck was in and I snapped up this beauty in a size 20. This may seem a lot of effort and obsession for one dress, but the second I saw it I knew it was perfect and would be a brilliant investment for my wardrobe. I sent it to a shop near my work and awaited its arrival! After a very annoying and lengthy pick up in store, I finally had my hands on it and knew the wait was worth it!

So how did it fit, and what did I think?


I absolutely love it! I love anything MESH so this is just perfect for me! The dress looks 50 times better on than it does on the website, and the skirt is layered with tulle, cotton and a tulle underskirt which gives it even more volume. I didn’t expect it to be this full but I love it. The velvet feels wonderful and gives an added texture, however I just wish the sweetheart was dipped ever so slightly to show a little more cleavage.


You can see here how gorgeous and full the skirt is. It’s a pain trying to get it to all sit flat as it curls up when you mess on with it, so I advise getting a friend to help!


Strangely, the back is my favorite part of the dress. It’s cut so beautifully and it makes me feel quite sexy! The mesh is held together with an adorable little button and it feels really secure. The back is actually flattering! My back is pretty much my only problem area as I have back rolls but this dress is really flattering and doesn’t have anything hanging out.

This dress was £22, which for the quality and amount of material is absolutely brilliant. I would say it was quite true to size and the 20 fit me well (slightly tight on the chest however I am rather busty) and it felt very comfortable! I plan to wear this with my new strappy heels from New Look, or my velvet ankle boots! I think with a nice sparkly belt and the right accessories, this could be the perfect party outfit!

Totally unrelated but on a final note – I have been asked to model in a Christmas catwalk show and I’m pretty much going to be the only Plus sized girl in a sea of size 8’s so i’m both extremely excited, and terrified! I will be modelling for Vintageous Rags and Disgraceland Vintage for The Baker Street Christmas Carnival so if you live close, please pop along and show your support – it will mean the world!

Thanks for reading!!


Curve clothing – a hidden gem.

Hi all! Those who know me will know I live in the North East of England in a little town called Stockton where nothing great ever happens and where shopping choices are super limited. However, I’ve recently discovered an absolute little gem of a shop called Curve Clothing situated in the small town of Hartlepool – which is where I work! Curve clothing are an independent plus sized boutique who cater for ladies from size 14-32, as well as stocking an ever expanding range of gorgeous accessories (which I will admit tempt me far too much!). The store is also very well thought out, with plenty of space to move around the shop and a roomy fitting room which is beautifully decorated with glittering butterfly wallpaper! I’ve actually purchased a few bits from Curve Clothing, and I’m always tempted by the beautiful fashion forward lines popping up in my news feed.

One item which is very tempting to me, and will definitely be getting purchased is this beautiful red/black tartan midi dress –



This dress, unlike other midi dresses I’ve seen looks like it’s actually cut to fit curves rather than simply going up and down. The modest neckline makes it perfect for these wintery months, and the simple pattern means layering up will be easy! When I saw this dress, I could imagine it on me straight away. I see myself on a date with my bearded hunk, wearing this stunning dress teamed with my velvet ankle boots, a casual biker jacket and my hair in bun.



This beautiful faux leather/suedette jacket would look stunning with the dress and is casual enough to be worn time and time again with various outfits.

Another beautiful item currently stocked at Curve Clothing is a skirt that tempted me so much – I ran over (in the rain) and snapped it up on my lunch break! Again, another tartan number. I’m slightly obsessed with tartan however it’s very on-trend at the moment which is how I get away with it (ish).


I’m so in love with this pink/green/blue tartan skirt it is ridiculous!

tumblr_mvsgm2fDNI1qh7lbvo7_1280I’ve teamed this skirt with my ASOS origami collar blouse (size 24 to fit in the bust which absolutely hangs off me everywhere else!) and a fuzzy green Primark cardigan in a size 14. The cardigan I think is meant to be over-sized, but this fit my super short arms the best and it’s not a button up so it doesn’t matter too much! I think with the plain skirt/cardigan the skirt can really show it’s full potential and the real wow factor of the print shows! The length of this skirt is a real winner, hitting me perfectly below the knee which gives it a more retro/vintage feel and making it very work friendly! The only real downside to this skirt is they’re on the small side fitting wise. I flit between a size 18-22, and I went for a 22 in this skirt which fits me perfectly with a little bit of room to spare! I could definitely dress this up for a night out with my mesh body from ASOS for an ultra 90’s grunge look, or I could go for a simple tank top and heels for date night!


Oh and just in case pink isn’t your thing, there’s also new a beautiful blue version!

I also bought the most BEAUTIFUL handbag from Curve Clothing, however it’s so super special that it needs it’s own blog post – so watch out.

I absolutely adore Curve Clothing, and personally I love to support local businesses and entrepreneurs who are bringing something which is much needed to the community. I really can’t commend Zoe enough for all her hard work with her shop because it’s more than just opening a clothes shop. It’s about giving people the tools to stop feeling “frumpy” and “invisible” and actually helping them to feel beautiful and confident which is pretty much one of the most amazing things you can do for a person. The feedback on the Curve Clothing facebook page is so positive, it’s women telling each other they look good and supporting one another which is brilliant! I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out over the next few weeks on their ever expanding new lines – mama needs a party frock!

Go give Curve Clothing a like on facebook, they constantly have competitions and they’re having a HUGE birthday competition VERY soon!

Isabella is a real winner for Lady V!







As per usual, apologies on the lack of blogging! Work has been really busy lately, we were launching a new student night with a local club which I love, I’ve been in Leeds for a rad fat meet up and a night out with the absolute babely babes which are Melly & Charlie! I feel like I haven’t stopped for the last two weeks! I definitely need a holiday.

Speaking of holidays, Adam and I have been doing our Christmas shopping! Ever the unconventional couple, we’ve been buying things with each other then putting them away for Christmas! If I’m completely honest, this is exactly the way I like doing things. There’s nothing worse than Christmas morning coming round, and having to fake liking a present, or even worse – buying something for somebody which costs a fortune and watch them never EVER use it. So we buy our presents together then put them away. One item which I have purchased and gave to Adam to put away is this Lady V London Isabella dress. I saw that this dress was going to be popular – and armed with a 15% off code I made my purchase!

So what is the dress like?

It’s amazing. The cut is so much more flattering than any other dresses, the material is soft with enough stretch to get a flattering fit over an “ample” bust. So so happy to have a sweetheart neckline!!!! The dress itself is rather roomy. I usually struggle with size 22’s in Lady V, and this dress is a size 20-22 with plenty of room around the waist to spare. In-fact, if it wasn’t for my bust I would of sized down.



Front view.


IMG_1908The length on this dress is great. Probably longer than I would of went for being 5ft2, however once I pop a petticoat on it will soon pull up!


The ruching is absolutely gorgeous and really adds another element to the dress. The capped sleeves are perfect, non-restrictive and comfortable. I love the piping detail which finishes the dress off.

IMG_1914And of course the bow. How could you not love that bow!


IMG_1916 IMG_1917

I decided to try the dress with a belt. I try to steer clear of belts as it is a HUGE pet hate of mine when I constantly see bloggers pulling everything in within an inch of its life with a belt! HOWEVER, I feel my nautical anchor belt goes with the dress very well, and as you can see, it pulls it in quite a lot. Like I said before, this dress is very roomy!

I absolutely love this dress, and my only fault with it is that the bust could be lower, however I’m quite comfortable at this level with just a little cheeky hint of cleavage showing.

Oh wait I have two faults – it only comes in 6 styles! I want to buy a million of these dresses in all of the gorgeous prints that Lady V have to offer, so PLEASE Lady V, make more! This dress is pretty much the most comfortable and loveliest dress I have put on my body…and I need more!

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