Going to Leeds!!!

My lovely boyfriend Adam is whisking me away for a little romantic trip away as he’s been constantly working. I’m so so excited!! He’s been hinting loads about it being “special”, so I’m super excited, and decided I wanted to really dress up! As a twist to my blog, I decided I’d show some snaps of Adam’s fashion choices too, and i’ll do his snaps first 🙂

IMG_9260 IMG_9261 IMG_9263

The first piece, which sadly isn’t coming with us is this cute green floral shirt from Topman. I absolutely LOVE this shirt, and he looks gorgeous in it, but he hates it – which sucks! Plus he bought it which makes no sense..


The next shirt is this cute Topman green cord shirt which he looks cute in, which is coming with!

IMG_9269 IMG_9271

Adam currently has an obsession with camo, so I made him this cool tshirt. It’s however not coming with us because he wears too much black!!


Also part of Adam’s new camo love is this Abandon Ship Apparel shirt, which is also not being packed!

IMG_9274 IMG_9281

A cool black shirt that IS coming with us, is this new shirt from Size? from a brand called Rook. It’s a bear version of Biggie Smalls! He couldn’t decide on black skinnies or grey skinnies but settled on grey so he wasn’t too goth.


His grey skinnies also go with this gorgeous new shirt he’s got from Topman. I absolutely LOVE a man in a shirt!!!IMG_9288

Last tee he’s taking is this cool will smith shirt I bought him for his birthday!

Next there’s what I’m taking!

I started off trying things on with some shapewear underneath.


Here’s me rocking my my shapewear. It’s quite difficult to get on (for a disabled girl anyway) so adam had to help! It’s good that you can wear your own bra rather than squishing your boobs in!


Tried this outfit first! The black off the shoulder peplum is a Primark size 20 and is quite roomy on the waist (but tight on the bust) and the skirt is a Primark size 16. I quite liked this outfit together, but I felt it was too “plain”, so I decided to team the items with other choices. Please excuse my boyfriend in the background – he was very bored.


I tried the black peplum with a dotted pencil skirt (Primark, size 16) and really liked this combo and decided to pack it.


The red skirt, I put with this black & white striped peplum top with a mesh top and sides. I may not show diversity with what I wear, but I feel super confident in a pencil skirt and peplum top. I find them comfortable and extremely flattering on my shape. This outfit was packed and I will wear it with my little black studded pumps and a Cath Kidston bag.


A peplum/pencil combo I wasn’t impressed with, is this one from eBay. The top is nothing alike the picture and is just too big on my waist and I’m quite disappointed. The skirt however is lovely – I just need to find the RIGHT top to go with. It’s a size 18 very tailored with zero stretch Gok Wan skirt.

IMG_9321IMG_9322 IMG_9325

On a higher note, I have a new FAVOURITE dress!! Adam just purchased me this gorgeous ditsy print dress from Lady V London (http://www.ladyvlondon.com/Ditsy-Print-Floral-Swing-Dress_A19E9E.aspx) in the sale and I absolutely LOVE it. The colours are absolutely beautiful and I love it so much. I adore the little capped sleeves and the length is perfect on me (I’m wearing it with a petticoat). I’m going to wear it with black pumps and a cute orange vintage handbag which I have! Silly Adam!!

IMG_9328 IMG_9329

The next dress I decided to pack is this black and white dot number which I made. I couldn’t decide what to wear it with, then I spotted an old fave cardigan.

IMG_9332 IMG_9333 IMG_9334

I popped on this old Primark cardigan with a floral print, and highlighted the red which these bow fronted shoes. I’ve taken a red belt to wear it with too. Adam was VERY bored at this point!


My last outfit is this grey/pink/white dress which I also made. I popped it on with my fave ever nana knitted pink cardi. I’ll wear this tomorrow to travel in!

So, super long blog post. Hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll make sure I blog about my trip when I come back!


Closer magazine & Naked Vegan Cooking

So some of you might already know that I was in Closer magazine last week! For those of you who didn’t know……I was in Closer magazine last week! I was in the magazine with another blog which I contribute to called Naked Vegan Cooking. I found out about them from a documentary, and then basically stalked them until they became my friends. I absolutely love the other members now and have made good friendships with Jess who pretty much runs it.


Here’s me and Jess working at a vegan festival!

I had contributed to the blog for over a year when Jess approached me saying that Closer magazine had been in touch and had wanted to do an interview with us. I was in two minds on if I should do it or not because I was very aware that it was a popular magazine and that some people would react negatively to it, however I realised that it would be a fun day regardless – and I’d be getting paid, which is always good when you’re a poor student. So, I travelled down to manchester on the national express and did the interview. I also had a very impromptu sleepover with some wonderful people which resulted in me getting a bus at 8-am to get home for ten – then I got changed in the car on the way for another hour drive so me and Adam could have a day out. I was shattered!



Here’s a snap of the article. You can see me there with my big pan..



And there’s me and the article….Most of the time i’m unable to have a serious face.

So what did I think about the article? Really it wasn’t how I expected it to be. The article had been cut from a two page spread to a one page to fill a space in the magazine – which sucked. All the things I said about body positivity and confidence were cut. In fact, there was nothing written about me, I was just named on the picture. The piece seemed to only feature one member and their past and didn’t mention anybody else (apart from a tiny snippet about another member) Not gonna lie – I was disappointed and felt like I kind of wasted my time a little by going to Manchester (thankfully Jess, Kai, Rohan Sandra etc made my trip brilliant) and was a little disheartened. However, I totally understand why it was cut and don’t blame anybody for it – It’s just one of those things! Hopefully something else will come up which I can be a part of and I can help promote my body positivity!


Sometimes it’s hard to be positive when you get comments like..



…but I soon get over it because there’s no point dwelling on a stupid comment on the internet – life’s too short for that.


Selling some bits!!

Hello! I’m having a wardrobe clear-out and so I will be selling some bits via my facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Fabulouslyfatfashion as I literally have no more space in my bedroom…and I want new stuff!

Mostly I’ll be selling some beautiful vintage handbags i’ve acquired over the years. Only selling because they’re sat unused under my desk and it’s a shame! If you’re interested in anything, let me know on facebook and we can decide a price 🙂 I’ll only be posting UK i’m afraid!

IMG_5831  IMG_5833  IMG_5835 IMG_5836 IMG_5837 IMG_5838


First thing I’m selling is this lovely grey pleather jacket. It’s a roomy size 14, but sadly does not fit me at all anymore!


IMG_5846 IMG_5847 IMG_5848

Next up is this gorgeous vintage handbag! I bought it around 5 years ago, and i’ve used it a few times. It’s worn from being vintage, however it’s still all in working condition and it’s a really lovely handbag. Fits lots in!

IMG_5849 IMG_5850


Next up is this taupe clutch with matching strap. Also quite roomy, and another thats been barely used. It’s in great condition and is a lovely bag.



IMG_5851 IMG_5852 IMG_5853

Gold with contrasting panels! Has a shoulder strap.


IMG_5854 IMG_5855 IMG_5856

Last vintage handbag is this brown clutch. I’ve actually NEVER used this one. Brown just isn’t my colour.

IMG_5857 IMG_5858 IMG_5859

This one isn’t vintage, just an unwanted gift. It’s not my style at all.

IMG_5860 IMG_5861 IMG_5862

Last bag is this “Honolulu Hussle” bag. It’s circle shaped and has an adjustable strap. There’s a mark on the back from a sticker being stuck on it (children!!!!) but apart from that it’s in perfect condition. Bought it from Whitby Goth Weekend a few years back and barely used. Actually, last time I used it, I stuck a huge star to it and used it as part of a ramona flowers costume..

So thats what I’m selling for now! I’m going to go through my clothes later (after I come home from shopping) so I may be listing more items! Dimensions can be provided for all items!!


Thanks for reading x x

Thief & Leggings!

For so long all I wore was dresses and skirts. I was always dressed up and didn’t really know how to dress down. Up until recently I didn’t even own trousers or leggings! So what do I do when I want to dress casually? I steal Adam’s clothes. For so long, I refused to wear boys t shirts and leggings` – they don’t show cleavage, or flatter my smaller waist and I’d be paranoid about my bottom showing and my chubby thighs stretching the leggings so much they go see-through. I’d heard and seen so many nasty comments about girls in leggings, in particular bigger girls – which completely put my off wearing them. Whilst in Manchester in April, I impulse bought a pair, and when I got home I bought three more pairs because I absolutely LOVED them. Since then, when-ever I want to dress down, I throw on my leggings and steal one of Adam’s tshirts. Don’t let bad comments put you off wearing something that you feel comfortable. When you’re a fat girl, everybody tell you what you can and can’t wear, but it’s up to you to decide what you feel comfortable in!


Here’s an old snap of me, the first time I decided to steal one of his tees. We were going to Ikea and I wanted to be comfortable in the car. I was still concious of things being nipped in then and so wore it with  little bodycon skirt from H&M. I’ve gained quite a lot of weight since this picture as I’ve been on the implant and my disability has worsened, however I still love my body all the same.


Here’s me in the car rocking one of Adam’s shirts on an early morning trip to Asda for essential supplies! The Vegan Festival was later that day, so I was heading out – make-up-less and in Adam’s Hype t-shirt (with matching sling!)



Here’s me pretending to be a hipster in Adam’s Hype hat! I’m also wearing my SSOV (Secret Society Of Vegans) shirt, leggings and another new purchase – SNEAKERS!!! First pair I’ve owned in years.




I started off wearing the leggings safely. Here I am wearing them with a Primark Shirt, Shirt and Cardigan. I’m also wearing Puma sneakers and frilly socks.


The next step was wearing tshirts and leggings out together. I first took the plunge with this amazing teeshirt from Abandon Ship Apparel (http://www.abandonshipapparel.com/). Here’s me in work (yes I still worked and pulled pints with one arm – my choice) wearing the shirt, with leggings and my Puma’s. Adam has became a massive fan of Abandon Ship, and so have I.


Adam got some new shirts so of course I had to wear them too! I do enjoy the “Die Hipsters tee” which is now permanently a part of my wardrobe. I’ve become so much more confident with t-shirts in the last few months. I really don’t care about my belly looking round and pudge, or not having as much shape as when wearing my clothes. Casual clothes are just meant to be comfy!


My favourite item of clothing in my wardrobe is the Morrissey jumper that my mum bought me for Christmas. Note the fact that there’s two Morrissey pictures each side of my head too. I’m a HUGE Morrissey fan and when I found this jumper, made in Vegan wool I just HAD to have it. It’s an XL, and it’s shrunk slightly since washing which is good as it buried me at first!


Final snap is of me and Adam. I’m wearing a £5 Primark dress in a size 18, size 14 Topshop cardigan, Adam’s hat and my Leggings (size 18). I love this picture of us. I’d love to just take this second to say how wonderful this man is. We’ve had our difficulties and differences but we’ve really pulled through and our relationship is working so well here. He’s supportive with everything I do and looks after me which is really important as I am disabled and really depend on him. He looks after me with no complaints and with ease. He really is wonderful and I wouldn’t be the person who I am without him!

Aaaaaanyway, sappiness aside, leggings have really became part of my wardrobe and my look is starting to become a lot more dressed down and casual. I realise that I can happily go to town in leggings and a top and that I don’t need to be caked in make-up and dressed up to the nines!!

The quest for fat girl trousers.

As I am starting a new job in a month or so, I decided that I would smarten up my image and invest in some staple wardrobe pieces for my work-drobe so I could make a better impression when at meetings and such! I went wild in Primark and bought some more of my fave items  – peplum tops! One item I was determined to find was trousers. I actually haven’t worn trousers in years as they just make me look awful – the only exception being Adam’s joggers and work trousers when I was a christmas temp at Asda. I was so set that I wanted to find a lovely pair of trousers which I could pop on for more formal events, however tracking the “right” pair down was some-what of a nightmare!!!

My first port of call is one of my fave shops which has just popped up around here – Simply Be!



I fell in love with these jungle print trousers, which seems to be quite an “on trend” item at the moment. These seem to be quite a flattering cut – however I didn’t think the print would be massively to my taste although I can definitely see them looking gorgeous on another lady with a plain kimono style jacket and a simple tank.


I went to try this next pair on in the shop, but I didn’t like the “feel” of them. The style also reminds me of Michael Jackson for some reason!



I also really liked this pair and searched in stores for them with no luck. I really dislike ordering off the internet – unless I know what my sizing is like in that store and as I am an inexperienced trouser wearer, I had no idea where to start with sizing.

My next port of call was George @ Asda!



This pair of Moda Ponte trousers came highly recommended on reviews and at £12 seemed too good to be true. I originally tried these in a size 20, which were too big so I sent Adam off for another pair. He brought me an 18, which ended up being a size 16 and which were just a little bit too small! I’m very concious of bunching around my lady areas and they made me feel super self concious. Unfortunately they didn’t have a size 18, which is a shame as I felt they would of fit lovely.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much more that caught my eye. There wasn’t much that had that “fashionably formal” edge that I was looking for.

I then went and scoured New Look as they are next door!

new look


I had been eyeing up this pair of disco pants from the Inspire range on the New Look website! Unfortunately disco pants are just not for me. I’m apple shaped around the belly and I felt too self concious in these trousers.

I did however have a very lucky find! I found the perfect pair of trousers which were actually in the sale reduced from £22 to £10! If that wasn’t good enough, when I got to the till I found out they’d been further reduced to £7, and as I found a big hole in the waist band I got them reduced even further at an amazing £5.60!!! I’m such a thrift shopper, and I think this has stemmed from being a student for the last three years and for two of them I had zero income as I was too old for EMA. The hole was extremely easy to patch up (I’m never put off my damaged items!!) and so I was very pleased. When I first slipped them on, I felt amazing in them. I had such a boost of confidence when wearing them that I just knew I had to have them. They’re slim legged and so don’t drown my slim legs, and the top goes baggy before going into a high waisted thick elastic band which is super flattering on my large tummy and they sit so comfortably. They have a zip up the back which I don’t need, but it looks really cute. They have little handy pockets on them too!


Another repost! Ooops! I actually bought that top with the trousers, also from New Look sale and was a steal at £4!!! I love how tight they are on my legs without being restricting, and they sit at my ankle which is a god-send for such a small lady like myself! That was another hurdle to pass when trouser shopping. It’s strange how confident I feel in these trousers. I actually threw this outfit on yesterday to walk to the shops to grab a copy of closer (which I was in!!!) and felt amazing.


Here’s me throwing them on for a date night with Mr FFF. He’s wearing an abandon ship apparel shirt which I frequently steal, Primark  acid washed jeans and his new Saucony trainers which are actually supposed to be for his birthday next month however he is naughty!! These trousers are so easy to just throw on and instantly look smart, I really adore them.

I’m so glad to of finally been able to push past one of those “I can’t wear…” hurdles just by hunting around for the perfect item. Now to hunt for a second pair..