Whirlwind month…

Hi all.

I’ve been extremely quiet this month – many apologies! My main aim this month has been to settle in to my new job and learn all I could to make sure I can do the best I can for my students. Work has been amazing! I absolutely love it and I’ve fit in perfectly. I’ve had to really watch what I was doing this month has I have Hypermobility and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so finding the balance for me was a massive challenge! Leaving the house at 7 and returning at 6:30 is a very long day for me!

I’ve taken this month off, and will now resume blogging! I’ve honestly missed it a lot and hated getting out of the loop.

Coming this week will be my shoot with Hollie Charles, my review of the jelly heels & kimono I bought as well as some other bits 🙂


Thanks for being so patient with me!!


New job & New purchases!!

Apologies for my recent lack of posts! I’ve just started a new job and I’ve been trying to focus all of my efforts on that! I’m working as Students’ Union President which is an awesome role which I’m so excited to be doing.


And you know me – ANY excuse to wear a pencil skirt ha!

I’ve been on the hunt for a few items for my wardrobe, which I’ve purchased with a few refunds I’ve received. The first refund I got, was from New Look. After I ordered a few things from the sale…..I soon took them back! The dress gave me a uni boob, the skirt was more purple than blue and the disco pants were just absolutely laughable. Like wet look thin leggings – YUCK.

My second refund that I received was from amazon. I signed up to amazon prime for a free trial via my iphone, and I didn’t see that it would automatically upgrade you to a full membership…to the tune of £50!! I rang up on my way to work this morning and got a refund.

So what did I buy instead??


I’ve been after one of these for absolutely forever, and I’m so glad i’ve finally purchased one.


It took quite a while to decide (and find one suitable for my size) but I finally decided on this one!kimonooo

I adored the amount of colours in it, which meant I could dress it up and dress it down with a ton of different combinations.Capture

I absolutely ADORE the Devore flowers


And the tasselling is absolutely stunning.

I’m incredibly pleased with this purchase and can’t wait to recieve it. It will make a nice jacket replacement in this heat!

Adam has also decided to spoilt me, and has bought me a pair of jelly shoes!


I haven’t had a pair since I was a kid, but I saw them and liked em! Plus I loved a pair like this but made of leather – so these are a good animal free alternative!

2 Capturedwe sock sock2 sockie

I also ordered a selection of cheap cute nylon socks to wear with my shoes! Partly cause they’re cute, and partly so they don’t rub!!

I’m so excited to receive my bits, I’ll make sure to make a post when they arrive!!