Awesome New Look Inspire Sale!!!

I was tipped off by the beautiful and lovely LetitiaAnna on Instagram that there was a pair of disco pants in the sale in the New Look Inspire range. When I looked, I realised that they were the pair that I had discarded in my hunt for trousers, as seen in this blog post. I really didn’t want to take the risk of them not suiting me as at the time they were £17, but as they are now reduced to £6, and as I’ve just been paid for the closer shoot – I thought why not! I always need clothes for work, and these could be a cute addition!


I’m VERY nervous for how these are going to look on me (I ordered a 20 to be safe)- but I can only try them and if I don’t like them – free returns!

Another cute bargain that I’ve ordered is this marble effect midi dress in a size 18. I’d of probably of ordered a 16 if they had it as I like my stretchy items tight, but its not a big deal!


This dress will be perfect for work as I can dress it up for meetings, or wear it casually for day to day.

Adam bought me a very similar dress from Ark in Leeds and ever since I’ve been obsessed with long tight dresses – something I thought I would never have the figure…or confidence to wear!


This dress is actually a size 14 but is jersey so has some stretch. It’s a really nice fit and super comfortable to wear. It’s also easy to dress up or down due to all the colours in the middle panel.


I’ve fancied a blue pencil/midi skirt for quite a while and so I was very pleased to find this cute waffle textured skirt in the sale for a bargain £6! Definitely excited to get this, but again had to buy a size 18 when I would have preferred a 16!


My last purchase is one I made in-store over the weekend. I bagged this adorable Stone coloured mac for £12.1003474_395388670567876_1560606313_n

I’ve needed a new coat for quite a long time, and last year I gave up trying as there was absolutely nothing that I liked. This coat is great, it’s fully lined and feels really lovely on. I bought a size 22 after deciding between that and a 20 as I felt I had more room on the chest, and I wanted to have the space to be able to layer underneath it in the colder weather. It’s a little big on my waist but the handy tie belt fixes that!

I’m trying to be good and only buy clothes that can be worn for work, but there’s some beautiful items in the sale which I would definitely purchase if I wasn’t being so good!

cap coral dress

dresssss lace love

So many beautiful plus sized dresses at affordable prices! So far away from the generic, frumpy plus sized clothes from a few years ago!



Engagement Party!

So some of you who have read my previous posts will know that my other half proposed to me when we were in Leeds last month! We’re now arranging our engagement party which means deciding a venue, food and most importantly – the perfect dress! As I only intend to be engaged/married once in my life, I want it to be as perfect as possible. So with the engagement party a month and a half away – the hunt is on!

Sure…I could wear something I already own – but where’s the fun in that!!

So my first place to look is companies that I really like, and top of the list is Pieces Of The Past who offer a huge, affordable range of beautiful dresses. I have previously blogged about dresses from POTP  and they are really becoming a well-known up-and coming company and one to definitely watch.

My absolute favourite dress on POTP which I am dying to purchase is the Serena prom dress.


This dress is absolutely stunning. It is fully lined and boned with a cinched in ruched waist and a sexy sweetheart neckline. I particularly like the covered yet see-through bust as I have a lot of cleavage and so this can show “classy cleavage”. The floaty chiffon skirt is absolutely beautiful and was made to be danced in and twirled. I am absolutely in LOVE with this dress, and best of all it’s a steal at £44.99.

Another absolutely stunning dress from POTP is the Grace bow dress.


This dress comes in 6 stunning colours and in honesty – I’m torn between at least three. There really is a colour to suit everybody. I love this dress because of the two-way stretch fabric which enables you to have that perfect fit, the lovely sweetheart neck to show a classy hint of cleavage and of course that gorgeous huge waist bow. I cannot believe that this dress is only £29.99 because it is absolutely beautiful.

The next place I looked was Collectif. I emailed Collectif with my measurements and they told me a size 20 would be best in the Dolores Doll dresses due to them having a more generous bust.

Dolores Doll Polka Black Georgina Dolores Doll Summer Bouquet Georgina

Here’s the Dolores Doll dress in Black Polka Dot & Summer Bouquet. I love both of these dresses, but I would be swayed towards the classic Black & White Polka Dot! Plus, the Polka dot dress is £50, VS the £65 summer bouquet dress – and I’m cheap. Well not cheap, but I’d rather get more for my money when possible.

Next I went to Lady V London which is my usual port of call and I was disappointed. There was absolutely nothing (in my size) that I liked. Oh well!

I randomly came across a website called DangerousFx whilst hunting for a dress I had once seen online. Surprisingly – they had it!


THIS is the dress. For some reason, I’m absolutely in love with it. I adore the bow on the bust and the back, and the polka dot godets are adorable. I also love the sleeve length and collar. The dress feels inspired by a tailcoat – and I like that. The dress goes up to a size 28, and I think I would purchase a 20 as the sizes are VERY generous.


Another pretty dress that caught my eye is this pretty wiggle style dress with kick pleats. This dress goes from a size 8, to a size 30! Looking at the sizing, it’s again quite generous so I think I’d be about a size 18-20. I adore the shape of the bust and the little capped sleeves on this dress, as well as the dramatic front pleats. This dress is definitely a contender!

Whilst looking for the bow fronted dress, I actually found the reversed version on a site called Lollypop Vintage. I have never heard of either of these sites, but quick google searches can find you so many more options. There’s so many shops offering beautiful plus sized clothing these days, it’s a far cry from shapeless, horrible smocks and leggings.

Capture Capture2

This is the reversed version of the dress which I found here. I’m now torn between which version I like better! The sizing seems smaller on this one so I’d be more of a 22. It’s also slightly cheaper at £39.99.

Lollipop Vintage has some beautiful dresses starting from an absolutely bargain £20! They also sell beautiful vintage style wedding dresses in a fantastic range of sizes so maybe I’ll be back for one of them!

So hopefully I can purchase one of these beautiful dresses for my Engagement, which dress do you like best? Let me know on my Facebook fan-page !!

Lady V London – Round 3,4,5,6,7!!

Hello! I mentioned in my previous post about Lady V London ( that I had purchased three more dresses in the sale. Those dresses arrived and then I actually won a competition on the Lady V London page which meant that I got a £50 voucher to spend! So, In the space of a month I’ve gone from having 2 Lady V London dresses….to having seven. Slight addiction. Thats so me though, I find a brand I like and I buy everything! I’m never really comfortable buying off the internet, however I’ve now gotten used to Lady V’s sizing and so I feel confident purchasing from them.

So on to the dresses!

These first three dresses I purchased in the Lady V huuuge sale and I definitely got some bargains.


The first dress was this green floral dress from the plus size range. ( which I had been looking at for a long time. The fabric was really lovely and silky and the dress just feels like summer to me – if that makes sence! The dress was a size 22/24 and definitely came up big on my waist/shoulders, but the pull in belt definitely helps to combat that.


I felt like the colours in the dress complimented my eyes and skin-tone well, and I love the mesh top! Mesh is one of my big things!!


The length is lovely on me, coming just under the knee – however the torso is a little long on me (petite girl prooooblems). I absolutely adore the cute little keyhole detailing with the button which is a very nice touch!


I also wasn’t a massive fan of the way the mesh is stitched down into the bust. I think it’s to create a larger sleeve, but it made no sense to me!


I also thought that there would be more volume to the skirt with it being a swing style dress – but it’s not the end of the world and it defintely makes it more of a summers dress. My only criticism would be that a sweetheart neck would of been cuter/more flattering, but I’m definitely in love with this dress.


I also bought this dress in the grey rose print with the black mesh top ( I was extremely unsure of this dress when I saw it online, but I thought it would make a lovely work dress. I was so impressed by this dress and how different it is to the green one – considering they’re the same shape. This dress is stiffer, with a different material which is slightly crêpey, but the colours just go so well together. The dress is so simply elegant I really loved it.


One again I loved the cute back detailing.


And was once again confused by the sleeves!

I decided to dress this lovely number up and wear it out before me and Adam went to Leeds as I had a few errands to run! The first thing I HAD to pair this lovely dress with was big bold red lips.

IMG_9225 IMG_9223

My absolute fave lippie to wear is NYX soft matte lip cream in Amterdam ( It’s decently priced, Vegan/Cruelty free and definitely does the job! I love this stuff and definitely need to order some of the other shades. It’s a pretty good dupe of the Lime Crime Velvetines which I avoid as Doe Deere is a disgusting human being, and Lime Crime is an awful company.



I teamed this dress with my statement lips, a hairtie (my hair was a mess and I was going to get it cut) my Cath Kidston carry-all and little primark bow fronted pumps and felt fantastic. The dress is a great length that I don’t have to wear tights, however a pair of super shiny black tights would look lush with this!


Of course one of my errands was to visit the beautiful Olde Young Teahouse in Middlesbrough which is pretty much my favourite place to visit. This tiny tearoom is so kitsch and cute and best thing is – they cater for us vegans! Carli who owns the teahouse does vegan cakes as special request and always has a supply of homous and bagels for me when I feel peckish in town. I was sipping on a gorgeous Spiced Apple tea whilst chatting away before my hair appointment. If you ever get the chance to visit – do it! It’s the perfect place. You can go give them a like at (


I also got my hair cut that day and went for a high, slightly curved fringe which I adore. Reece over at Heads Hairdressing is amazing.


The next sale dress I bagged was this beautiful Ditsy print swing dress which I had raved over for so long! I’m glad I waited and got it for half price!! (


The swing dress skirts are so gorgeous and full! I almost wish Lady V did a line of just skirts!


I’m not actually wearing a bra here because the chest is rather tight on me! I again wish for sweetheart necks!



LOVE how cute these sleeves are. They cap the shoulder perfectly and the little “puff” makes them adorable.


The length is gorgeous on me, and the lapped zip is a nice touch.  

I mentioned before that I won the competition and a gift voucher which I was incredibly pleased about because as a plus sized girl, it’s so nice to see people vouching for you and making lovely comments.


I won by an amazing 271 likes! The most amazing thing is the person in second place was on 101, so I had an INCREDIBLE amount of support. Thank you to anybody who voted for me! 

So onto my prize..


I actually chose dresses i’ve not had before and so I was rather nervous about them arriving! I slipped this Polka dot teadress on and knew i’d made the right decision. This dress is like the Hepburn and Swing dress combined! I had a major problem with the fit of the hepburn and had to add darts allover the place, but this dress fits wonderfully (little squashed on the boobs but thats to be expected)


The dress length is perfect on me hitting my knee nicely and the big fat full skirt is crying out for my big white petticoat! I can’t wait to wear it out.


I was also impressed with the back! There’s a bow tie which is cute, and the back is deep v’d which nicely shows off my many tattoos! I love dresses with cute backs. I almost wish lady v did a dress that was V shaped at the front though! However, if cleavage and “va va voom” is what I wanted..thats what I got with the wiggle.


I was SOO nervous about the wiggle. I never wear tight dresses and so I just couldn’t wait to see what it looked like. I tried it on with my lightish shapewear as Adam wasn’t here to help crowbar me into my maidenform shapewear! I also had my Panache Superbra on which gives zero cleavage and is very full cupped. I’m excited to try this dress on with my “boobie” bra. Everybody has one of those right?


The dress slipped on with zero problem! I could of POSSIBLY squeezed into a size down if i’m honest. I will definitely be taking the bottom in ever so slightly to get a more fitted look. I adore the detailing on the sleeves and collar!


I was absolutely boal-ed over (name pun…to those who know me) by this dress and absolutely adore it. I was surprised at how slim I actually look! It’s Adam’s birthday tomorrow and I may possibly wear this out to dinner! The only thing I didn’t like about the dress is the buttons. I think I’ll remove them In favour of a belt.

All in all Lady V are pretty much my go-to brand for dresses now and I’ve not been disappointed! But please Lady V – SWEETHEART NECKLINES I BEG OF YOU!!!

Pieces Of The Past UK

Hello! I was instagramming last night when I came across the profile of a company who has followed me for a while on there called Pieces Of The Past UK. A few months ago, I was lured into following them when I came across their amazing statement necklaces which I have been lusting after!





I LOVE these necklaces, and there’s even an option to get a custom one made too! I’m very tempted to get a “Fatcat&tats” one, which is my Instagram name, and also combines my three loves.

A few weeks back, I had noticed that POTPUK had started selling clothes through their online store, and so I decided to take a look. I was actually quite disappointed as they all stopped at an 18 because they were such lovely dresses and extremely affordable. I left a message on the POTPUK Instagram page and was assured that new lines were being added. I wasn’t disappointed for long because now I am COMPLETELY spoilt for choice as many lines go up to a size 22!!!!! This is fantastic news for me as my bust struggles to fit into dresses. So what has caught my eye you ask?



The first dress to catch my eye was this “Emmaline” Sailor style wiggle dress! I’ve currently been hunting for a wiggle dress, and most stop at a size just before I need, and so this would be perfect for me. I love the modest neckline, cheeky side detailing with the buttons and the cute puffed sleeves with binding – and at £29.99 it’s a steal! (

The next dress to catch my eye was..


The Bella dress ( Which is available in Black, Blue, Turquoise, Red or my favourite – PINK!. The cut of this dress looks absolutely gorgeous. I adore the cute detailing on the sleeves, the sweetheart neckline and the dramatic full skirt. This will definitely be purchased when I get paid. Once again, I cannot believe the price at £29.99!


The next dress I looked at was a dream find for me. The Cassy dress ( is extremely similar to a dress I’ve been lusting after for quite a while – but couldn’t decide on as it was red with black spots and I’ve never been a “red” kinda gal. I am however, a “blue” kinda gal as it’s pretty much my favourite colour. The dress also comes in black with red spot and green with red trim. This dress looks absolutely perfect to throw on with some super shiny black tights, cute pumps and a cardi for work which I can then transform with my trusty suede-ette boots and some jewellery for an easy transition into a night-time look for when me and Adam have date nights. I’m completely in love with this dress, and in particular love the sleeve length which I think is super flattering (and will cover my half sleeve for important meetings…)


Another wiggle (and pink) dress that got me excited was the Cecelia dress ( Available in black or pink, this dress seems to be the curvy girls best friend. It has four way stretch fabric to “conceal and smooth”, and it has beautiful ruching at the bust which is great for a larger bust. I adore the cute piping and buttons, and the sleeves seem to be the perfect length. This dress would be perfect in my wardrobe for summer days out or drinks with my love.


The last dress which I loved was this Odette dress which comes in the classic black & cream, or the rather eye catching blue & red. I chose to show the black as I seem to be very blue/pink orientated! The Odette dress ( has a similar collar/neckline as the “Emmaline” dress, but then has the classic swing skirt. I love the contrast binding on the arms, and again the demure neckline. My new job is working within a creative environment so I am always looking for beautiful statement dresses which I can dress up and down for events/meetings and general day to day wear so I can get the most of of my purchases – and this dress would definitely tick all of those boxes.

I have definitely been impressed by POTPUK, and will definitely be purchasing some of these wonderful items, as well as a necklace…or four..


Hello! Sorry for the recent lack of posts – I’ve been away in Leeds! We went on Sunday afternoon and returned tuesday evening. Sadly, I ended up with an emergency doctors appointment when I got home as I’ve torn some muscles around my rib area..Ooops! Anyway, that doesn’t matter as the events of this week have totally topped anything negative. What could be so good you ask? WELL


IMG_9378 IMG_9382

It was wonderful! He got down on one knee in the restaurant (who kindly gave us free champagne!!) and slipped this beautiful ring on my finger. It’s an opal with diamonds around and is the most beautiful ring I could ever dream of. I’m full on obsessed with it! I was a wreck when it happened, shaking and crying ha.

IMG_9388 IMG_9420

Some more shots of my ring! It’s vintage which makes me appreciate it even more and the Opal is just gorgeous. It has green, pink and blue tones and changes in the light. I’m in love! Next step will be saving up for the wedding when I start my new job!


Here’s a snap of my love before he popped the question!

So! My trip. We took the bus from Middleabrough to Leeds as it was cheaper than driving and the cost of parking!IMG_9363

I travelled in my Lady V hepburn rather than the grey number I intended to! Thankfully I slept most of the journey as due to my EDS/CFS I don’t travel well.

We arrived in Leeds around 2 and walked 5 minutes to our hotel. Unfortunately we were too early to check in, so we went and scouted out the local area. We were two minutes walk from trinity shopping centre and close to a ton of lovely shops. My first port of call was the find Bravissimo as I was in desperate need of a decent strapless black bra.


Despite saying I don’t like them, the lady fitted me into this 40-G soft cup Curvy Kate bra which was super pretty, but I just don’t feel “right” in soft cups. I feel like they wobble and bounce too much. As I’d asked the lady for a multi-way bra, she brought me this one.


This is the Panache superbra in 38-GG. She advised me that the fitting was slightly different for a strapless bra. I was blown away by this bra! It’s comfortable and supportive and fits me perfectly. I only wish that the plunge version of this bra had fit me as well and I’d love a great plunge bra! If anybody can advise me on a plunge bra in a 40-g…comment below!

Adam bought some topman joggers with his birthday money, we strolled in the sunshine with an icecream and headed to the hotel to chill before going out for dinner.


I loved our hotel. It wasn’t huge but it was perfectly sized for us. It had the benefit of having an apple Mac in the room which doubled as a TV. We logged into our Netflix account and chilled with a movie whilst getting ready for the night. It also had a kitchen with washing machine, dishwasher, hob and Microwave/mini oven. My only downside was that our balcony was tiny in comparison to others and our shower was tiny which didn’t go well for my asthma as it felt it didn’t ventilate at all. I had to actually shower with the door half open which meant I could actually breathe (I’m full of problems…I know.)


My new Panache Superbra was PERFECT with my off the shoulder peplum which I wore with my Polka-Dot pencil skirt.


Here’s me and Ad in the lift off out for dinner (Before he proposed!!)

We had a lovely night with gorgeous cocktails and ended up having a little drink in the hotel room. We both aren’t big drinkers so we only had a few!

The next day we were up bright and early to hit the town! As it is Adam’s birthday soon, he had birthday money from family and so wanted to spend it.

IMG_9396 IMG_9401

I rocked this homemade dress with a cardi, belt, bow fronted shoes and carry-all bag. I got quite a lot of looks and stares – I suppose it’s not everyday you see a fat lass in a petticoat storming the streets.


Adam spoilt me as per usual! He bought me the jacket (for work), shoes, skirt and pants from my fave EVER shop – PRIMARK! The dress is from Ark and is a size 14, but it actually fits really nicely! I’ve been against trying a tight Midi dress in the past as I usually try to hide my belly, but I had this on yesterday and it was actually really cute on.


Adam got a few tops, and a hat! He’s been searching for a hat for quite a while as he has a large head and couldn’t find one to fit, but he finally found the perfect hat to fit. He also picked up a Crooks & Castle raglan sleeve tee (which i’ve already had on) and a “Pug Life” tee which I’m eyeing up. Forever a t-shirt thief!

My ribs were really killing me that night and as we’d had a big dinner we just stayed in the hotel that night and grabbed some food from a local sainsburys. The kitchen came in very handy!


That night I found out the amazing news that I’d won the Lady V London hall of fame competition with an AMAZING 271 likes! Amazingly, I had 170 more than the person in second place. That, alongside the wonderful comments on the competition picture really proved to me that regardless of size, you can be beautiful. 

mnkj Capturejjj

I went and ordered these two dresses with the voucher I won. Both are styles of dresses I’ve never had from Lady V before! The first I was VERY indecisive about ordering and I really won’t know for sure how it will look until It comes but it was free so I might as well take a chance! My bust is slightly too big on the measurements so we shall see what happens! The next one I ordered is a tea dress. This is like if the hepburn dress and swing dress had a baby. I think this one will be a good work dress as it will be smart enough for meetings/visits etc, and could easily be dressed up for drinks/meals straight after. I ordered my usual size and I have high hopes for this! Once I get these dresses, I’ll be doing a post reviewing these two – as well as the other three I purchased from the sale a week or so ago.

So that concludes my super long post. Although I’m sat in bed with a horrible pain in my ribs, I’ve had an actual amazing week and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Mr FFF!